It’s been a year since we’ve seen or heard from Robert Pattinson, and fans are still hoping to see the former ‘Twilight’ star grace the big screen with a new film. The ‘Goodbye’ actor hasn’t been in a movie since 2015’s ‘Devils Wear Prada,’ but he hasn’t disappeared from our collective consciousness. The British singer-songwriter FKA Twigs recently released her debut album ‘ELIZA.’ The stunning LP is full of sultry and sensual tracks that have amassed nearly 17 million streams on Spotify. If you follow Twigs on social media, you’ll know that she’s a big fan of the ‘Bardot’ man, and vice versa. But is there more to their relationship than just fandom?

Robert Pattinson & Twigs’ Album Connection

Despite his film and music career being on hold, the 33-year-old Brit has maintained a steady stream of celebrity Instagram posts in support of Twigs. The ‘Twilight’ star even went so far as to cover her ‘ELIZA’ album in a recent photo shoot. “I’m so proud of this album,” Twigs said in a statement. “It’s been a challenging five years but I’ve worked hard and have great memories. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I do.”

It appears that the ‘Twilight’ star has taken inspiration from one of his favorite artists. “I love Twigs’ music and her album ‘ELIZA’ is my favorite so far,” he wrote on Instagram. “Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.”

The ‘Twilight’ Actor And The British Pop Star

Ahead of her U.S. tour this summer, Twigs took the time to stop by the Palace Hotel in London. She stayed there with her guitar in tow and jammed with the ‘Bardot’ man. Their onstage chemistry was undeniable, as they traded riffs and sang each other’s songs. One of the most memorable moments came when they played an acoustic set for a crowd of their adoring fans. Even the hotel staff were touched by the sweet moment.

“We want to thank you so much for letting us into your hotel and supporting us on our U.S. tour,” Twigs said. “We had such a great time playing for you and your guests. It didn’t feel like a job. It felt like we were friends telling stories, making things up as we go along. It was such a natural performance. We want to thank you for that.”

Although they’re both musicians, it doesn’t appear that the pair are planning on making music together. “We’ve been talking about making music together for some time — he’s a great guitarist — but we have no idea if this is even possible,” Twigs said. “It’s really cool that he’s recognized my album and shared his love for it on social media. This is a person I admire, and he’s probably the only person I’ll ever admire.”

For now, Twigs’ musical journey continues unabated. The singer/songwriter has announced an extensive North American tour, which she says is “all marketing and no music.” But even a non-fan can see that her live shows are a revelation. Not content to stand behind a microphone alone, Twigs brought her guitar and invited the audience to sing along. Sometimes she even threw in some impromptu vocals. The ‘ELIZA’ album is full of gems that deserve to be heard. It isn’t often that you find an artist who can meld R&B and indie rock influences into such seamless and addictive artistry. If you ever get the chance to see Twigs perform live, do it. You won’t be disappointed.