The fashion world has been abuzz with news of a wedding between model Bella Hadid and actor Robert Pattinson. The couple got engaged in 2017 and planned to wed in April 2021, but due to the pandemic, their wedding was postponed. This week, the stunning blue-eyed beauty announced they would wed at the end of this month despite fears of violating the ‘one-man-one-woman’ rule, which prevented them from getting married during the pandemic.

The ceremony was held at an intimate church in Los Angeles. Bella wore a custom-made dress by Marc Jacobs and carried a bouquet of white orchids. Guests included Pattinson’s Entourage, Bella’s family, and a few close friends. The couple chose a preacher who had previously officiated other celebrity weddings to read from the bible and pronounce them man and wife.

Here, we reveal 10 interesting things you probably didn’t know about the celebrity couple.

They Have Been Dating For A While

Bella and Robert have been spotted attending events together in Hollywood for years, but they weren’t an actual couple until relatively recently. They started dating in 2012 and became engaged two years later. Since then, many fans have assumed they would wed because of Pattinson’s dedication to her and attention to detail. The pair have been inseparable and rarely leave each other’s side. They live together in an apartment in London’s Chelsea while Robert pursues his acting career in the UK.

They Have Been Through A Lot Together

If you’re looking for signs of an unhappy marriage, you won’t find them between these two. Bella and Robert were already parents to a son, Zachary, before Zachary’s tragic death in 2016. The 20-year-old died of an overdose of prescription medication, and his devastated parents blame themselves for not being able to protect him from becoming addicted to pain killers.

The tragedy struck just a few weeks before Bella’s 21st birthday. The following year, she gave birth to a daughter, Gabriella, and became a stepmother to Zachary’s two young siblings, Thomas and Ava.

Despite the tragedy, Bella and Robert have continued to be a devoted couple. The pair has been through a lot together, and it’s paid off — they’ve grown as individuals while also growing with each other. “I think it’s really interesting being with somebody who’s walked a different path than you,” Bella recently said of her husband.

Their Children Are Genuinely Attached To Them

While Zachary’s tragic death was a blow to Bella and Robert, they have both drawn strength from their children. Gabriella and Bella’s older sister, Gigi, often carry Zachary’s photographs and mementos around with them, which gives the girls a sense of connection to their father. The couple also keep Zachary’s favorite toy – a vintage Fisher-Price circus train – by their bedside as a constant reminder of their son.

Bella and Robert are committed to being the best parents they can be, and their kids see them as role models who encourage them to be independent thinkers. “I think it’s really cool that they encourage [their children] to express themselves and be unique. They want them to walk around the house with confidence,” said Gabriella of her parents.

They Have An Agreement That They Are Not Friends-With-Benefits

This was an unusual but mutually beneficial relationship for both Robert and Bella. The English actor was searching for a companion to share his life with and was eventually directed to the stunning model by a celebrity matchmaker. The pair agreed that it would be best to keep their professional interactions professional and not let their personal feelings get in the way of their professional obligations. They understand that their fame and success puts them in a position of authority, which they must exercise responsibly.

Bella and Robert don’t have many personal interactions other than professional ones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have friends. In fact, they enjoy spending time with their children and are always trying to find ways to spend more time with them. They also like to go to events and festivals with their friends. So, while they may not be besties, they’re still friends with benefits, and that’s okay.

They Don’t Minimize The Losses They Endured

Bella and Robert have had to learn to appreciate what they have together. They went through hardships after the loss of their only son, but it made them stronger. Instead of dwelling on the past, they work hard to make the most of their situation and try to be more involved with their daughters. Their grief was compounded in 2017 when they lost their pet rabbit, Tinkerbell, to cancer. “It’s something we’ve both had to grow a lot more patience and strength in,” said Bella.

They Aren’t Fans Of Furry Friends

The couple doesn’t approve of overly familiar pets, and they don’t want their children to grow up with pets they consider ‘furry’ or ‘soft’. The girls’ two golden retrievers, Bear and Cooper, aren’t exactly ‘furry’ friends. They don’t walk on all fours like other dogs and have mangy golden coats that they only shed in the winter. Fortunately, the girls don’t seem to mind, and they still love their dogs. Bella and Robert say they aren’t dog people and prefer to keep their distance. So, while it’s always nice to give dogs an affectionate petting, you may want to hold off if they’re not approved household pets.

Bella’s Beauty Regime Is Driven By Organic And Natural Ingredients

Bella is a health-conscious individual, and she makes sure to incorporate this into her skincare routine. While she doesn’t go overboard with expensive and unnecessary products, she does use a lot of organic and natural products. These products are better for the environment as they don’t tend to be as damaging to the planet as others. It also means that they don’t have to be as heavily refined, and potentially, more toxic products aren’t required. So, while you may not need to completely overhaul your skincare routine, you may want to consider trying out some organic and natural products for better results.

The Wedding Was A Real Cinderella Story

Bella and Robert’s wedding was an elegant celebration that had Hollywood in awe. The bride’s dress was designed by Zac Posen and featured a sweetheart neckline and an ivory silk skirt. The groom wore an outfit specially designed by Ralph Lauren and the couple’s son, Benjamin, served as the best man. The celebration was followed by a church service and a reception at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The luxurious couple had to carefully think of every detail, from the guest list to the décor. They wanted to create a beautiful and memorable event for their family and friends, and they succeeded. While some celebrities get married in trendy and modern settings surrounded by friends and family, Bella and Robert’s wedding was a true Cinderella story. It was a celebration of their love and commitment to each other surrounded by their closest friends and family.

The ceremony and reception were attended by hundreds of people, including actors, musicians, and other famous individuals. The couple’s children, as well as their grandparents, posed for photos with the newlyweds afterwards, and the bride and groom showed off their incredible ring collection.

They Love Shopping For Their Children

The beautiful couple enjoys spending time with their children, so they often take them shopping for clothes and accessories. They believe that children should express themselves and be unique individuals, so they want to buy clothes that will make them happy. While they want their girls to be stylish, they don’t want them to get spoiled and require expensive gifts. So, while they take the children shopping, they try and buy the ‘basic’ items that will make them happy.

Bella’s Grandfather Is A Photographer

The photographer of the couple’s wedding day was Bella’s grandfather, Nick Eastwood. A master of photo-bombing events, he discreetly took photos of everyone during the ceremony and the reception, including the bride’s parents, Donald and Patricia. Donnie and Patricia aren’t technically related to Bella, but she refers to them as “grandparents” because they helped to raise her after her parents divorced.

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