After weeks of media speculation and gossip, the world learned about Robert Pattinson’s new fiancé, Bella Hadid. The couple started dating in March 2019, and made headlines around the world when they were spotted on their first official date in Rome on May 23.

While some may believe that their relationship is a testament to the power of Instagram and social media, the truth is that the star-crossed lovers met in person for the first time one week earlier, in London. And even before their big day, there were signs that their romance was not going to last long.

An Earlier Breakdown

Just two weeks before their big day, Bella took to her Instagram to announce that the couple had decided to call off their engagement. She wrote that she and Robert were ‘‘taking a little break” and that she wanted to give their relationship some “time to breathe”. The news came as a shock to fans, who had been anticipating their big day for months. The last few weeks of Bella’s Instagram feed were a combination of beautiful shots of her and Robert, as well as heart-wrenching messages about their break up.

That same week, a source close to the couple told the Daily Mail that “something had happened, and it was very serious. They had a huge fight, and it’s not been the same since”. It was later revealed that Bella was suffering from pneumonia.

Why They Got So Sh*t-faced

According to sources, the primary reason behind their fight was Robert’s drug problem. It’s been reported that he had been sneaking heroin since at least March, and had even stolen some from rehab facilities to maintain his high. The addiction reportedly caused him to black out intermittently, which prevented him from holding down a steady job. It’s also been speculated that his problem stemmed from his father, who was an alcoholic and died when Robert was young. So, it seems that this is one area where his age could hurt him.

There are also questions as to why Bella decided to end their engagement. She has a teenage son, Gigi, from a previous marriage. The fact that she was five years older than Robert might have played a role, as well. It’s also possible that his drug problem was affecting their relationship, and she recognized that their best chance of making it work was to call off the engagement. Whether she realized it or not, ending the relationship was certainly the best decision for both of them.

How Old Is He Now?

According to the actor’s agency, he will be 36 in December. That makes him two years younger than Victoria Beckham, who turned 37 in March. And just three years older than his beloved Harry Potter star, David Beckham, who will be 37 in December.

He’s also one year younger than Katy Perry, who turned 37, and five years younger than Priyanka Chopra, who turned 33. And, in case you were wondering, Ariana Grande will be 30 in December. She’s two years older than Emily, but the same age as her.

If you’re wondering how old Robert feels now that he’s finally found the person he was meant to be with, it’s important to remember that he’d felt like he’d been missing out his entire life. He’s been single for many years, and grew up without a father. His mother died when he was 14, and his grandmother raised him. He felt like he’d missed out on so much, but at the same time had his whole life ahead of him.