If you follow popular culture, you’ll have certainly heard of Robert Pattinson. The English actor is perhaps most well known for his role as Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga, the series of films based on the books by Stephenie Meyer. While the Twilight films were a huge step forward for Pattinson’s career, fans of the books may be more excited about what’s coming next as the post-Oscar-winning actor teams up with the screenwriters of the Twilight saga for what will hopefully be another big screen adaptation.

The actor’s previous work includes smaller indie films, like the 2007 hit Damsels In Distress, as well as critically-acclaimed dramas like The King’s Speech and The Lost Honour of Katharine Houghton, for which he won an Emmy Award. With so much great material to choose from, fans can look forward to more impressive filmography to come.

Early Career

Pattinson’s first role after graduating from drama school was in the 2005 Merchant Ivory adaption, The Blue Train, followed by appearances in the TV series Ugly Betty and the 2006 film The Proposal. He would go on to star in the highly-acclaimed indie film Sex & Death on the Nile, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2007. This was followed by a role in the highly-acclaimed Agatha Christie adaptation The Man From London W.I. which premiered at the Sheffield International Festival in March 2007 and featured Judi Dench and Michael Caine.

The success of Sex & Death on the Nile meant that Pattinson was quickly offered a role in the highly-anticipated Twilight Saga, which was then in the very early stages of production. Pattinson admitted in an interview that he was initially wary of taking on the project as he felt it might be too big for him, but the actor ultimately decided to give it a go and ended up loving the experience. He subsequently starred in all the Twilight films as Edward Cullen, the charming and gorgeous vampire who falls in love with and eventually marries Bella (Kristen Stewart).

When asked about his experience making the films by Vanity Fair in December 2014, Pattinson had this to say:

“I had so much fun. It was a real pleasure to work with Kristen Stewart and the other performers. There are so many funny scenes in the movies that I still remember. Seeing the characters grow over the course of the story was incredibly exciting. And to have such a great script and director really helped. There are so many fond memories from filming that I feel very fortunate to have been a part of it all.”

Recent Work

While the Twilight Saga films were a huge hit when they came out, they didn’t necessarily make a significant impact at the box office. This prompted the series’ producers to shift gears and instead of turning to television for the sequel, they decided to make Kingsman: The Secret Service, which premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con in July 2014 to much acclaim. The action-packed spy spoof was another successful collaboration for Pattinson, who once again starred alongside Tilda Swinton and Colin Firth. The next project for the actor was the crime thriller The Circle, in which he played an undercover cop infiltrating a dangerous criminal gang. The film was released in October 2015.

Pattinson is set to star in the upcoming historical drama, The Lost Honour of Katharine Houghton, based on the book by Elizabeth Taylor. The story centres on Katharine Houghton, a historical personage who rose to fame for being the first woman to be elected to Parliament. The film stars Sienna Miller, Daniel Craig and Helena Bonham Carter and is due for release in August 2016.

The final project for Pattinson before the end of 2015 was the dark comedy My Little Pony, The Movie, in which he plays a pony collector whose hobby is taken to the extreme. The movie is essentially a combination of The Flintstones and My Little Pony, with the actor’s voice talents being put to good use as he provides the voices for several of the film’s characters. My Little Pony, The Movie was met with generally positive reviews, but it wasn’t quite the commercial success that the studio may have been hoping for.

Impact On Future Career

In terms of his future career, it’s clear that 2016 will be an important year for Pattinson. Not only are the Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War scheduled for release later in the year, but he’ll also be taking on the daunting task of voicing the Yeti in the upcoming adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Great British Bake Off. The movie, currently untitled, is due to be released on 14th October.

With such a prolific filmography to draw upon, it seems likely that 2016 will see the English actor continue to rise to the top of his profession. With an extensive array of roles available, it’s quite an achievement to be listed in the top ten most popular actors on IMDB, and it clearly shows that audiences around the world have taken a liking to his work.