Most Hollywood stars have to make some major lifestyle adjustments as they get older, but Robert Pattinson is definitely an exception. The 32-year-old British actor has been turning heads for years with his unique blend of boyish charm and dark good looks, and now that he’s tying the knot with Hollywood superstar, Kristen Stewart in a few days, the paparazzi have taken notice.

And they’ve been treating the newlywed couple to a steady stream of attention. Not only have they been leaking details about the big day (including the fact that it’s going to be a low-key affair), but they’ve also been camped outside of Rob’s home, waiting to catch a glimpse of the soon-to-be newlyweds. On one occasion, they were even spotted in a compromising position on a hotel bedroom balcony, which led to a brief but painful scandal that forced the couple to put a quick end to their engagement.

Despite all this, Rob and Kristen seem pretty happy and in love, and they’ve certainly kept the spotlight firmly trained on them in the lead-up to their wedding. Between their whirlwind romance and the numerous interviews they’ve given to promote their latest project, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, it’s clear that these two are determined to remain in the news well into their post-wedding retirement. So let’s take a look back at some other celebrity weddings from within the Twilight universe, to see how their relationship has evolved over the years.

Newton Charles: From Awkwardness To Love

One of the most dramatic transformations to have ever graced the silver screen was undoubtedly that of Newton Charles (Ricky Ashby) in Twilight Saga: New Moon. The character of Newton was practically a blank slate when the first movie came out in 2009, and despite being physically immature and in need of much mothering, he still had a large degree of naivety that made him an easy target for the film’s many pranks. For example, in one scene, he has a frightful nightmare where he is chased by a monster that ends with him huddling under his desk in fear. Naturally, this was all part of the plan as director Michael Buckner would dare his young leading man to be more comfortable in his own skin, and the joke would be on everyone once the fake monster was revealed to be just an actor in a mask.

In the second installment, New Moon, we see a more mature and confident Newton, and although it would later transpire that he had been physically transformed by a vampire bite at the end of Part 1, the effects are already present from the moment he appears in the film. After years of living in obscurity, struggling with his self-image and battling stage fright, Newton is ready to take the plunge and declare his love to Demetria (Claire Holt). Even when she rejects his romantic advances, he remains undeterred, and their scene together is both sweet and heartfelt as he admits that he sees the beauty in her.

The question is, will Demetria finally be the woman of his dreams, or will youthful idealism get the best of him once more, as it did in 2009? That is one thing we shall have to wait and see as this new chapter in Newton’s life will be broadcast on Friday, November 26th.

Peter Kavinsky: From Boyfriend To Better Half

Speaking of which, let’s not forget about Peter Kavinsky (Billy Bean), who in Part 1 of Twilight Saga: Eclipse was at best a bit of a ditz but more often than not a complete klutz. Despite being the butt of many a joke and often being mistaken for a woman, Peter is a sensitive soul who cares about his friends and family, and he deeply regrets his boorish and thoughtless ways. In many ways, Peter is a lot like Newton, and it would not be a huge stretch to say that he matures and evolves over the course of the story. He is, after all, the son of Mikaela (Denise Richards) and Max Kavinsky (Robert Davi), who is also played by Bean, and the brother of Victoria (Cobie Smulders).

After much soul-searching and a bit of a coming-of-age tale, Peter decides to grow up and put his heart into a relationship with Katherine (Kristen Stewart). The pairing makes sense on many levels as both characters are determined to better themselves through introspection and self-reliance. However, despite their obvious passion for each other, Peter is still at heart a dorky kind of guy who likes to have fun and goof around, and it takes some time for him to realize what he’s missing out on. The fact that he is a walking, talking example of a man-child also makes him a bit of a liability, should anyone decide to prank him. Nonetheless, Katherine helps him to grow up in leaps and bounds, and their relationship is one of the film’s most touching and romantic scenes as they express their love for each other while playing chess in the rain.

The question is, will Peter be able to let go of his dorky ways and evolve into a more mature and empathetic individual, or will he be doomed to repeat the same mistakes? It seems that he is at least partially aware of this fact as he decides to make some changes in his life for the better, including getting a haircut and shaving off some hair. Whether these changes will be enough to save Peter from himself is something only time will tell.

Laurence “Lazar” Braga: The Rogue And Rollo’s Brother

The newest addition to our list doesn’t even belong to the Twilight universe, but is rather part of the spin-off film, The Vampire Diaries. Still, it’s hard to disentangle Lazar (Alexander Ludwig) from the saga because he sort of acts as a father figure to our anti-hero, Raymond Strahm (Michael Pitt), whose reckless behavior and penchant for causing trouble made him an outcast among his peers even before he was turned into a vampire. In fact, it’s because of Raymond’s bad-boy ways that Lazar ultimately befriends him, as the two form an alliance against their mutual enemy, the ancient and ruthless witch, Elisabeth (Charlotte Gainsbourg).

From the very beginning, Lazar was portrayed as a father figure to Raymond, and it would not be too far-fetched to say that their relationship is somewhat similar to that of Peter and Raymond. On the one hand, Raymond is headstrong and opinionated like Peter, while on the other he’s a complete hothead like Lazar. Despite their differences, both men want what is best for Raymond, and it is because of this mutual respect that they are able to work well together towards a common goal. This respect might also be what keeps them alive even after they are turned into vampires, as it is clear that they value their friendship and want to continue seeing each other. Unfortunately, this desire to live together as friends might also be what gets them killed, as it is clear that vampires do not like to be kept under guard.

In the end, it is not our beloved Twilight characters who are murdered by the vampires, but rather Lazar and Raymond, whose bodies are dragged across a wooden floor. Still, it is hard to feel too badly for these two rogues and their want for genuine and lasting friendship. They had their time to shine in the sun and now that the night has fallen, they have become its masters. It is a poetic (if somewhat macabre) summation of their journey, and perhaps their only real regret is that they did not live long enough to see their friend, Peter, grow up into the man of their dreams.

One film does not a relationship make, however, and even though these five men will remain friends for life, it would appear that their time together was mostly spent in the service of others. It seems that these men were always destined to be the best of friends, as they have so much in common and share an unwavering loyalty to one another. Ultimately, these are the kind of friendships that last a lifetime, as the bond between these men is stronger than any relationship they have with others. It is clear that the future of the Twilight universe is uncertain, with new directors and writers coming in to try and reinvigorate the series and give the fans something new to look forward to. However, for now, at least, we have these five men, who have given us so much pleasure over the years. One thing is for sure: they will never, ever grow old.