It’s been almost a year since the Twilight craze ended, but the world is still talking about Bella and her vampiric cohorts. Although it’s been a while since the last Twilight movie was released, audiences are still nostalgic for the fair isle-wearing heroine, and her love affair with vampire Edward Cullen.

But while Edward and Bella lived happily ever after, it wasn’t quite the same for everyone else. As Bella’s love interest, Rob Pattinson, 29, had to deal with the public’s obsession as well as his ex-fiancee’s inner turmoil. In this article, we’ll explore how Rob handled the unexpected attention and we’ll examine the unique challenges that come with dating a celebrity.

Getting A Taste Of The Stardom

When filming began on the futuristic action-drama, Interstellar, in 2014, people didn’t know much about Rob. Sure, he was a hunky guy starring in a series of chick flicks and a handful of blockbusters, but these parts were all pretty much a secret. While filming, he kept his personal life hidden from the press, refusing to grant interviews and posing for promotional pictures with a smile on his face.

But that all changed when the film’s trailers started coming out. Suddenly, audiences were getting a glimpse of the gorgeous British actor they’d soon learn to love. By the end of Interstellar’s theatrical run in 2016, Rob had proven himself as an action hero who can hold his own with a megastar such as Matthew McConaughey.

Expecting The Fans, Not The Fame

While Rob was happy to capitalize on the Twilight phenomenon and all its attendant publicity, he didn’t expect to become a household name overnight. When the first Twilight movie was released in 2008, it broke box office records because of its large audience, but Rob was still relatively unknown at the time. He’d gained some recognition for his comedic roles in movies like The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Forgive Me, but he was more of an indie film hero, with few mainstream roles to his name.

The truth is that Rob isn’t particularly talented at acting. His on-screen persona is completely manufactured, and while he can’t help but be charming in his interactions with fans, he has a limited range as an actor.

But Rob isn’t exactly known for being the best judge of his own talent. When interviewed by Playboy in 2016, he said that he wouldn’t change any of his decisions regarding filming the Twilight series, even though the movies were hits, because he believes they are all parts of his journey as an actor.

He adds that he’s happy with how he transitioned from indie film darling to action star, but that he wishes he could have kept more of his indie roots. “I really want to do more indies because, quite frankly, they’re just so much fun. All the pretending in those films is such fun, and you get to be like a little child again, doing what you believe in. It’s lovely.”

How To Deal With Popular Opinion

It would be easy for Rob to hide away from the limelight now that he’s one of the most recognizable stars on the planet. But the truth is that he couldn’t stay away from public scrutiny even if he wanted to. Not only did he have to deal with Twilight and its fans, but he had to date the object of popular culture’s attention as well.

Many celebrities have found themselves in this situation, and while some may handle it well, others have struggled with the added stress and pressure. The fact that Rob is still dating Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, doesn’t say much for his ability to handle fame either.

According to Vanity Fair, who broke the couple’s first official public engagement in a piece last year, Rob initially tried to keep the engagement a secret because he didn’t want to hurt Megan’s feelings. But in the end, he knew that he had to tell her parents about the engagement before anyone else did. When he did, they congratulated him and wished them both a lot of happiness.

But things weren’t always sunshine and rainbows. The couple spent almost two years dating before they made their engagement public, and things didn’t seem to be going well. Rob reportedly became anxious about the engagement and didn’t know how to react when faced with Megan’s parents. He was eventually reassured that they actually liked him and wanted the best for him.

It’s not that the parents liked him any less than Megan did; it’s just that they were more reserved with their emotions, wanting to protect their daughter from heartbreak. When Megan was young, her parents had to endure their share of breakups and divorces, which may have caused them to be more cautious around their children, particularly their daughter. So, while it’s lovely that Rob and Megan’s parents approve of each other, it’s also important to understand that they’re protective of their daughter, which makes everything more complicated.

Dealing With Exes

One of the most interesting things about the Twilight saga is that, while it may have only been the love story of a teenage girl and a vampire, it didn’t spare anybody else. The series, which was initially inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s erotic novel, Twilight, had spinoff movies that explored teen pregnancy, alcoholism, and even suicide. While the majority of the book’s focus is on Bella and her romance with Edward, the series also depicts a dark side that wouldn’t be surprising given its young target audience.

It would be easy for Rob to avoid all his exes now that he’s famous, but he can’t. Sure, he may not have to deal with the insatiable public as much as he did when Twilight was in theaters, but he still has to deal with the women who dated him before he was famous. And now that he is, they want their share of the limelight as well.

The first ex-fiancee to speak out about their relationship was actress and social media personality Anna Kendrick. In an interview with Vogue, Anna said that she and Rob were friends before they started dating and that she knew he wouldn’t be seeing anyone seriously soon. But, just to be on the safe side, she ended the date early because she felt that Rob wasn’t committed to the relationship and she didn’t want to damage their friendship. 

The truth is that if Rob wanted to, he could have avoided all his exes, since they all seem to have accepted his relationship with Megan. But it wasn’t just about his exes. While he worked on the set of the Twilight series, Rob was also forced to deal with the press and public around him. And it wasn’t just about Twilight either. After Interstellar, he worked on The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio and also starred in the comedy-drama, The Do-Over. Both films were box office hits and earned him widespread recognition.

While he had to hide away from the world in order to keep his private life private during the Twilight filming period, Rob is now facing the opposite situation. He wants to be as open as possible about his relationship with Megan, and he’s started a blog to do just that. But even with this newfound openness, he’s not immune to the public’s opinions either. A recurring theme in his blog posts is his plea for privacy, particularly when it comes to his family. The fact that he’s not afraid to show his parents and siblings, even though they’re supportive of his decision to date Megan, speaks to how much he feels they deserve some privacy.

The Challenges Of Being A Celebrity

It’s not just that Rob doesn’t want to hide away from the public anymore. He’s actually embraced it, and he’s taken advantage of being a celebrity. He uses his large social media following to promote charitable causes and to speak directly to his fans about what’s going on in his personal life. But while this may be new to some, it’s certainly not new to Rob. After all, fame came with its perks in the first place.

“It was great to be famous. I had no complaints,” he told Vanity Fair in 2016. “The best thing is that people listen to what I say now. Before, I would always think about what I was going to say before I even said it. Now, I never know what to say, because they always have something to say about everything.”

Being famous certainly has its advantages. Not only does it bring along with it a steady stream of cash, but it also opens up a whole new world of experiences for the celebrity, particularly when it comes to dating. The question is, will Rob be able to balance his newfound fame and fortune with his newfound personal life? One thing’s for sure: he won’t be the only one asking himself this question.