The year 2017 was a landmark one for celebrity couples. From a historic royal engagement to a sensational wedding, the year was full of exciting announcements relating to love and marriage.

Perhaps the most famous couple of the year was Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs. The “Favourite Daughter” singer tied the knot with the “On Your Feet” actor in front of family and friends at an intimate venue in London. The couple chose to be married at the City Hall in London because it is a place that holds a special meaning for them. In addition to being the site of their wedding, the building is where they fell in love while filming the movie “Twilight” in 2012.

Their private wedding ceremony was followed by an intimate reception and dancing to conclude the day. The happy couple’s celebrity union was documented by photographers across the globe and has since become one of the most iconic wedding moments of the decade.

Early Days

The world was first introduced to Robert Pattinson in 2006 when he played the role of Edward Cullen in “Twilight.” Since then, he has been busy starring in critically acclaimed movies such as “Snow White And The Huntsman” and “The Rover.” In 2014, he also portrayed Walt Disney in “Tomorrowland.”

The English actor was born in London and raised in Scotland. He attended the University of Edinburgh, where he studied English literature and film. After graduation, he moved to California to further his acting career. While in Hollywood, he appeared in films such as “American Hustle” and “The Great Gatsby.”

It was initially rumored that the British actor would end up marrying his “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart. However, in October 2016, it was confirmed that he had quietly ended his six-year relationship with the “Snow White” actress. Although they had been seen in public as a couple, their relationship had reportedly been troubled and lacked any real passion. The announcement was made by Stewart herself, who said in a statement that she and Pattinson had been “great friends” but that they had decided to “part ways.”

Getting To Know Each Other

After ending his six-year relationship with Stewart, Robert Pattinson began to focus on his new role as a single father. In February 2017, he welcomed a son, Lyric, with his partner, FKA Twigs. They had started seeing each other several years earlier while filming “Trust” and had kept their relationship private until recently. The singer-songwriter started her career as a musician before transitioning into songwriting and production. In 2015, she released her debut album, “TikTok Generation,” which entered the Billboard 200 album chart at number two and garnered significant critical acclaim.

According to sources, Robert Pattinson and Twigs have chosen an unconventional route to parenthood. The couple reportedly opted for a vegan lifestyle and refused to disclose the father’s identity, as is customary in traditional celebrity weddings. In an interview with ‘Vogue’, Twigs said that the couple had chosen to be childless: “I think for a while we kind of thought about it, but in the end we knew that we didn’t want to be tied down to another human being.”

Wedding Preparations

After their son was born, Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs began to discuss wedding preparations. The singer was 28 when she married the 41-year-old actor and said that she wanted to “step out of [her] comfort zone” and try something new. In an interview with ‘Vogue’, she said: “It’s been a while since I’ve done anything like this and I’ve always wanted to try something different. I feel like, with Ed [her dog], it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to celebrate one of my favorite things with one of my best friends. So, this is definitely going to be fun and I’m looking forward to it.”

The “Twilight” actor was open to the idea of marriage and said that he wanted to “make sure [they had] enough time to actually spend together as a family” before the wedding day: “I just want to make sure that we have enough time to actually spend together as a family. You know, with work and everything. So, for that reason, we’re trying to limit the number of interviews and just make sure that we have enough time to have some bonding sessions. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what this all comes down to.”

The Big Day

On March 25, 2017, the world was introduced to the newlyweds. Several months of intense media scrutiny and anticipation culminated in one of the most stunning celebrity weddings of the decade. Although it was Robert Pattinson’s second wedding, it was the first for FKA Twigs. The singer wore a custom-made ivory gown and a custom-made floral crown for the occasion. She accessorized with matching ivory lace-trimmed gloves and a matching bag. The dress was designed by Rachel Roy and made by Angela Misiuk.

After the ceremony, the happy newlyweds danced for hours with their guests, who included Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Orlando Bloom. They toasted their union with pink champagne and signed autographs for adoring fans. Following the festivities, the newlyweds went their separate ways. While Robert Pattinson stayed in Los Angeles, FKA Twigs returned to London, where she continues to pursue her career. She has since released two more albums and is currently working on a documentary about her life on the road to becoming a full-time musician. In addition to her solo career, the singer is a featured artist on two of Nick Grimshaw’s song projects. Together, the singer and the English radio host have a daughter named Penelope.

While the spotlight may have shifted away from Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs following the marriage announcements, the excitement relating to their personal relationship continues to grow. Although they have chosen to remain private, the interest in their personal life comes as no surprise, as their incredible on-screen chemistry has long been considered a rarity in Hollywood. Even leading up to their wedding day, their romantic connection was considered promising, if not entirely surprising. According to sources, the “On Your Feet” star has been quietly working on the screenplay for a musical inspired by their relationship. In the vein of “Nine” and “Mean Girls,” the story revolves around a struggling actress who wins the heart of a wealthy playboy and follows him to the altar. As with all the best love stories, this one is considered to have a happy ending.