The first look at Robert Pattinson and Bella Thorne’s wedding was everything a fairy tale wedding should be. The actor-turned-honeymooner married the actress in a small civil ceremony in France last week, with close friends and family in attendance. The couple exchanged vows in the middle of a rose garden at the Hotel Pere Lathour in Neuchatel, Switzerland, where they will spend their wedding night. Next morning, they were driven away in a blacked-out limousine, with only a few close family members and friends as guests, to begin their new life together.

While they were married, they made numerous public appearances, including a stroll down the aisle, first dance at the reception, and their engagement and wedding photographs. Most notably, on Sunday, February 24, they held a mock wedding ceremony at the Twickenham Film Studios in London to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Since the wedding, they have been staying at the Sofitel Saint-Antoine Hôtel in Tourcoing, a suburb of Lyon, France. The hotel is situated just a few minutes away from the city’s largest railway station, which provides access to other parts of France and beyond. Here, they have been enjoying a fairytale honeymoon.

The Perfectionist

The couple’s perfectionism and attention to detail were evident throughout their planning process. They had previously collaborated on the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin and have been working together ever since. During the making of the movie, they took the opportunity to learn more about each other, and discovered a shared passion for art and design. This inspired them to explore the Renaissance art collection at the Met in New York.

The designer Christian Dior is responsible for the stunning wedding dress that Thorne wore, which featured a flower crown and a long train.

“I wanted something extraordinary and unique for my wedding day,” said Thorne, who wore a blend of silk chiffon and tulle for the big day. “When Christian Dior heard that I wanted a vintage-style dress, he drew two floral crowns and a bride’s dress that perfectly matched the description. I had to have it and I wore it twice – once for the ceremony and then again for the reception. It was definitely the talk of the day.”

Dior also designed Thorne’s engagement ring, which she chose to give him in front of a giant white wedding cake. “I love Christian Dior. He is so brilliant,” Thorne gushed.

The couple’s choice of venue was also emblematic of their focus on detail. They chose the Hotel Pere Lathour in Neuchatel, Switzerland, after visiting the area on a whim. Staying there was such a pleasant surprise that they had to book tickets to return in summer 2021. They fell in love with the region and decided that their wedding should be held there. Plus, it was somewhere that Thorne had always wanted to propose.

From there, they made their way to Lyon, where they were met by Beethoven Frieze, a member of Thorne’s family who is also a lawyer. He conducted the ceremony at the Metropole Hotel in Tourcoing, a suburb of Lyon. The choice of venue was yet another demonstration of the couple’s attention to detail.

During the ceremony, Thorne’s father gave a touching speech, lauding his daughter for choosing a partner who was “as clever as she is beautiful”.

An Art Lover’s Getaway

After the ceremony, the newlyweds enjoyed a private reception with friends and family. Guests mingled with floral displays and fairy lights while celebrating the couple’s union. Entertainment was provided by DJ Dior, who serenaded the couple with their favourite songs before playing the national anthems of the United Kingdom and France.

Post-reception, the newlyweds headed to the Château de La Malmaison, their wedding guest house located just a few kilometres away from the hotel. Here, they will continue to share their passion for art and design with guests.

A Tale Of Two Cities

While the couple celebrated in France and the UK, fans of the “Twilight” franchise watched in awe as they made their grand entrance in New York City on February 24. The city’s Central Park served as the backdrop for their marriage ceremony, with more than 80 paparazzi in attendance.

As they began their wedding day, the bride and groom were adorned in white for the occasion. The wedding party looked on as their best men gave speeches and the bride thanked attendees for their support throughout her career. She also mentioned her upcoming role in the DC Comics adaptation “Shazam,” which is set for release in April 2021.

After signing the marriage certificate, the newlyweds made their way down the aisle to rapturous applause, exchanging vows and taking their first kiss in front of an audience of press and family members. They were then given a reception in the American Museum of Natural History, with the guest list made up of stars from the film and TV industry.

The following day, as they begin their new life together, Pattinson and Thorne are looking forward to continuing to share their passion for art and design with the world. “I want to grow our family and create more beautiful works of art,” said Thorne, who is expecting her first child in the summer of 2021.

The Inspiration For ‘Shazam!’

While it is unclear where the idea for Pattinson’s “Shazam!” came from, the DC Comics adaptation is an ode to his fiancee, Bella Thorne. The titular character was originally conceived as a standalone entity, but his creator, Peter David, has said that there is a “conspiracy” at work, with characters from the “Avengers” and “Dark Knight” series appearing in “Shazam!’

“Shazam!’” centers on an adult Billy Batson, who lives in the fictional city of Metroville. One day, he decides to try out for the prestigious Shazam superhero program, put on by the superhero team the Justice Society. As it turns out, he is the chosen one. When he utters the magic word “Shazam!,” the wizard does indeed appear, and Billy is immediately thrust into a fantastical world of superheroes and villains.

In addition to the Justice Society, the film features a bevy of supporting characters, including a young adult Dorothy, who befriends and helps the protagonist along the way. At one point, she even joins the superhero group, allowing the two to collaborate on a unique crime-fighting routine. In the comics, Dorothy is known to be the fastest woman alive, albeit an impatient one.

Similarly, the young adult Peter Quill – one of the main characters in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise – makes an appearance in “Shazam!’”. In the comics, Quill is one of Hollywood’s most famous teen stars. His portrayal in the film is relatively faithful to the original, although his personality is more mature than that of the young Tony Stark.

In addition to the character’s attire, the look of the movie is also inspired by David’s favourite comic, ‘Mausoleum’, published by British company Valiant.

The ‘Mausoleum’ Influence

“Shazam!” is not the first time that Valiant has influenced the cinematic world. The company has worked with filmmakers on multiple occasions, providing them with character designs and other assets. The movie is clearly inspired by the Mausoleum comic series, notably the cover of the first issue, which features a man in a suit with a goat head replacing his face. There are also clear references to Mausoleum in the layout and design of the set pieces in the movie – including the main characters’ lab, which is patterned after the one in the comic.

Valiant’s design team worked with director David Leitch on the film’s visual look, providing him with comic covers and other source material. The studio’s co-founder, “Devin Duncan,” has said that this is the first project in which they fully immerses themselves in providing fanservice in the form of BTS.