ROBERT PATTINSON’s advertisements have never been boring. The British actor and musician has always been known for his unconventional approach to paid ads, whether it’s been used to pitch Apple products or tell the brand’s unique story. Now that he’s signed with L’Oreal and will soon be seen in the upcoming film Bombshell, starring Charlize Theron, the world is waiting to see what the 44-year-old will do next.

We’ve compiled a list of the actor’s best digital advertisements and some of the most interesting details about them. Take a look and see if you can find a style that speaks to you.

The Evolution Of An Advertising Campaign

The first two advertisements for WESTON BLUE RICHARDSON’s (the French luxury goods house) perfume, UN DECEMBER, were created alongside renowned photographer Mireille MARGOT. Pattinson was initially inspired to advertise after watching the 2018 movie adaptation of Little Women, starring Emma Watson as the titular character. While the film focused on the young women going on a journey to find themselves, he saw potential in promoting a men’s fragrant to help the brand stand out.

The first advert uses the simple yet effective formula of a powerful woman with a sensual scent. As the tagline suggests, ‘The future is not what it seems’, the three ads focus on powerful, independent women who defy convention. While the women in these pieces are strong and independent, their fragrances are meant to evoke an innocent, yet alluring, sensuality.

The second series of adverts for the same scent also follows this formula, but in a more updated take. We see Margot’s unique take on nature and femininity, with soft curves in flowing dresses and luscious, unripe fruit in place of the usual floral scents. It’s a subtle but effective change that makes these advertisements just a little bit more contemporary.

Fruitful Inspiration

The British actor has always been interested in pursuing a career in music, and took a year off from his acting studies at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to focus on songwriting. He eventually recorded two albums, Bite Me and Twangerino, and has since released three more. Aside from his musical career, he also starred in the 2013 biographical film About Time, which was a spinoff from the BBC comedy series, A League of Their Own. In 2018, he released his fifth studio album, Good Boy, which featured songs and spoken word pieces in the style of Frank Sinatra and Allen Ginsberg.

This record was inspired, in part, by American music legend JIMMY PAGE. The album’s title track, ‘Good Boy’, is a collaboration with the legendary guitarist and a clear callback to the actor’s days as a musician. On the track, he sings and plays guitar, while Page provides the riffs. This is the latest in a line of collaborations between the two; they previously worked together on the 2017 single ‘Wonderful’, which also appears on Good Boy.

A Familiar Face

The world was first introduced to ROBERT PATTINSON in 2011, when he played the recurring role of LUCKY, the ex-boyfriend of ELLE DECOR’s main character, Rose, on the popular TV drama series, DOWNTON ASYLUM. Since then, he’s appeared in some of television’s biggest hit shows, including Mr Selfridge, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Crown. Many have called him the British Bill Gates; he’s become one of the most in-demand actors in the UK.

In late 2018, it was revealed that PATTINSON had signed an initial one-year contract with L’Oreal to star in their 2021 fragrance adverts. This follows on from his previous campaigns for the brand, and comes with a handsome endorsement deal. For the first campaign, he will star in a series of ads featuring celebrities in relaxing and decadent settings. It marks L’Oreal’s first-ever celebrity fragrance campaign.

Dazzling Dames

It seems PATTINSON has been a bit of a trendsetter in the world of celebrity fragrant endorsements, with other actors and musicians following suit. In 2015, he was spotted with a scarf covering his nose while filming a perfume advert for Dior. Later that year, he was back on the red carpet, this time with an Armani knock-off watch cap covering his forehead while promoting the designer’s new fragrance, Code Noir. Last year, he once again donned a cap while promoting the timeless fashion house’s Polo by Matador fragrance, this time donning a white rose crown to match the colour of the fragrance.

In 2021, PATTINSON will continue his partnership with Armani and Polo by Matador as the face of their legendary scents, and also take on the role of Mr Armani for the fashion house. He has previously collaborated with the luxury goods company on a number of occasions, not only to promote their fragrances but also to design pieces of bespoke clothing and accessories, which are worn by Hollywood A-listers. In October of this year, it will be three years since PATTINSON released his first perfume, RICHARDSON WESTON BLUE, and we can expect more fragrant celebrity partnerships to come soon.