It was a big week for Potterheads. Not only was the highly anticipated
Hogwarts Castle replica set to be displayed on
Sale Elle, but fans were able to get a glimpse of the interior of the
school as well. The set was constructed by Minka Group for Sotheby’s in
association with the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London, and will be
on display until December 14th.

While it was great to see the inside of the castle, the fact that it’s
resemblance to Hoggarts Castle lies in the fact that director
David Yates made use of real-life locations in creating the scenes.
According to Yates, “We were absolutely devoted to verisimilitude in
terms of locations and sets. It was a real case of finding places
that looked wonderful and getting the location scouts to find the
nearest place that looked like it.”

While we may never know for sure if Robert Pattinson and Harry Potter had
a meeting of the minds while sorting through a box of vintage Tonks
knives, it’s certainly a possibility. The Twilight actor is pretty
much guaranteed to know his way around a movie set by now, and has
spent a good portion of the past few years traveling the world
working, especially in Asia. In fact, the first three Twilight
movies were largely shot in and around Beijing.

Pattinson was also in Hong Kong when the school holidays began on August
1st, which means he just so happened to land in the middle of a Harry
Potter premiere. Just about a month later, Pattinson was seen outside
the U.K. premiere of the final film in the Twilight saga,
Breaking Dawn – Part 2, alongside
fellow actors and a handful of fans. The actor looked fairly dashing
in a tuxedo, which he paired with a custom-made pocket watch.

Whether or not breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the final installment in the
Twilight saga, it’s still quite an honor to be mentioned in the same
breath as Harry Potter. The success of the Potter series is
incredible, and it’s changed the face of children’s publishing
forever. What’s more is that the series has transcended generations,
continuing to attract new fans with each new piece of news.

It wasn’t only Harry Potter movies that had fans buzzing this week.
The success of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
predictions regarding the future of magic in the
Harry Potter series was also big news,
as the franchise’s most fervent fans are known to be some of the
most vocal skeptics, too.

This kind of hybrid magic is a hallmark of the Rowlingverse, and was
first previewed in the form of Newt Scamander, aka the
Fantastic Beasts. The Fantastic Beasts are a
collection of creatures – some familiar, some brand new – which are
brought to life by the collective magical powers of Newt’s
family. While most people are still trying to work out how to
best describe this magical new world, it’s already established
itself as a brand new chapter in the Harry Potter saga.

It was hard not to notice when Potter fans started noticing. In fact,
Rowling went so far as to say that Fantastic Beasts was the best
book in the series so far. With only a few hundred words in
each chapter, it’s certainly the lightest installment yet. But
that’s the beauty of it. There are no heavy plot twists or any
kind of spoilers, so you can read it with the same joyful
excitement as any other Harry Potter book.

So, it was evident that the Harry Potter and Robert Pattinson worlds are
colliding once again. The fact that they’ve both been so heavily
judged as to their individual strengths and weaknesses is an
indication of how great of a rival the two can be. Who wouldn’t
want to be the bad boy of magic? Weaving through a snake
infested forest and conjuring up a storm that kills small
creatures is just plain sick and twisted fun.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to all of this, fans of both worlds
have something else to look forward to. On December 16th,
Sale Elle will host a Reddit Ask Me Anything session with
Robert Pattinson. If you love magic, you’ll certainly want
to tune in and take part in the conversation.

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