Actor Robert Pattinson recently gave an AMA interview at the Burbank Airport Hotel. The 24-year-old actor was in the area for a charity event, supporting Aids Research, when he stopped by for a quick chat. During the chat, the actor revealed a number of interesting details about his life and career.

What Is AMA?

The abbreviation ‘AMA’ stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’, a Q&A session where the public can ask the actor any questions they might have about their favorite actor, in this case, Robert Pattinson. The AMA will take place at 11 AM on Friday, October 12, at the Burbank Airport Hotel. Fans can follow the event live on Twitter, using the hashtag #askrobertpattinson.

Why Does It Mean So Much To Robert?

The “Twilight” actor is well-known for his shy nature and struggles with social media. Still, this is the first time we’ve heard from him in over a year and he spoke openly about his love for the AMA format. He even went as far as to say he won’t do another interview if it’s not in the AMA format.

“I enjoy doing the Ask Me Anything because it’s sort of a conversation,” he said. “I’m not really used to having long conversations with fans, but it’s a lot of fun. I think for the most part, they’re really interested in what I have to say, so it makes it easier to talk to them. I think it’s a great platform for people who love the show to find out more about it, and vice versa.”

How Has His Life Changed Since ‘Twilight’?

Since the beginning of 2019, Robert has been living in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, FKA Twigs. The couple got engaged in January of this year and were even made an honorary family of the Quay Family, a private family foundation supported by the British royal family. They haven’t publicly said when they will wed, but have expressed their desire to have children.

The actor also opened up about the change in his life. “I definitely feel like I’ve grown up a lot this year,” he said. “I think it’s more obvious in the ways that I interact with people, and especially in the ways that I look at things. It’s definitely been a very different experience this year, and I don’t think I’ll ever be back to being the same person.”

While he wouldn’t reveal the name of his fiancé, he did say that he is “proud to be with a woman who knows exactly who she is and isn’t afraid to show it.” He described her as “fearless” and “immensely talented.”

The actor also revealed he began working with a personal trainer to get back into shape for his role as the Marquis de Merteuil in “The Young Victoria’,” a film based on the life of royal Victoria, which is set to premiere next year.

Which Role Do You Feel Most Comfortable In?

One of the main reasons why fans were excited to hear from Robert was because he’s been very quiet since “Twilight.” Though he didn’t reveal his true feelings, it was clear that he’s been thinking a lot about his role as Edward Cullen. Even more interesting is that he’s already begun working on the next installment of the “Twilight” series. When asked about the next book in the series, he smiled and said, “I think I can say it’s going to be pretty dark, and I think that’s what the world really wants to hear.”

Do You Have A Role In Mind For 2019?

Yes! The “Twilight” actor revealed that he has a role in mind for 2019, and it’s one that will be quite different from his previous work. He would not only like to work in film, but TV as well. Still, he didn’t specify which one.

What fans did learn is that he has a lot more in mind than just film. Though his focus is on movies right now, he has big dreams that go beyond the silver screen.

“I certainly want to do more TV, and I mean more speaking roles,” he said. “I think it’s important to try and speak as much as I can as [opposite] Edward Cullen, and I’d like to do that as much as possible. It’s just been a really exciting year, and I really want to keep pushing as much as I can.”

Though he didn’t say much about his performance in “Twilight: Eclipse,” which is currently in theaters, he did say this about the films he’s made so far: “You can feel the growth in every aspect of my performance. I’m very happy with the way it all turned out.”

What Is The ‘Twilight’ Experience Like?

Though he hasn’t said much about his role in “Twilight” or the “Twilight” franchise, the actor has opened up about what it’s like to be a part of one of the most popular book series of all time. When asked about working on the series, even if it was just one day, he said, “I think that if you’re a passionate person, it doesn’t matter what job you have or what series you’re working on, you can always find something that gives you joy.”

He continued, “When I first read the script for ‘Twilight,’ I gasped out loud. I looked at the photos of the locations, and I was like, ‘This is actually happening? This is real life?’ It was so surreal. But it was also so exciting.”

“I have a little bit of a reputation for being a bit of a workaholic, and that definitely applied to ‘Twilight,’ ” he said. “I was working straight through every weekend, and on some days, I would work straight through the night. It was intense. But I think the result is something that everyone will enjoy.”

Do You Have A Routine While Shooting ‘Twilight’?

While most actors need a break from time to time, especially in today’s world where the work-life balance is a priority, not everyone needs to be as strict about their routine as Robert. Still, he hasn’t been shy about discussing his work ethic and how he approached the role of Edward Cullen.

“I used to have a really strict routine going into ‘Twilight,’ ” he said. “I would work out five times a week, and on top of that, I would do an hour of therapy a day. It was definitely an intensive process, but the results were worth it.”

Now, he tries to maintain a more relaxed schedule. Though he still works hard, he doesn’t require as much time off as he used to. This is something he’s benefited from since working on “Twilight,” especially since he’s already been made an honorary family member of the Quay Family.

So, while he won’t be as accessible to the media as he was before “Twilight,” he’s still willing to have a chat now and then. As for what’s next for him, he’s staying focused on his work and trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance.