Most people know that Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson and actress Jamie Duran were once an item and it wasn’t long before rumors began to swirl that they were still romantically involved. The couple reportedly spent New Year’s Eve 2012 together at a candlelit dinner with other members of the press. Duran has since moved on from her relationship with Robert Pattinson, but the two seem to have a special connection and act like they have a secret love letter which they read to each other every day. While nothing can ever top the romance of Romeo and Juliet, this strange triangle has produced some interesting developments.

Jamie Duran’s Beautiful Daughter Breaks Up With Robert Pattinson

After dating for a few months, Jamie Duran gave birth to a daughter, Genevieve, in June 2012. She and Robert Pattinson rarely take their daughter for a stroll because she hates being seen in public with a man she isn’t related to. Even though the couple have broken up, they are still considered a “couple” by many because they share a daughter. Unfortunately for fans of Robert Pattinson, Jamie Duran’s beautiful daughter Genevieve has now decided that she no longer wants to date her famous father and has broken off their engagement. It was previously reported that Robert Pattinson was offered $500,000 to act as a bridesman in Jamie Duran’s wedding, but Genevieve has decided that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her father and instead wants to focus on her studies. “She doesn’t want to be in Hollywood and doesn’t want to follow in her footsteps. She wants to study law and become a lawyer,” a source close to the family said. It seems that Robert Pattinson will have to look elsewhere for a bride because he can no longer count on Jamie Duran to be by his side. However, they remain good friends and still have a lot of respect for each other. The source added, “Genevieve doesn’t want to hurt her father, but she does want to prove to the world that she is her own person. It’s not fair to ask any daughter to choose between her family and her career, especially since her family is part of her career. Robert Pattinson will have to decide whether or not he wants to pursue a relationship with his biological daughter. If he does, he will have to win her love and trust before she will even consider marrying him.”

Robert Pattinson and Jamie Duran’s Special Relationship

It’s not every day that you fall in love with a woman who is also your best friend’s ex-girlfriend, but Robert Pattinson has gone above and beyond the call of duty for his friend Jamie Duran. For years, the men were considered “best friends” and even though they had their quarrels, they were still there for each other. In the aftermath of their breakup with Genevieve, Robert Pattinson decided that he would be the best man for Jamie Duran’s wedding and was more than willing to give it all up for his friend. The actor even cut off all contact with his family so that they wouldn’t interfere. The wedding day was a beautiful and emotional event, but Robert Pattinson was determined to make Jamie Duran’s big day as perfect as it could be. “He doesn’t want to lose his best friend, not even to prove a point to the world. They have this deep connection and have been through a lot together,” the source said. “He feels that Jamie wouldn’t want to hurt anyone and that she would want everyone to be there for her. So he is trying to be the best friend she could have. Robert Pattinson truly cares for Jamie Duran and it shows. He would do anything for her.”

Robert Pattinson and Jamie Duran Have Secret Letters

It was previously rumored that Robert Pattinson and Jamie Duran had gotten back together and were working on their relationship. While nothing can ever replace the love of a couple, it would seem that these two have found a way to keep the romance alive. They reportedly get a secret thrill out of reading each other’s letters and talking about their past experiences. “They have this connection that none of us could break,” the source said. “It’s more than sex…they talk about the most intimate things. It’s like their therapy.” On their walk to work, they often stop to read their letter and get some peace from the daily grind. While they may not admit it, it’s clear that this letter-writing session is helping both of them.

There’s no question that Robert Pattinson and Jamie Duran have had their ups and downs over the years, but these two have found a way to stay close. They may not have found true love, but they have developed a strong connection that not even time can break. While their on-screen chemistry is undeniable, it’s clear that off-screen they are a better match made in heaven.