Fame can be both a blessing and a curse. For actor Robert Pattinson, it’s been a blessing, providing him with a platform and the opportunity to play some of Hollywood’s most iconic villains. It’s also been a curse, forcing him to put his feet up on the couch more often than he would like and giving him a spotlight he never wanted and never asked for. He’s since found peace within himself and isn’t afraid to show it, clearly demonstrating that he’s found the balance between the two. On September 28, 2019, Pattinson posted a photo on his Instagram account of himself and ‘twigs,’ accompanied by the caption “R.I.P. twigs.” Little did he know that ‘twigs’ was only in the building for a short time before her tragic demise at the age of 25 in a tragic accident involving a hypodermic needle.

“R.I.P.” is an acronym for “Red In Peace” and is a phrase used when someone you’re following on social media has died. It’s a respectful way of saying goodbye and an effective way of getting your point across to those you’re following, especially since the individual in question is no longer visible to physically interact with. After ‘twigs’ tragically passed away in September 2019, her fans began using “RIP” in reference to her, often posting it in the aftermath of a celebrity death.

“Twigs” is a stage name for singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist FKA Twigs. Born Flavia Cipriano, she legally changed her name to “FKA Twigs” in 2018, which stands for “Flavia Cipriano AKA” (her legal name) and “The Goddess.” She began her musical journey at a young age, picking up the guitar at age 11 and forming a band with her brother at age 14. By 16, she was playing shows in London and had recorded and released a couple of EPs. She continued to pursue her music career, releasing her first full-length album, “ELLE,” in 2017. The album featured the global hit “Good Good,” which peaked at number 14 on the Billboard Top 100.

In September, the singer wrapped up a year-long run on the London stage in Gucci’s “The Great Fashion Adventure,” performing at some of the most prestigious venues in the city. While she’s best known for her music, she also dabbles in fashion, style, and lifestyle, often using her social media platforms to show off her ensembles and share behind-the-scenes looks at fashion shoots and red-carpet moments. She’s even designed a capsule collection of clothing and accessories for Gucci.

In addition to “The Great Fashion Adventure,” the singer/songwriter launched a limited-edition capsule collection with luxury fashion house Valentino. The collection featured some of Valentino’s most famous designs from the 20th century and was inspired by the work of artist/designer Luigi Valentino. Check out the Valentino x FKA Twigs collection here.

Pattinson And ‘Twigs’ Enjoy A Stress-free Vacation

While he’s been in the public eye since he was 18, it was never really his intention to be in the public eye, especially when it came to his personal life. And yet, here we are, nearly 20 years later, and Pattinson is still best known as the guy who got away. Since news of ‘twigs’ untimely passing spread around the world, speculation about a possible romantic connection between the two has run rampant. While some have questioned why Pattinson would want to be in a relationship with someone so young, given his age and the fact that he’s been romantically linked to some of Hollywood’s most prestigious women, he has yet to comment on the matter.

And it’s probably best that he doesn’t, at least not in a public forum. Even though he and ‘twigs’ had only been spending a couple of quiet days at a rented villa in Ibiza, Spain, when news of the singer’s death broke, the world stopped as people wondered if their relationship was real. The couple reportedly began their romantic relationship in 2017 and have since been inseparable, traveling the world together hand in hand and sharing an Instagram account that’s been filled with heartfelt messages from ‘twigs’ followers in the wake of her tragic passing.

While it’s not yet known what caused ‘twigs’ to fall victim to a harrowing and tragic case of drug-related illness, it’s clear that the young woman touched so many people’s hearts. It was only a year ago that she released her last single, “Praying,” which showed off her vocal prowess and showcased her incredible talent. The song was inspired by Pattinson and received positive feedback from music critics and fans alike. It also seemed to be a message to her fans, who had been growing increasingly anxious about her well-being in the months leading up to her passing. “Praying” was the first time that ‘twigs’ had released any new material in over a year and came after a string of hit singles and albums over the course of her career. The song also became her first number one hit on the Billboard Top 100 in over a year, proving that her fans still had faith in her and that she was still an inspiration to people despite her struggle with addiction. While it’s unclear whether or not Pattinson will continue to be quiet about his personal life or speak publicly about ‘twigs’, the actor has decided to take a step back and enjoy a well-deserved break from the spotlight. On September 28, 2019, he posted a photo on his Instagram account of himself and ‘twigs’ from a recent vacation, accompanied by the caption “R.I.P. twigs.” It appears that the photo was taken just a couple of days before news of her death broke and that his “blessing” was in fact a “curse” in disguise. But it also appears that Pattinson has found peace and moved on, which is something that ‘twigs’ and her fans’ can truly be happy about.