Well, perhaps we can confirm that Robert Pattinson is no longer dating Kate Bosworth. The couple that was linked at such a young age and famously grew up together in the public eye, have reportedly split and are living separately. This is obviously very sad for Kate, as it was her loss to be without him in this time of pandemic. However, things seem to be looking up for Rob, because he is now linked to a different girl. Apparently, the Twilight actor is dating a younger woman named Helena Bonham Carter.

Here’s How It All Went Down

According to a new report from The Sun (entertainment website), Rob began seeing Helena, the renowned British actor and director, roughly a month ago. The two apparently enjoy spending time together, as they had dinner and went for a long walk on Monday night. This is supposedly the first time that they have been seen publicly in almost a year, as they kept their distance while promoting their upcoming big-budget movie, The Sixteenth Winter.

Helena is reportedly 27 years old, which is 8 years younger than Rob. The difference in age is enough for some to believe that this is a rebound relationship for the 32-year-old actor. While it’s always sad to see a celebrity dating someone so much younger, particularly since Rob seems to be at the height of his fame and earning power at this point in his life, circumstances may actually be making this a good match. From an entertainment standpoint, dating someone so much younger is practically a guarantee of drama.

Why Is This A Good Match?

Although it’s sad to see the breakup of a glamorous couple that was featured on the cover of so many magazines, there are actually a number of reasons why this is a very good match for Rob. First, as a 28-year-old man, he is at the height of his success as an actor, and has achieved the level of celebrity that most people can only dream about. Second, Helena is the daughter of the late politician and socialite, Sir Winston Churchill, and the actress, Joanne Churchill. As we all know, Winston Churchill was a great supporter of the British Empire, and even wrote the lyrics to “Rule Brittania,” the British national anthem.

Joanne played a large role in ensuring that her daughter received a good upbringing and had all of the necessary social skills to be a proper English lady. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the two have something in common that makes them both appealing to Rob. Sir Winston Churchill was also famous for his love of jazz music, and in fact named one of his dogs after Duke Ellington. Like Churchill, Rob is also a lover of jazz and actually played the trombone in a jazz band in London in 2008. It seems that he still holds on to his musical roots, as he has recently been spotted playing the drums in a jazz band on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While it’s sad that the breakup of such a famous and glamorous couple is getting so much attention, perhaps the most interesting thing about this story is how it proves that celebrity scandals aren’t completely dead. Sure, scandals involving high-profile individuals always grab the headlines, but even the smallest of scandals can end up being big news. Just ask Kate Bosworth, who, as we mentioned, is no longer with Rob. In fact, it was her cheating scandal with Shawn Craig that made the news, even though he is not a famous individual. In this day and age, celebrity scandals seem to be unavoidable, but at least we can still laugh at them when they happen.