I think we can all agree that watching the Twilight movies is one of the best ways to spend your time — especially now that the franchise is coming to an end. The films follow the story of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and her transformative experience with vampire Edward Cullen (Direction Smith), and the subsequent love story her fellow human Jacob (Taylor Lautner) has with her. It’s no surprise that fans want to continue the adventure and speak to the actors who play the lead characters. However, unless you are a super-star, you usually have to wait years before you can even get an interview with these famous people. Thankfully, we can short-cut the process — with a little bit of social media magic! Here’s how to get Robert Pattinson and Robert Jackson Rathbone to talk to you.

Find Out When They’re Available

There are no secrets that social media channels like Twitter and Instagram let you know when your favorite celebrities are available to speak with the media. With a few keystrokes, you can discover multiple tweets from these actors and actresses, which reveal key information about scheduled interviews and potential availability. For example, let’s say you follow the actors on Twitter and notice that they’ve previously posted about an interview they had with Marie Claire magazine. In that case, you know that they’re probably not available to speak with the press at the moment, judging by their previous tweet and the fact that the interview is scheduled for a couple of months from now. This kind of “online stalking” can be fairly handy when it comes to getting in touch with famous people you admire but can’t track down within the halls of a studio or TV network.

Try A Little Bit Of “Outsourcing”

Even for the most established actors and actresses, getting publicity can be a difficult task. Sometimes it can take years before your favorite celebrity decides to grant you an interview. If you’re really determined to get in touch with them, you can always hire a publicist who knows how to navigate the entertainment industry and can get your interview requests accepted. However, if you’re looking for something a little less high-pressure, you can always try asking another famous person if they’ll help out. In the case of the Twilight movies, there are plenty of people who share the same vision as you — fans who want to continue the adventure — and will happily make contact and set up an interview for you. This is one of the great things about social media — your target audience feels like they’re part of the same community as the celebrity you’re hoping to reach. Outsourcing is a great way to gain access to this kind of audience and get your message across.

Learn From Celebrities Who Have Been There Before You

Even if you don’t aspire to be a celebrity yourself, you can still learn a lot from famous people who have been there before you. As mentioned before, getting an interview with famous people can be a time-consuming process, but it’s one that often has to be undertaken if you want to find out more about the movie industry and how it works. Twitter is littered with examples of famous people helping other famous people, setting up interviews and getting publicity for their causes and organizations. This is why it’s such an important platform; it gives you a window into what can often be a very closed community. Twitter is full of people who have dedicated their lives to serving others and being the best version of themselves. This is an excellent source of information for any budding journalist, especially if you want to get into the movie industry. Follow these people and learn from their experience.

Take Advantage Of The Free Platforms

In recent years, the movie industry has taken a backseat to other areas of digital media when it comes to advertising. This has resulted in fewer people being recruited directly from the audience to be in front of the camera and more digital media creators becoming involved in the process. YouTube creators can build a following and monetize their content quite easily and effectively. Instagram and TikTok are great platforms for aspiring models and other entertainers who want to build a following and gain some credibility. The best part is that you don’t have to commit to a lengthy process to get started. All you need is a phone and you can begin building your audience and monetizing your content. You don’t necessarily need a huge following to get a TV show or movie deal; in fact, if you can become a popular name among your target audience, you can often cut short the process and get your foot in the door. This is one of the great things about the entertainment industry right now; there are so many options for anyone who wants to get involved, so long as they can develop a decent audience.

Try Different Tastes

If you’ve followed this guide so far, you’ll know that we’re recommending you try a little bit of “outsourcing” and “online stalking” in order to get in touch with Robert Pattinson and Robert Jackson Rathbone. If you’re looking for something a little more leisurely, you can always try another route. The fans of the Twilight franchise might want to read a different series; perhaps a cozy mystery or romantic comedy would be a better fit. If you don’t mind trying something a little more mature, you can try a YA (young adult) novel or maybe even a graphic novel. There’s no right or wrong here, but different genres often work better than others when it comes to connecting with certain audiences — especially when you’re just starting out. If you can develop a following among fans of a certain genre or character, you can often find lots of success without having to struggle for media coverage — especially if you want to get into the movie industry. Think of what appeals to you in terms of story and characters, and you’ll be able to find a book with that same sensibility.