After months of speculation and rumours, it was officially confirmed this week that singer-songwriter and actor Robert Pattinson is dating socialite and businesswoman Anna Wintour.

The couple, who were first linked together in March 2014 when they were seen leaving a dinner party in New York City together, have been extremely private and low-profile since. But aside from a few romantic holidays they have spent together in France, the UK and Tulum, Mexico, where Anna is a native, they have largely remained together in relative seclusion. This trend of living separately but together has continued since their split in September 2015 and will be laid bare in the upcoming premiere of their very public and highly-anticipated wedding documentary, “Matilda”.

Here, we reveal the exact whereabouts of Robert Pattinson after the publication of this article and tell you what you can expect from the upcoming wedding documentary.

Where is He Currently Living?

It’s been a whirlwind romance for the couple, who have been inseparable since they first met four years ago. Since splitting from his girlfriend, Twilight star and fellow Londoner Kristen Stewart in 2015, Robert Pattinson has been traveling the world and working on his music. He has performed at several prestigious festivals, such as Cannes and Coachella, and released two critically-acclaimed songs, “Drew Barrymore” and “Wish You Were Here,” which samples Florence and the Machine’s “Ship to Shore” and is dedicated to his former lover, Emma Watson.

But perhaps the most exciting news for fans is that Robert Pattinson has relocated to London. While he hasn’t made any public appearances since being spotted with Anna Wintour at the opening night of the London Film Festival in September, he has been spotted in central London frequently in the last few months.

Where Can I Find Him?

To follow in the footsteps of his famous girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson now has a London base. He bought a house, in the prestigious neighbourhood of Kensington, in December 2016, which he reportedly spent around £500,000 on. It’s not yet known how long he will stay in the property, but he is clearly enjoying his new life in the city.

Since moving to London, Robert Pattinson, has been spotted at different landmarks around the city. Here are some of the places you can find him:

Kensington Gardens (Piccadilly Circus)

The former “Lord of the Rings” film director Peter Jackson, whose new film “Ursula” is out in cinemas now, revealed that he ran into Robert Pattinson while out for a run around the city’s beautiful Kensington Gardens.

“I saw him walking down the path and gave him a wave,” Jackson said. “He saw me and came over. We were both on our own personal space adventures. He was curious about the film, so I showed it to him. He seemed to enjoy it.”

While he hasn’t been spotted at any of London’s traditional rock concerts in the capital, he has been keeping busy. In fact, he performed at the O2 arena in London on New Year’s Eve 2016 and will be playing there again this year.

Primrose Hill (Gloucester Crescent)

Another celebrity who has recently had a run-in with Robert Pattinson is chef Yotam Ottolenghi. The “My Wife and I” chef revealed that he bumped into the “Love and Tenderness” actor while walking his dog in Primrose Hill, a few minutes from his home in Kilburn. According to Ottolenghi, the dog was “really friendly,” which is probably why he allowed the chef to pet it. While they did speak for a few minutes, it was mostly the dog that interacted with the chef, as Robert Pattinson did not really want to make a fuss.

“I’m not into animals or children. I don’t like getting too close to other people’s pets,” he reportedly said, before walking away with his dog. “It was quite intimidating. It was a wild experience.”

Bond Street (Sartorial Staple)

Bond Street, which runs parallel to Oxford Street in the West End of London, is a street that is often associated with London’s fashion scene. The street is famous for its luxury goods stores and high-end fashion houses, such as Burberry, Aquascutum and Mulberry.

While it’s not yet known exactly where he will be staying, it’s been reported that Robert Pattinson will be moving into a residential neighbourhood on the west side of the street, near to Hyde Park. He will be living in a large house, which is said to contain a private pool, as well as a recording room and a studio.

Bond Street is located a short walk from two of London’s most famous attractions: the Victoria & Albert Museum and The Natural History Museum. The area is also home to Green Park and Roker Hill Park. It is not yet known whether or not Robert Pattinson will be keeping a close eye on the social activities that take place in these parks.

Primrose Street (Downtown)

Another area that Robert Pattinson has been spotted in regularly is the London downtown. It is not yet known where he will be staying in this area, but it is thought that he will be moving into a larger house with his partner. This time last year, it was reported that he bought a condo in the St James Building, on Primrose Street.

The downtown area is close to the O2, with which it shares a border. It also has access to the Emirates Air Line, which connects it with the City Airport and continues eastwards towards the international airport, Heathrow. This is one of the main reasons why so many famous people live in this part of London. There’s plenty to do for all ages, with bars, clubs and restaurants to suit any taste.

Although it’s not yet known where he will be staying, it’s been reported that Robert Pattinson is enjoying his life in London. He has been spending a lot of time with family and friends, as well as working hard on his music. His solo album is said to be nearly ready for release and he will be heading to the studio soon to start recording. He has also been spending a lot of time with his two dogs, as well as an adopted boxer, named Bailey. The documentary “Matilda”, which premieres on Netflix in less than a week, will give fans a glimpse into the whirlwind romance that has swept across the city.