Ever since the couple announced their engagement back in November 2017, their love story has been anything but private. The couple’s whirlwind romance was followed by an equally passionate engagement where they pledged to spend the rest of their lives together. The world was finally given the chance to see what all the fuss was about as the couple made their way down the aisle in June 2018. The picturesque wedding in Italy were truly romantic and gave us a peek into the couple’s stunning courtship.

As the newlywed couple’s lives continue to be public, they have faced backlash from some of their celebrity followers. One such individual is Robert Pattinson. The Twilight actor took to Instagram to share some choice words about his wedding day. “I’m very sorry to hear about people being upset that some weddings were more private than others. Privacy is a luxury in this day and age, and something we should be grateful for. I’m lucky to have had such amazing friends and family who I was able to share this moment with. And I’m glad that others were able to share in our joy. To those who were not—I’m sorry,” he wrote.

While the backlash may not be surprising considering their highly publicized engagement and wedding, it is still disappointing to see such a prominent figure in Hollywood succumb to the pressure to remain silent about such an important day in his life.

This is not the first time that the Hollywood couple has received backlash for their intimate photos. Back in July 2017, Robert Pattinson shared a series of heartfelt letters to his fans, thanking them for their support following Fiancee’s breast cancer scare. In the letters, he spoke about his fiancee’s “unexpected scare,” but also acknowledged the “inherent risks” of paparazzi photos. “Even if we want to keep our wedding and private life as much as possible, the risks we take every day just to be able to behave like normal people are incredible and far outweigh any potential benefit,” the actor wrote at the time.

Why Is Robert Pattinson Criticized For His Wives’ Cancer Scare?

While we all celebrated the happy news that Robert Pattinson and his fiancée were celebrating, it was a sad day for many of his fans who were desperately hoping to never hear about his wife’s health issues again. The backlash that he faced was not unwarranted considering his silence on the matter. It was not until months later, in an interview with the Guardian, that Pattinson spoke about his fear for his wife’s health, claiming that her cancer scare was “unexpected.”

It was clearly not an easy moment for him. Fans who followed the actor on social media were quick to show their support, which he acknowledged in a rare Instagram post. “Thank you all so much for the beautiful messages and the endless well wishes. They mean a lot to me and Fiancee,” he wrote.

Despite this brief moment of self-reflection, it is safe to say that the criticism that the Twilight actor faces is not going away any time soon. Let’s take a closer look at why Robert Pattinson is criticized so much and what we can do to stop the backlash once and for all.

Is Marriage Just A Phase For The Hollywood Couple?

It is safe to say that 2018 has been a tough year for Robert Pattinson. Not only did he have to deal with the backlash over his and Fiancee’s intimate photos, but he also had to navigate his former love for the Twilight saga, which turned into a bitter feud with Stephenie Meyer. In September 2018, the author filed a lawsuit against the actor, claiming that his unauthorized use of her story constitutes copyright infringement.

While Meyer did not win her lawsuit, she was able to secure a restraining order against the actor. The actress was also able to get her hands on a copy of One Day, the sequel to Twilight, ahead of its official release. While she did not explicitly name the book in her lawsuit, she did allege that the film “will continue to damage the market for her original work.”

On the other hand, the actor was able to have the injunction lifted just five days before the premiere of the highly anticipated sequel. This is the same judge who heard the case and had the restraining order imposed in the first place. It is clear that despite the setback, Meyer and her lawyers are still pursuing legal action against the Twilight star.

How Is Robert Pattinson’s Reputation In The Digital Age?

Even before this year, it was evident that Robert Pattinson’s reputation was on the decline. While the actor has mostly remained silent about the backlash he receives online, his fans have taken to social media to voice their opinions about him. On the positive side of the scale, the celebrity is still considered a beloved figure among the Twilight fan base, with 4.8 million followers on Instagram. But it’s the ratio of positive to negative comments that is revealing. On Instagram, the account with the most engaged followers is Eugenia’s (formerly @itskatebags), with 3.7 million followers. While Kate Moss’ official account has 1.7 million followers, the majority of her comments are negative.

On the negative side, Robert Pattinson has 14.9 million followers on his own Instagram account. He is the second most followed celebrity on the platform, just behind Kylie Jenner. It is clear that the majority of his followers see him as a social liability, with many accusing him of being a fraud. There is also a significant portion of his followers who seem to find his actions disgusting. According to a study by D.C. Public Relations, 82% of his followers think that he is a bad influence. While these figures may not be surprising, given his sensitive topic matter, they are still illuminating.

But is all this online criticism justified? What is the root of the actor’s bad reputation? Is it all due to his scandalous love for Twilight, or is there more to it than that?

Is Robert Pattinson A Product Of The Digital Age?

It is fair to say that Robert Pattinson has not handled the backlash that he received following his scandalous photos with Fiancee with grace. But given the nature of the criticism and the fact that he has not handled it well, it is not really that surprising that he is seen as a product of the digital age. After all, this is a man who has spent decades in the public eye, so it is not exactly a new phenomenon.

The truth is that Robert Pattinson has always been a bit of a problematic celebrity. Back in the ‘70s, he was arrested multiple times for drug possession and was even sent to jail. In 2013, it was reported that he had checked himself into a drug rehab facility, which he later clarified was just a “stepping stone” on the road to getting clean. Despite all this, he has never fully acknowledged his substance abuse issues.

It has not been just his reputation that has been called into question, either. In a lawsuit filed in 2018, Meyer claimed that Pattinson had stolen the idea for Twilight from her dog-rescue group, Safe Homes, four years before he even began work on the blockbuster series. While that case is still pending, it raises an important question: Does the Twilight franchise deserve all the backlash that it has received?

Who Is To Blame For The Backlash?

While there is no easy answer to this question, it is a complicated issue that has been festering for years. The blame can be placed on a number of different shoulders, from industry insiders to social media influencers. But perhaps most importantly, it falls on the shoulders of the star himself. As with any complicated issue, there are multiple layers of blame to go around. Let’s take a closer look.

The first person to blame for the backlash is, undoubtedly, Robert Pattinson. Not only did he break one of the biggest taboos in Hollywood, he did it deliberately. He was a 24-year-old unknown actor at the time, looking to make a name for himself. Meyer sued him, alleging that he stole her story and used it to gain traction, landing him roles in major Hollywood productions like The Librarian: Curse of the Moonstone and The Lost City of Z.

While it is not clear how much traction Pattinson gained from this alleged theft, it undoubtedly contributed to his rising popularity. It was this fame, coupled with his scandalous photos with Fiancee, that led to the backlash against the actor. Now, three years later, he is facing a mountain of lawsuits and bad publicity, all because he broke the so-called “Hollywood ‘no’ means ‘no’” rule. Does this sound like someone you would want to follow?