On Tuesday, May 16th, 2019, HollywoodLife.com got an exclusive look into the romantic world of Robert Pattinson after his whirlwind romance with Chinese actress and pop superstar Zhang Ziyi. We’ll never forget the day the English actor rose to fame after winning the heart of Kate Middleton in the 2012 royal wedding. Since then, fans have been desperately waiting for news on his next big romance project. Now, a year after announcing his retirement from dating, Robert has found love again with Chinese star Zhang Ziyi. They first met on the 2019 red carpet in Paris, and HollywoodLife.com was there to capture every moment.

New Love Interest

Since 2012, we’ve watched as Robert Pattinson rose to fame after dating and marrying Kate Middleton. The world was captivated by the romance, and even those who weren’t completely onboard with the romance found it endearing. We’ve seen him walk her down the aisle and have watched him become a father-to-be to Middleton’s daughter, Princess Charlotte. For those who still pine for a fairy tale ending, Zhang Ziyi might just be the one.

The Chinese actress first came to fame as the female lead in Xu Bing’s 2011 fantasy drama Dream of Red Mansion. The following year, she won acclaim for her role in the historical epic The Warring States, for which she won Best Actress at the 2015 Asian Film Awards. Since then she’s landed leading roles in several notable Hollywood films, including the 2019 remake of The King’s Speech. She also lent her vocal talent to numerous English-language films and provided the singing voice for the character of Mei in the upcoming Walt Disney Animation film Smallfoot.

A Romantic Surprise

On May 16, 2019, Robert Pattinson officially confirmed his relationship with actress and model Zhang Ziyi. He opened up to British GQ about his new love interest, gushing that she’s the “most amazing woman” he’s ever known. The pair were first spotted sharing a passionate kiss at the 2019 MET Gala in New York City on Monday, May 15th. It was a romantical moment that had fans and onlookers swooning. While the world was busy speculating about what inspired the kiss or if it was scripted, Zhang later revealed that it was completely genuine and that she felt the same way about him. The gorgeous brunette added that they had been in a relationship for a while but had kept it a secret for professional reasons. As much as she wanted to shout it from the rooftops, she decided to keep it a secret until the right time arrived.

The Impact of Social Media

It’s been over a year since Robert Pattinson declared his retirement from dating following a messy breakup with model and actress Lizzy Chacko. Since then, he’s remained single but has taken a liking to online dating, often posting status updates on his social media accounts. He also previously opened up about his dating habits, revealing that he prefers to date and settle down with someone he’s known for a long time rather than rush into a new relationship.

While many are skeptical that Robert Pattinson will ever settle down with anyone, his fans remain hopeful. They see his romance with Zhang Ziyi as a late-in-life fair isle—a happily ever after for the ages. What do you think? Do you think Robert Pattinson will ever settle down with someone? Let us know in the comments!