The idea of a celebrity couple is already somewhat ridiculous, but when that couple is as famous and popular as Kanye West and Robert Pattinson, it takes a bit of imagination to see how this could work. West is the most popular and influential artist in the world right now, and he has been consistently releasing acclaimed albums and mixtapes that have blown up in popularity, with a particular focus on “Yeezus,” his most recent LP, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200. West’s status in the pop culture landscape is such that it would be virtually impossible for him to not have an impact on the public. And as if his music wasn’t enough, West is also known for his fashion style and flair, which has led to a large fashion-related Instagram following, with over 500 million followers, and a significant impact on style. As for Pattinson, his acting career has taken off, with him playing a wide range of famous and iconic characters, from Twi’Lekhun to The Twilight Saga’s werewolf, Edmont Chen, to the titular antihero in Mr. Holmes. In addition, he has proven, once again, that he is a leading man, capable of holding his own in one-on-one scenes with major Hollywood stars, as he did with Taylor Swift in the critically acclaimed film, Adrift, or he could prove to be the heartthrob type, as he did in the Divergent films, where he plays the reserved and intelligent Ambitious Young Man.

To put it mildly, this is a pretty amazing set of career accomplishments for a 27-year-old actor. Not only that, but he is also one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, having played a part in the huge, if somewhat misguided, Twilight frenzy of 2012, and a part of the Divergent film series, which, along with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, has proven to be one of the world’s biggest movie franchises, bringing in billions of dollars at the box office, as well as raising the profile of the entire franchise, pushing it toward, if not quite yet mainstream consciousness, then certainly toward a more general acknowledgment of cultural significance, a more general recognition of its target audience, and, most important, a growing youth audience, which defines the future of the entire franchise and of Hollywood itself. And all of this, even before he began dating the incredible and exceptionally talented Zoë Kravitz, a relationship he began last year and will be married to, in April of 2019.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the press has also taken note of the dynamic duo’s blossoming relationship, with CNN calling it a “love story,” Vanity Fair writing that “they have a knack for making headlines,” and The Hollywood Reporter writing that “the media has quite the fascination with their blossoming romance.” And it’s true, they’ve been in the headlines quite a bit, especially since it became publicly known that they were dating, but that’s not all they’ve been in the headlines for. Since 2013, in addition to their relationship becoming a trending topic on Twitter, and all the attendant media coverage, they have also been in the headlines for some pretty crazy and controversial behavior, which, as before, began once their relationship became known, but which also, somehow, managed to grab public attention even before they began their publicized (and often bizarre) public displays of affection, which began, as the media has pointed out, shortly after they had been spotted together in Venice, at the premiere of the Divergent film, Insurgent.

West’s Anti-Aging Cream

Since the beginning of their relationship, rumors have swirled around the pair, with West, at least initially, denying that they were an item and, at the same time, teasing their fans, with tweets like, “I wouldn’t say I have a girlfriend, but I can’t really talk about my social life.” But it wasn’t until after their engagement that West, at least initially, took a more serious tone, telling reporters at the time, “I feel like I have found my lifemate. We are truly compatible and our chemistry is amazing. This is the person I have been searching for my whole life. Ever since childhood, I have felt a strong attraction to her. I am so happy that I found her. She makes my heart sing.”

And, indeed, since then, it seems that the pair have, if not quite yet made their relationship official, then at least taken it seriously, as evidenced, most recently, by their appearance, along with singer, songwriter, and actress, Hailey Bieber, at the 2019 Grammys, where they were photographed, for the first time, dancing together, with Bieber’s song, “Bitch Lasagna,” drawing particular comment, with one Twitter user writing, “Hang on a sec… does that mean @KanyeWest has officially adopted @haileybieber’s daughter??” And, if not officially, then certainly in a more serious vein, as a tweet from West in February of 2019 read, “I want to marry her,” while another in April of that year read, “I love you more than anything in the world.”

Pattinson’s Pro-Anxiety Cream

As for Pattinson, he hasn’t, as of yet, commented on their relationship, whether in a serious or joking manner, though he did, when promoting his upcoming film, The Gentlemen, in a Cannes Q&A, say, “I hope the rumors around my dating Taylor Swift are true. I want to marry her.” And he did, in fact, begin dating Swift, albeit briefly, in 2015, just as his career was taking off, with the 24S24N film, The Birth of a Song, which he also co-wrote with Swift. They were reportedly spotted together in Malibu a couple of weeks after the film’s premiere.

Pattinson also, reportedly, had an affair with Twilight star, Kate Winslet, though the pair never publicly confirmed this, with the relationship, supposedly, ending after less than a year. While some may, perhaps, consider Twilight to be on the decline, as its viewers primarily consist of older generations, the franchise’s influence, especially on young women, cannot be denied. And, indeed, it was the Divergent film series, where he portrayed Caleb, an empathetic teacher who befriends Tris (played by Kate Winslet), and helps her to navigate the turbulent politics of her world, that put him on the map, and made him famous, especially, among a younger generation, with tickets, for the upcoming Disney+ live-action adaptation of the series, being sold out in a matter of minutes.

In the years since then, Pattinson has established himself as a leading man, capable of holding his own in one-on-one scenes with major Hollywood stars, most recently, in the upcoming Avanti, co-starring, and romantically linked with, Florence Freeman, though, again, he has not, as of yet, commented on their relationship, whether in a joking or a serious manner. But he has, since 2013, consistently, and at times, controversially, flaunted his bisexuality, with several high-profile romances, most notably, with Freeman, though he has also been linked to pop singers, such as, Taylor Swift, and Childish Gambino, the creator of Awkwafina, who recently, in 2019, married Hollywood power couple, Emma Stone and Logan Cunningham, and who has over 19.9 million followers on Instagram, the most followed, by any individual, in the “Self-care” category, demonstrating, quite literally, the influence that West and Pattinson have had on the zeitgeist, and, at this point, on the public imagination.

Their Combined Influences

While they may, perhaps, never officially become “couriers-du-courts,” as the media has dubbed them, West and Pattinson’s talents, coupled with their undeniable charm and charisma, make them an unstoppable force, one that the media has, seemingly, recognized, with several headlines, such as, “These Two Have a Lot to Say,” about their anticipated, and, presumably, still, upcoming, book, on the subject of their relationship, which is due to be published, in October of 2019. So, too, will be Bieber’s first book, titled, I Am Bianca: A Novel. The publishing world has seemingly, quite literally, caught up with, and recognized, the cultural significance of West and Pattinson’s blossoming romance.