Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the prestigious house that belongs to
the most beloved heartthrob of this generation! After years of being
together, fans finally get to meet the famous British actor in person!

And what a memorable night it will be!

The press have labeled this evening as “the reunion of the century” and
it’s easy to see what they mean. Robert arrives at the house in a black
classic Bentley. He is immediately spotted by the paparazzi, who start
jumping out of their cars and rushing towards the luxury vehicle. Even
though Robert parks a little bit away from the scene, dozens of
photographers and journalists follow him in their pursuit. Finally, he
gets out of the car and makes his way towards the house. Once he gets
there, the photographers storm the location and capture every moment as
it unfolds.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day and the location is spectacular. The pool
and the terrace overlook the city and the ocean beyond. There are tons
of flowers and tables set up outside and inside the house to celebrate
the occasion. Celebrities and fans of Robert Pattinson have been lining
up for hours and it won’t be long before the British actor starts
making his rounds to greet his guests. There are also reports that the
Pattinson family is planning a private party to celebrate this
historic occasion!

The Reunion Of The Century

The evening of August 20th, 2019 will be a night to remember for fans
of Robert Pattinson! After years of being together, the star finally
gets to reunite with his loved ones!

The reunion was first reported by E! News and it will certainly be
talked about for years to come. After spending the past 10 years living
a luxurious lifestyle with his high school sweetheart, the actor now
finally gets to enjoy a night with his loved ones. A night which fans
have been waiting for since 2009!

The occasion will be officially recognized as “the reunion of the
century” as hundreds of famous faces will gather at the house to celebrate
this momentous occasion. Among those who will attend are Robert
Pattinson’s best friend and acting coach Emma Pierson; his
Paparazzi co-star Grace Geldermuller; his ex-wife and mother of his
children, Amber, 40, and Robin, 35; and many, many others. Plus, there
will be a special appearance by Richard Simmons, who knows a thing or
two about grand reunions!

The Reception Party

There are reports that fans of the British actor will have the
opportunity to attend a reception hosted by the star on the night of
August 20th. According to the press, this will be an “invitation-only”
function and it will be a chance for fans to meet Robert Pattinson and
his family in person. This is definitely good news for those who missed
out on tickets to the main event! Rumors have it that the family will
host another reception in the coming days to celebrate this amazing
event. And tickets for that one will go fast too.

The Aftermath

There are already a few days after the “reunion of the century” and
people are already talking about it. Robert Pattinson’s fans took to
Twitter to share their excitement and to invite their friends to come
gather around on October 21st, the star’s birthday. This will be a
chance to celebrate ten years of friendship and for fans to come together
after years apart.

It’s only recently that the world found out about the troubled
relationship between Grace Geldermuller and Robert Pattinson. As they
celebrated ten years of marriage, fans were treated to an intimate
story of the couple’s highs and lows. The actress opened up about her
experiences as the spouse of a celebrity, as well as her thoughts on
love and marriage in general. It will be interesting to see how the
public reacts to these candid revelations. Especially since Geldermuller
is the first to admit that their relationship “wasn’t perfect.” But
through it all, she chose to remain dedicated to her husband.

The Rumors

For years, there were rumors about what happened between Robert
Pattinson and his first wife on their wedding night. Rumors which
surfaced after they had already been married for several years. Many
insiders claim that there were many “problems” on the night of the big
wedding, which was held at the British Church of Westminster in London.
Some of the problems included but were not limited to the following:

  • Robert Pattinson didn’t show up to the wedding on time
  • Kanye West performed at the wedding and things got out of hand
  • There were disagreements about the wedding party’s guest list
  • The guestlist included someone who was not approved by Mrs. Pattinson
  • The cake was a lie and someone had to eat it
  • There were also reports of a pre-nup being signed that day
  • And the list goes on and on

It’s important to point out that these are just rumors. There is no
way of knowing what really happened that night, ten years ago. All we
have are the accounts of those who were there and the pictures that
remain in their heads. But whatever the case may be, this is one night
that Robert Pattinson’s fans will want to remember!

The One That Was Never Made

One of the most interesting stories to emerge from the reunion of the
century is the one about the potential Richard Simmons collaboration
that was never materialized. As Emma Pierson explained in a behind-the-scenes
tweet, Simmons had “a meeting lined up with @robertpattinson but it
didn’t work out.” She also added that, “I am sure we will be seeing
more projects between the two of them in the future.”

Based on this comment, it would seem that Simmons and Robert
Pattinson may have had a falling out. But considering that Simmons is
the one who first brought the idea of working together to Robert
Pattinson, it could simply mean that he passed on the opportunity to
work with the star. No matter what, it will be interesting to see what
else the comedic personality does with his time now that he’s not
working with Simmons.

What Is Next For Robert Pattinson?

Since Robert Pattinson is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most
interesting personalities in Hollywood right now, it’s only natural for
fans to want to know what comes next. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait
very long to find out. The actor has promised to share more news about
his future projects on October 21st, the star’s birthday. On that day,
he will post on social media and his website about what’s coming up next.
From what we can tell, Robert Pattinson will be working on two
feature-length films in 2020. One of them is called “Twilight” and the
other one has not yet been revealed. We do know that the studio behind
the two films is Plan B and that the director is James Grey.

It’s been a crazy decade for Robert Pattinson. And it’s only just
begun. We, as fans, have never been luckier to witness these ten years
and to be able to celebrate with him this milestone occasion.