Photographers from the world over have been waiting patiently for the chance to capture the iconic British actor, singer and artist, Robert Pattinson on film. Few actors embody the spirit of the early 2000s as well as Robert Pattinson. The former Disney starlet was one of the most in-demand actors of the time, gracing our screens in popular films such as 2003’s Twilight and the four-part adaptation of War and Peace, which premiered in 2017.

Pattinson has been in awe-inspiring locations around the world for his last four films, filming in Iceland, Ireland, and Italy amongst others. He’s also collaborated with international artists, such as M/M art group in Russia for the promotional material for his 2017 film, Good Morning, Verona. The photographs in this article are a glimpse into the glamorous life of Robert Pattinson and an inspiration to any budding photographer.

The Making of Twilight

It began in 1998 with a David Duchovny movie called The X-Files, followed by a short-lived Fox series called Millennium. By the turn of the century, the world was introduced to the charms of vampire Bella (Kristen Stewart), a role she would go on to play throughout the decade. The Twilight series, the first installment of which premiered in 2012, continues the adventures of Bella and her vampire love interests, providing a nostalgic look at the pre-millennial zeitgeist.

Dealing With Fashion And Fame

Robert Pattinson is a man of many talents. Not only is he an accomplished actor, singer and model, but he’s also a renowned fine artist. Having established himself as a leading man, it’s no surprise that fashion plays a large part in his public life. He’s graciously been open about his love for all things fashion, often appearing on popular style blogs to show off his latest trendy looks.

For a while, it seemed like all of Hollywood was vying for Robert Pattinson’s affections. His fair isle red hair, crystal blue eyes and aristocratic bearing made him the dreamboat of the 2000s. He dated some of the most beautiful and influential women in the business, including the likes of Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie. Pattinson often graced the magazine covers of prestigious publications, such as Vogue and GQ, modeling everything from jeans and T-shirts to full-on couture ensembles. Fashion plays a huge part in the Twilight saga, with the actor often donning bespoke suits and dresses for on-set shoots. His character, Edward Cullen, is especially fond of elegant dresses and suits, owning a wardrobe bursting at the seams with bespoke garments. Interestingly enough, the majority of the actor’s wardrobes are adorned with Scottish tartan, proving his undeniable affinity for all things Scottish – the setting of his 2012 debut film, The Lost Boys.

The Making Of Good Morning, Verona

The Scottish playwright, William Shakespeare, is credited with the creation of the literary genre of tragedy, and he’s also famous for his collaborations with the French dramatist, Pierre Corneille. In the early 1700s, the two men worked together to create a play called Le Cid et Andre, which was later adapted into an opera by French composer, Nicolas Chorier. The music for the opera, however, was not composed by Chorier, as he died before the opera was completed. Instead, it was the French conductor and composer, George Frideric Handel, who took the reins on the project. The story of Handel’s opera, Le Cid et Andre, revolves around a marriage of convenience and the machinations of three women. When the production premiered in London in 1762, it proved to be an enormous hit and the subject of much popular discussion. It was, in fact, so successful that the first act of the work was revived in 1764 and remained in the repertoire for the rest of its existence.

The Films Of Robert Pattinson

Aside from the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson appeared in a number of films in the early 2000s, including the Tom Ford-directed drama, A Room With A View. Set in 1960s Ireland, the film stars Pattinson as Dr. George Linton, a successful physician who moves with his family to a large English estate, haunted by the ghosts of his past and the specter of mortality. Richard Curtis’s 2001 adaptation of his novel, Far from Home, premiered at the 2001 Toronto International Film Festival before being released in cinemas across the country. The film tells the story of an aging matron (played by Bette Davis) who abandons her sheltered life in New York City for an expatriate existence in the French Riviera.

Pattinson’s big break came in 2003, when he was cast as Edward Cullen in the vampire romance, Twilight. The actor said he didn’t see the casting news as a surprise, having heard rave reviews about his work in Hotel Rwanda, which was screened at the Sundance and Cannes film festivals that same year. Twilight turned out to be a massive hit, winning over countless fans and critics alike. It also opened up a whole new world of opportunities for the young actor. Since then, he’s appeared in a string of high-profile projects, including the spy thriller, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (which he says is “like a mash-up of James Bond and Austin Powers”), the comedy, The Lost Boys (the first installment of a three-part adaptation of The Lost Boys literary series), and the war drama, Pompeii. Most recently, he starred in and produced the independent romantic comedy, What Ifs, based on the British romantic comedy series, Couple Go West. In all, it’s been an incredibly successful career for Pattinson, who continues to grace magazine covers and movie sets around the world.