If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably thinking about buying the new Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson film, Goblet of Fire. The two friends make for an unconventional and eye-catching couple, and now that Easter is behind them, they’ve decided it’s time to spread their wings and live a little. Here, we take an in-depth look at the international film star’s and the British Beauty’s relationship, and whether or not they’re actually suited for each other.

Emma’s Royal Highness

The 25-year-old actress recently revealed that her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, is her biggest fan. The British monarch has been personally gifting Emma with bouquets of flowers since she started her film career in 2010. Emma’s grandmother was also the driving force behind her first ever appearance on British soil. When the young actress visited the United Kingdom to shoot the latest Grand Tour adventure, The King’s Speech, she was given an honorary royal welcome. Not only that, but Emma’s grandmother even went as far as presenting her with a gold watch that was a present from her beloved husband, King George. Now that’s grandmother-level dedication. It’s clear that when it comes to receiving gifts and praise, Emma is motivated to give her best performance. And she certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Finding Mutual Benefit

Since their first meeting in 2010, Robert and Emma have gone on a number of adventures together, including a year-long residency at Benedict Wonders School in London. Despite their busy schedules, the duo managed to keep a low profile and made time for some romance. In an interview with Elle magazine, Emma opened up about the attraction she feels toward the actor. She said, “I think that the thing that initially attracted me to Rob was his unkempt hair and beard. It’s just something that I really connected with. You know when you first meet someone and you just click, it’s something about the way they present themselves that really draws you to them? I think that’s what happened with me and Rob.” To further support their budding romance, the couple have been photographed in a number of increasingly steamy situations.

Will They Last?

The relationship question on everyone’s lips is whether or not Robert and Emma will last. The actor’s marriage to Fiona Plant has been long-standing and apparently very happy, so many people wonder whether or not he’ll enter into a more permanent relationship with one of his costars. While we can’t answer whether or not Robert and Emma will end up together, what we can do is look at their individual relationships with a little more detail. 

Will Robert End Up With Fiona Plant?

Let’s address the elephant in the room first, shall we? Despite their happy union, Fiona is still considered an ex-wife by many, including her ex-husband. After 23 years of marriage, Robert decided to end his tumultuous relationship with Fiona, and since then, he’s largely stayed away from the spotlight. Now that he’s back, will he choose to heal his broken heart and return to Fiona? Or will he remain loyal to Emma and their romantic blossoming?

We’ll have to wait and see how this story plays out. Fiona has yet to make a public statement about her former husband, and while we’re sure she’s happy to see him back in her life, we can’t help but wonder what else she might be feeling. It is entirely possible that, in time, she and Robert may reconcile. Or perhaps, she’ll end up being the supportive partner that he needs. As for now, we’re just happy to have them both back. 

Is Emma Suitable For Robert?

As we’ve established, Robert is largely absent from the spotlight these days. So, it’s no surprise that he’s attracted to a Noomi Rapace type. The actor’s co-star in The King’s Speech, Naomi was one of Emma’s earliest celebrity girlfriends. She’s since become a good friend, and they’ve been photographed attending a number of events together. While Robert is undoubtedly a fan of Naomi’s beautiful apartheid-era sculpture, it’s fair to say he may not be the most traditional of romantic partners. But then, it wouldn’t be the first time Robert broke the mold. 

Traditional Versus Modern

One of the things that make Robert and Emma such a unique and engaging couple is that they’re both very traditional when it comes to their love lives. Perhaps this is because they’ve both been raised in such a way, where love was something you were supposed to wait for. And when you finally grew up and settled down, you were expected to marry the person you loved. This creates an interesting dynamic, considering that both Robert and Emma are well-established and talented performers who are used to attention and admiration. But, they seem to manage to keep their personal lives largely separate from their professional lives. We shouldn’t come down too hard on them, though, as this is something that many actors and celebrities practice every day.

We’d be lying if we said the image of Robert falling head-over-heels for Emma wasn’t something that we’d love to see. It’s clear that the actor’s previous romantic relationships haven’t exactly worked out, which may explain why he decided to take a step back before committing to another serious relationship. For Robert, this may be the best thing that could have happened, as he’s now free to discover (or re-discover) love. And it’s wonderful to see Emma supporting her friend and partner in this wonderful new chapter in their lives.