It seems like yesterday that we were basking in the glow of Robert Pattinson’s and Emily Blunt’s hit movie, The Great Gatsby. The gorgeous couple’s star chemistry and passion for cinema pulled in millions of viewers and sparked one of the biggest Hollywood romances of all time. But since that time, much has happened.

Pattinson has been very active, filming movies and taking lots of vacations with his family. Recently, he even bought a home in London.

Blunt has kept a very low profile since the big break-up and has focused on raising their daughter, Matilda. But, the gorgeous actress hasn’t shied away from Instagram, where she’s shared countless photos of Matilda.

Meanwhile, Greene has also kept busy, working on the set of Paddington 2 and Darker and earning lots of praise for her role in the second season of Dynasty.

It was recently revealed that Pattinson and Greene had been dating for a while. When asked about the timing of their relationship, Pattinson replied, “I suppose [it’s about] bloody time.” So, it would appear that the actor is very much aware of how long it’s been since he last made an appearance in a British cinema.

A Brief History Of Their Romance

Pattinson didn’t confirm his romance with Greene until after the wrap party for The Great Gatsby. A source told the New York Times that the actor was “very happy” about the upcoming birth of their baby boy and that he wanted to share the joy with the world. Soon after the announcement, a photo of Pattinson and Greene holding hands in New York City was plastered all over social media.

It wasn’t until August 2018 that the couple finally confirmed their romance. While promoting The Death Cure, they couldn’t help but flaunt their new found affection. The next day, the Huffington Post published an article titled, “Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson Have Finally Confirmed Their Relationship,” which broke the news of their engagement.

The couple didn’t make their formal engagement public until October 2018. When asked about getting engaged at such a young age, Pattinson said, “We just kind of knew that we wanted to spend our lives together and figured out the rest afterward.”

It would appear that the timing of Pattinson and Greene’s romance was meant to be. Both actors have been through a lot over the last year and a half and have spent a lot of time apart. In June 2018, it was announced that Pattinson would be stepping down from his role as the narrator in the Belovezhka film to focus on his acting career. The same month, it was revealed that Greene was pregnant.

Shortly after, it was revealed that her pregnancy would be a set-back for her acting career. The dark comedy she was filming was shut down indefinitely, and she had to withdraw from Darker, the movie she’d been working on for two years. Since then, she’s appeared only in supporting and cameo roles.

While the couple has kept a somewhat low profile since their engagement, they’ve both been active on social media. On Twitter, Greene has over 400,000 followers and regularly posts about her daughter, Matilda, and her fitness habits. She also shares personal family photos, including ones with her late father.

Meanwhile, Pattinson has over 1.7 million followers and mainly posts about being a dad and his travels with Matilda. He also shares personal photos of herself with her family and friends, as well as movie stills and posters from films.

In September 2019, Pattinson and Greene took to Instagram to share a sweet moment together. In one picture, they’re cuddling while watching their daughter sleep. In another, they’re posing with Matilda, who’s proudly showing off her father’s arm hair.

Why Are They Such A Hot Couple?

It would appear that Pattinson and Greene are a perfect match. Not only do they share the same last name, but they’re also both classically beautiful and carry themselves with an air of confidence. They also both have big dreams and huge hearts.

When discussing their romance and what draws them to one another, Pattinson said, “I always find myself drawn to people with talent. I genuinely admire her work. I think she’s an incredible actress. I could watch her work for hours.”

Greene added, “[Pattinson is] extremely talented. He’s such a good actor, and I just really like him as a person. He’s so kind and encouraging. If I could be like him, I would be so happy.”

It seems that when it comes to pairing off, fate has delivered this wonderful couple to us. They may have spent a long time apart, but when it comes to acting and romance, they’re clearly made for each other.

What do you think about Pattinson and Greene’s romance? Do you think they’re perfect for each other or would you have preferred them to spend more time apart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!