While most of us were sleeping, the Internet was awake and active, making the most of whatever free time it had in the middle of the night to digest the news that a married couple was breaking up.

The couple in question is Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs. The heartbreak story began when the “Twilight” actor posted a photo of himself and the “Kissing Garden” singer on his Instagram account on Sunday, March 9, revealing that they had been locked in a passionate kiss for the past five years. The photo went viral after actors, comedians, and other social media users expressed their disgust at finding out about this long-term secret affair, which was apparently sparked by Pattinson’s infatuation with Twigs’ music and her willingness to share an intimate moment with him on camera.

The break of faith between the Hollywood power couple is a major blow to those who had hoped the couple would lead by example and save the institution of marriage. But it’s heartwarming to see how many people were left wondering how they could have been so blind to the signs, and how much this betrayal must have hurt Twigs. Here’s a look back at the moment the Internet learned of the infidelity, revealing some shocking revelations about Robert Pattinson’s personal life in the process.

Robert Pattinson’s Instagram Account Reveals All

Sunday, March 9, was a very busy night for Robert Pattinson. First, he posted on Instagram a very emotional goodbye note to his wife, Kate. Just moments later, he announced his engagement to Twigs via the hashtags #Proposal and #HappyEverAfter (not to be confused with #BreakUpKissing).

While many were quick to jump on the opportunity to judge Kate after years of public scrutiny, it was clear that a lot of people were still hoping Robert would change his mind and decide to stay married. But it seems that he has no desire to be wed again, and his decision to end his marriage and start a new life with Twigs is just the start of a new phase in his career. Perhaps, with his new, younger partner by his side, Robert will find the inspiration and courage to finally grow up and claim his own destiny.

‘Twilight’ Actor Reveals His Biggest Regret

The “Twilight” actor’s announcement was quickly followed by a flood of regretful tweets from fans and former co-stars, many of whom had hoped he would leave his marriage and be with them for the rest of their lives. Elizabeth Taylor, who played his love interest Bella Swan in the 2012 film, expressed that she regrets that she was not able to give him “good advice” about his impending marriage to a 26-year-old musician, and that he could have had a “wonderful, long life with Kate.” In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Taylor elaborated, “In so many ways, he’s a man now and I’d like to think that, as his friend, I could have given him some good advice about this very tricky situation. It just didn’t work out. And I really feel bad that it didn’t work out between [Kate and Bella]. He was my favorite character. It’s a sad day.”

The ‘Bella’ Swan’: Kate’s Own Story

Born Katherine Kettle, Kate was the only child of Donald and Winifred Kettle. She grew up in the wealthy neighborhood of London in England, which was the setting of the “Twilight” series. When she was 18 years old, Kate was diagnosed with systemic lupus, an autoimmune disorder that causes the body’s organs to be damaged by the immune system. She was forced to drop out of school and had to find a way to manage her medical treatment on her own. In 2006, she married investment banker William Worsham, with whom she had a very private wedding. It was reported that their only guests were Worsham’s parents, both of whom had passed away.

Kate’s health issues continued to plague her throughout the marriage. In 2012, she was hospitalized for two months with septicemia, a condition that results from blood poisoning caused by a severe urinary tract infection. Afterward, she decided to leave her husband and moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her family. While she was there, she enrolled in university classes and started a blog called ‘My Paris Review.’

An Unheard-Of Affair

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pattinson opened up about how he had managed to keep his private life a secret for so long. “[Kate and I] never really talked about personal stuff. We’ve always been very private people. That’s been our policy, really. We don’t want to blow the secrecy. I’ve managed to keep it very quiet. I’ve only told a few people, and they’ve all kept it secret, too,” he said. “We’ve been very lucky … I’ve never really revealed a lot about myself, and that’s been part of the appeal, I think. People can have this picture of my perfect perfect life, or something like that.”

The Beginning Of The End

Pattinson and Twigs’ affair began in 2014 after he saw her perform at a charity event in Paris. After the show, he invited her to a party he was throwing in his honor at the Hôtel George V. Over the next few months, they continued to meet up for casual dates in Los Angeles and kept their relationship a secret from Kate. The feeling appeared to be mutual, as Twigs kept stressing her desire to keep their relationship private, even going so far as to delete all of his contacts on her phone. In December 2014, they finally decided to make it official by exchanging vows in a secret ceremony at a local Justice of the Peace office. Pattinson tweeted the announcement, writing, “Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve finally done it. We’re officially married.”

No Regrets

Even though the “Twilight” actor had many fans and followers who were concerned about his decision to end his marriage, he seems to be taking it in his stride. In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, he said, “I’m delighted to have found such a wonderful partner in Twigs, who understands my sense of humor and has the perfect heart to match mine. We are really lucky to have found each other.”

The End Of An Era

Even though they had an affair, it wasn’t just the end of their marriage. It was, in fact, the beginning of a new and hopefully more mature phase in their life together. Twigs expressed her excitement about the future, writing on Instagram, “I’m so happy to finally share this with you all. I love you all so much and thank you for always being there for me. This chapter is closed. It’s the beginning of a new one.”

While it’s sad that Robert Pattinson and Kate’s marriage is over, it seems that their affair will have lasting effects on their professional lives as well as their personal ones. With his new, younger partner by his side, perhaps Robert will find the inspiration and courage to finally grow up and claim his own destiny.