Once upon a time, there was a star named Robert Pattinson. Now, let’s examine the facts & the myths surrounding his life.

Robbie Is Actually A Few Years Younger Than You’d Think

If you believe the tabloids, then Robbie is a lot younger than he actually is. According to a new survey, 56% of respondents think Robbie is between 24 and 37 years old. 20% believe he’s over 40, and 24% think he’s in his mid-30s. So, basically, a third of Americans believe Robbie is underage. In reality, he’ll be 29 in August 2004.

The truth is, Robbie is actually a few years younger than you’d think. Back in 2002, when he was 24, he was listed as one of the “Newlywed Celebrities” on the covers of numerous magazines. So, obviously, people assume he’s still a kid even though he’s apparently lived a life that’s beyond his years.

He’s Still Got A Lot To Learn

Despite all the accolades and success, Robbie still isn’t satisfied. In fact, he has so much more to learn. According to a recent poll, 59% of Americans think the actor/model has a lot to learn, and 25% think he knows exactly what he’s doing. So, basically, a quarter of the population thinks he needs to grow up and be responsible, while the other 75% think he’s already on the right track.

Although Robbie may have accomplished a great deal in his 29 years, he still has a lot to learn. In 2004, he’ll turn 30 and continue to work hard to please the public and critics alike. In the meantime, you can follow news of his personal life and career on the Web sites listed below.

He’s Got A Nanny Cam!

Not all the interesting tidbits about Robbie come from the tabloids. In fact, he has a very interesting personal life. One of his biggest secrets is that he has a nanny cam! In 2004, he’ll be recording a weekly Skype chat with his grandmother, who lives in Australia. During the conversation, he’ll occasionally mention things that he’d like her to see. So, in that sense, he’s really just like any other thirty-something. He has a lot of responsibilities and a lot to look forward to. However, it’s still unclear whether or not he’s found the right woman to spend the rest of his life with.

Forbes has ranked the top 50 Most Influential Celebrities Of All Time. The annual list is based on a poll of close to 20,000 people. Robbie comes in at number 19 on the list, which is very impressive. It’s also worth noting that he’s the only British celebrity on the list. In any case, here’s a look back at some of Robbie’s greatest moments.

Wedding Vows

In July 2003, Robbie married his longtime girlfriend, American actress/model Jessica Alba. The couple announced their engagement in April 2002 and were married a few months later in a private ceremony in Italy. After the wedding, they made it official and published their marriage certificate in August 2003. In true Hollywood fashion, the newlyweds spent their first night as man and wife in a luxurious hotel suite, with only their closest family and friends joining them. A source tells Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper:

“They got up early and had a nice dinner with their families and friends. They didn’t want to spoil the surprise of their luxurious hotel suite, so they didn’t tell anyone that they were going to have the ceremony there. They did it secretly so that no fan would spoil the romance of the night.”

Scared To Give The Best Speech?

On June 25, 2004, the first anniversary of their wedding, the couple held a private celebration with friends and family at London’s Café de Paris. Robbie had agreed to give the bride a happy anniversary speech, but at the last minute, he was too much of a coward to say the things he felt during the speech.

The Independent reports:

“He was very nervous because he was always told by teachers at school that he should never, ever open his mouth in public. He felt that he owed it to his wife to give the best speech possible. So, he asked the person to mind the baby while he read out his speech from a script. Unfortunately, the person had to leave the room because their mother was ill. When they went back, he had ruined the whole thing. He had simply read out the script and nothing else. It was awful.”

First Walk-Off Win As A Manager

On March 11, 2004, the Los Angeles Angels signed Robbie to a one-year contract as their manager. The team went on to win the World Series that year. In 2005, they won it again and in 2006 they won it for the third time in a row. Since 1998, the team has won 578 games and lost only 260, for a.750 winning percentage. Needless to say, the team’s performance hasn’t hurt Robbie’s popularity either.

Popular In Europe, But Lacks Support In The U.S.

While Robbie’s popularity is certainly gaining ground in the U.S., it still doesn’t rank among the top-tier of Hollywood stars. Forbes ranked the top 50 Most Influential Celebrities Of All Time, and Robbie comes in at number 19. Here’s a breakdown of where he stands in terms of U.S. vs. European support:

  • U.S.
  • 38.7%
  • Canada
  • 7.4%
  • Mexico
  • 6.9%
  • United Kingdom
  • 6.7%
  • France
  • 5.7%
  • Italy
  • 5.5%
  • Netherlands
  • 5.2%

More Than Meets The Eye

Besides all the facts & the myths, it’s also important to note that Robbie is a very giving, generous person. He has supported several charities over the years, including the Human Rights Campaign, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer. Most recently, he teamed up with M·A·C cosmetics to create an exclusive skincare line for women and men. The aim is to give everyone an extra boost of confidence. In the fall of 2004, the company launched its “Confidence Boosters” collection. It contains a Broad Spectrum (U.S.A) vitamin C serum, an SPF 15 sunscreen, an antioxidant serum and a firming mask. In addition, the products are designed to moisturize and improve the appearance of the skin. Women reported great results from the serum and firming mask, and men said their skin looked better after using the sunscreen. Some even noted that their skin felt tighter after using the products.

The Biggest Success In Robbie’s Career

Forbes has ranked the top 50 Most Influential Celebrities Of All Time. In terms of individual achievement, Robbie comes in at number 19. Here’s a breakdown of his top three achievements:

  • Wedding Vows
  • Scared To Give The Best Speech?
  • First Walk-Off Win As A Manager

His Body Is The Ultimate Test

People are still talking about Robbie’s body, which is just as well, because in 2004, he’ll be turning thirty. It’s been a while since he’s inspired so many comparisons, but Sheryl Crow, Heather Morris and Jessica Alba are just a few of the women who’ve said they’d like to marry him. In terms of his personal life, he’s still going strong, and it’s not hard to see why. In 2004, he’ll be looking for ways to make everyone envious of his fabulousness.