The year 2012 was an important one for Robert Pattinson, not only was he turning 27, but he was also celebrating the success of his latest movie, ‘Cosmo’. A lot has happened since we wrote about him a year ago, not only was he named Sexiest Man Alive by Esquire magazine, but he also got married to his longtime girlfriend, Rose Eveleth, and welcomed a daughter, Matilda. Now that he’s settled down, what will he do next? We take a look at his history and what lies ahead in the year 2013.


The year 2012 was vital for Pattinson’s career, not only did he celebrate his 27th birthday, but he also made the most of it by appearing in a number of films. The year started off with a bang, as his movie, ‘Cosmo’, became the second most talked about film of the year, after Michael Bay’s ‘Teenage Mutant’ Teenage Mutant’. The film was such a critical and commercial success that it landed a spot on both of those prestigious film award’s top ten lists. Not bad for a film that he didn’t even think was that good!

‘Cosmo’ was a love story set against the backdrop of the 2012 London Olympics. If you’re not familiar, the London Olympics are an annual sporting event that take place in the city, and they are a great opportunity for celebrities to show their support for a particular athlete or team. This year the Olympics were a real treat for football fans, as Team GB, led by footballer David Beckham, had never won so accolades, and they ended up taking home the gold. Most of the sports fans in Great Britain must have been excited about this year’s Olympics, as it was the first time they’d won the gold medal in over 100 years of competing! It was a real comeback story, and a fitting climax to a fabulous year for Team GB, and for Pattinson, who played a key role in making it all happen.


‘Twilight’ was released in February 2012 and became the highest-grossing vampire movie of all time. The first in a trilogy, the film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Stephanie Meyer. Since its release in 2012, the movie has become such a phenomenon that it’s currently the second highest-grossing movie of all time, only behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. It also became the longest running box office hit of all time, unseating James Bond’s Casino Royale from the top spot.

The success of ‘Twilight’ was followed by a string of lucrative movie deals for Meyer, who will now write and direct a series of her own. Pattinson, on the other hand, will next portray a superhero in the movie, ‘The Wolverine’. Wolverine is an especially interesting character to study, as he’s one of the few superheroes who doesn’t have a single brightly colored costume.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

The first trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’was released in October 2011, and it looks absolutely fantastic. The film will be the third outing for star Andrew Garfield, and it will also see the return of star Jamie Foxx, who plays a small but integral part in the plot. What’s more is that we’ll also get to see a young version of the famous web-slinger in a supporting role, which is a first for the character. The movie will be a mixture of comic book silliness and dramatic intrigue, and it will feature all of the typical Parker family feuds and gangsters, wrapped in a fun package.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be released this coming July 18, 2012, so make sure you mark your calendars and get ready to head to the cinema!

New York City

Pattinson doesn’t spend a lot of time in New York City, as most of his scenes in upcoming movies are either shot or set in Los Angeles. However, he does make a cameo in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, ‘The Dark Tower’, and it will be his first time playing a character in New York City. The movie will be set in the city, but it will actually be filmed in Michigan. We’re not sure if this is to maintain some degree of secrecy, or if it’s just a convenient place to film, but it will be interesting to see what kind of impression King’s dark vision makes on the actor. We’ll have to wait until 2019 to find out!

Esquire Magazine

It’s no secret that Esquire magazine loves to name their top ten Sexiest Men Alive each year, and this year was no exception. Pattinson was chosen as one of the ten Sexiest Men Alive for the first time ever, and it’s no surprise that he’d make the list, as he’s always appeared in a number of their annual best-dressed lists. This year they named him Sexiest Man Alive for a second time, after he bagged the accolade in 2011, too. It was an amazing year for Pattinson, and it seems that he’s finally found the middle ground between being a heart-throb and an action man, as he’s lined up a number of big-budget movies to make in the coming years.

Pattinson’s history with Esquire magazine is long-standing, as the two have featured each other frequently over the years. The fact that they’ve chosen to name-check him makes us wonder just how long the relationship between these two is going to continue? Perhaps one day, they’ll even make a list of the ten Hottest BFFs (Best Friends Forever) alongside Anna Wintroub and Cara Delevingne? We’re sure that at least one of them would deserve to be on that list!

What will 2013 bring for Pattinson? What will he do next? We’ll have to wait and see, but from what we’ve seen so far he’s got a pretty full schedule lined up. As we mentioned, he’s set to star in a number of upcoming movies, including one based on the popular video game, Farcry 3. He’s also got the intriguing superhero movie, ‘The Wolverine’, set for release in July of this year. He’ll then be seen in the action-adventure movie, ‘Ninjas’, as well as the dramedy, ‘Killers’. In between all of that, he’ll also have to take time out to film the highly anticipated sequel to ‘The Twilight’, called ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’. So, not one, but two Breaking Dawn movies?! Will they ever stop coming?!?

Whether or not you’re a fan of Robert Pattinson, it’s fair to say that he’s been quite the busy bee this year, and it’s looking like all of his hard work is finally starting to pay off.