Rumours of a feud between Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe began circulating
last year, after the actor accused the Harry Potter star of “snobbery” and “elitism”. But the
BFFs from beyond the theatre truly came together when they were forced to share
roles in the forthcoming Twilight Saga films – with the first movie bringing
them even closer. Here, they open up about life as a trio and why they remain
best friends to this day.

Sharing Rooms

It’s been almost a decade since the first Twilight movie was first released. Since then, the
penniless quartet from Wandsworth, South London, have gone on to become some of
Hollywood’s most bankable and recognisable young stars. Robert Pattinson’s
gorgeous looks and enigmatic on-screen persona helped make him the face of a
tidal wave of teenage vampire fans – who have subsequently grown up and moved
beyond their Twilight phase.

Likewise, Daniel Radcliffe has enjoyed an extended period of fame amongst
Gen-Z and millennials, thanks to his alphanous wizarding exploits in the Harry
Potter series. This year will see the pair reunite onscreen for the first time
in More Than A Decade, a Netflix spin-off focusing on their time apart since the
premiere of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in 2007.

For their part, both Pattinson and Radcliffe have stayed true to their
roots. The Twilight actor has continued to work in a variety of high-profile
movies and established franchises, while Radcliffe continues to front films for
the stage and on television.

Livestream Events

Even when they’re not working, the pair remain committed to their
fans. Not only do they keep up with developments in their respective careers,
but they also like to ensure that their legions of loyal followers are always
up-to-date with their adventures. This year will see them streamline their
frequent live appearances into a series of monthly Q&As, called Ask Me

While Daniel Radcliffe’s visibility has increased as a result of his
involvement in the wildly popular Harry Potter series – thanks to the success of
the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them trailer and the upcoming film –
Robert Pattinson’s visage has largely remained the same. In 2018 alone, he
will appear in eight films, releasing on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Artistry Of Costume

It’s not just about appearances for the Twilight stars, however. Both men are
regularly photographed in character, which has lead to them becoming trend-setters
on social media. This has undoubtedly contributed to their popularity amongst
Millennials and Gen-Z – with one Twitter study estimating that Robert Pattinson
has over 21 million followers, while Daniel Radcliffe has over 15 million
including his mailing list.

The appeal of these two Hollywood celebrities seemingly comes from a
combination of factors. Their on-screen personas are compelling and relatable
(if a little archetypal), their films are typically geared towards younger
audiences, and they both keep up with the trends on social media. With so much
fame and success at such a young age, one has to wonder what kind of
career-advancing opportunities these two beautiful young men will find
themselves facing in the near future.