Is Robert Pattinson dating Adele? We’re always interested in hearing from our fans, so let us know what you think!

Rumors about Robert Pattinson dating Adele have been circulating for years, and while we certainly want to believe the best when it comes to our favorite Hollywood stars, it’s no secret that they’re both perfectionists. So it’s entirely possible that they’re just friends.

The fact is, we may never know for sure because they haven’t given any indication of a romantic connection. Even so, it’s time for us to bring this subject up because it’s been nearly 10 years since they’ve been seen together. And, yes, we do realize that he’s turned 30 this year and she’s 28.

As you may recall, the Twilight franchise was initially intended to be a four-film cycle, and then extended to six. With the upcoming release of Edward the Cullen in 4K on digital HMDs on May 24th, 2020, and theaters across the country closing down due to the pandemic, it’s an opportune time to revisit this classic period of Pattinson’s life.

Pattinson’s Career Was On the Rise

Prior to his breakout Role in the Twilight films, Robert Pattinson was mostly known for his role in the British film Trainspotting, which was released in 1996. In the film, he played Mark Renton, a young man who is struggling to find his place in the world. He’s a train wreck waiting to happen, and it’s easy to see why this highly acclaimed indie hit would become such a major influence on his life and career. Even today, it’s arguably the most iconic role of his young career. In the years that followed, he would go on to star in several other critically-acclaimed films, including the 2005 indie hit Pride and Prejudice. In that film, he played an aspiring architect who has to deal with Jane Austen’s classic work. And while he didn’t get any love interests in Pride and Prejudice, it’s clear that the actress playing his love interest did.

What Is Edward Cullen’s Connection To Adele?

If you’ve never heard of Edward Cullen, it’s probably time to remedy that. Despite the fact that the character he plays in the Twilight films isn’t actually named Edward, many people have taken to calling him that because he’s the main character’s cousin. You see, in the books, Edward is the middle child of five, and all of his siblings die in infancy, resulting in him being raised by his mother, Leta (played by Kate Winslet), and his father, John (Bill Murray).

In the films, Edward is initially portrayed as a spoiled, ungrateful loner. However, as the series progresses, we see that his aloofness is a protective shell that shields him from the emotional trauma of his childhood. He has very little regard for human life (which is why he’s mainly accompanied by his dog, Jack), and has perfected a method of draining the life out of humans. When he meets Bella (Kristen Stewart) at the beginning of Eclipse, he already has a family, and he’s determined to protect them from her, even if it means sacrificing his own life.

Is There Anything More To Adele Than Beauty And Talent?

While we’re always grateful for Adele’s talents, it’s important to remember that the singer is much more than just your average singer/songwriter. She has a Masters in Music from Oxford University and was initially trained as a classical singer. In fact, it was while at university that she fell in love with a boy and began writing songs. Back then, she considered quitting music to focus on her studies, but eventually decided to follow her heart and abandoned her plans of becoming a doctor. When she decided to pursue music, she knew it would be her calling, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Adele’s songwriting is heavily reliant on classical music. She draws from a deep well of inspiration, and many of her songs were actually inspired by or connected to events from her life. For example, her song Rolling in the Deep was inspired by the death of her mother during childbirth. In another example, she mentions in the song Hello that she has a cold. When the song was released as a single, Adele’s manager, Benny Cassette, stated that the song was about the singer’s struggle to find inspiration in the wake of the pandemic.

The Films’ Major Influence On Popular Culture

It’s well-established that the Twilight films were a major influence on subsequent generations of fans, and not just because of the casting of Robert Pattinson as a vampire. Director Catherine Hardwicke (who helmed the first Twilight film) revealed that the success of the films was largely based on word of mouth and social media. In fact, much like today, it wasn’t always easy to find a cinema ticket in the mid-1990s, and many fans had to see the films at home because there weren’t enough theaters that would screen them. This is likely why the series was so influential, as much as the fact that it was based on a truly remarkable story.

However, what’s less clear is whether or not the films contributed to changing how society views mental illness. While there were no scenes of violence in the films, there were some very unsettling scenes that featured characters dealing with a variety of mental health issues, most notably depression. In one scene from Eclipse, Jake (Taylor Lautner) is visiting his aunt and uncle in Montana. While there, he runs into a group of humans on an isolated road. Without warning, they begin chasing him, and he tries to escape their clutches by climbing a nearby mountain. Jake eventually makes it to the top and, in a desperate attempt to shake them, hurls himself off the edge into a gorge. He lands in a tree, injuring his arms and legs. When the humans get behind him, he turns to face them and threatens to bite one of them, revealing that he’s a vampire. In the next scene, we see Jake in a wheelchair, being attended to by a doctor. The implication is clear: not only has he been bitten, but he’s now a vampire, too.

Romantic Interests Surface In All Areas Of His Life

If we were to believe social media, Robert Pattinson has been dating a number of beautiful women over the years. One of the most famous ex-fams may be Kristen Stewart, whom he dated from 2010 to 2012. Unfortunately, the two didn’t last long and called it quits after just over a year of being together. However, Stewart later revealed that she had trouble giving up her celebrity lifestyle and being a full-time girlfriend, which is why they broke up.

Stewart also dated the English actor and director Rupert Everett from 2012 to 2014. The two became heavily involved in a passionate yet very public romance and had an intense and largely positive media cycle. Even so, things didn’t last long, and they called it quits after just under two years of dating. While Stewart didn’t provide any details as to why the split was so amicable, she did say that the media attention made things more complicated. In 2018, she told Elle that she and Pattinson remain friends, and that she thinks of him often, but it’s been more than a year since she’s heard from him.

Has He Moved On Since Adele?

Even though Robert Pattinson has been linked to several other beautiful women since Adele, he’s always remained professionally busy. However, at this point, it’s clear that the Twilight franchise isn’t going anywhere. The fourth film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is now in theaters, and a fifth installment, Twilight Saga: Shadows Die Later, is scheduled for release in 2022. So, if you’re dying to see more of Robert Pattinson, you may need to keep waiting a little while.

Adele, for her part, hasn’t been idle. She continues to tour the world, performing in front of sold-out audiences. She’s also been active in the film industry, lending her voice to several animated movies and appearing in scenes in live-action films. She didn’t reveal much about her personal life in the press, but she has spoken about her love for her cats and how they inspire her music. As she puts it, “If you want to be inspired, you have to look within.”