One of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, Robert Pattinson, has been dating high-profile women for years, and it seems like there has been a major boost to his popularity since he started dating Bella Hadid. Despite his amazing social media following, he is still relatively unknown in America compared to his counterparts in other parts of the world. We took a look at his impressive filmography and saw what roles he has played, why they were successful, and what we can learn from them.

The Kids Are Alright

If there is one thing that has remained constant in Robert Pattinson’s life, it’s been his dedication to his sons, Astbury and Silas. While most men his age are busy trying to find the fountain of youth, Robert is showing the world how to be a good father. He has been open about his struggle to find time for himself as a new father, and we have all seen the videos of him spending time with his kids. The Kids Are Alright, the upcoming film he is starring in with Nicole Kidman, will showcase just how much he loves being a father.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

It is one thing to have an excellent filmography, but it is another to have a good mix of good, bad, and ugly roles. While most actors can stay afloat in Hollywood with high-profile roles in big films, they still need to land something good every once in a while to keep their fans interested. Robert Pattinson has been fortunate enough to play some incredible characters, but he has also had to play some pretty lowlifes as well. In order to keep his fans interested, he has had to venture into darker territories. This is one of the reasons why his roles have been interesting to study. We will take a look at three of his more notable roles and see what we can learn from them.

The Good: Twilight

If you’ve never heard of the Twilight series, prepare to be completely enthralled. Stephenie Meyer’s classic vampire saga is one of the most popular series of all time, and it is very easy to see why. The book was phenomenal, and it spawned five films with numerous accolades at the box office. Of course, the films haven’t all been hits, but they’ve been popular enough to keep the Twilight brand name in circulation. And, if you grew up during the peak of the series, you will remember it fondly. It’s one of those rare cases where being a part of something so beloved actually earns you money instead of draining it from your wallet. In 2019, Stephenie Meyer revealed that the Twilight films had finally earned back their investment, something she had been aiming for since the first film was released in 2010.

The Bad: Dark Shadows

The Bad is an extremely dangerous word in Hollywood, especially when it comes to actors. For some reason, they seem to think that just because an actor has a few bad roles does not negate the fact that he/she is good and talented. Just because something bad happens does not mean that you can’t learn from it or improve yourself from it. Robert Pattinson has done his fair share of bad roles, most notably in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. The film was an adaptation of the classic 1960s sitcom of the same name, and it was not a flattering portrayal. In fact, his character, Quentin Turnbull, was so despicable that even Edward Cullen came out of the woodwork to condemn him. While there were some positive reviews for the film (mostly from critics who had previously praised Edward’s acting), the general consensus was that it was a major disappointment. Despite the film’s poor reviews, it has turned out to be a lucrative one, mainly because of its status as a Tim Burton movie. And, if you’re curious, even the most diehard Edward Cullen fans have never really forgiven Robert for portraying their beloved guardian in such a negative light. To this day, many blame him for spoiling Edward’s innocence and turning him into a heartless individual. It wasn’t just the critics either, as Quentin’s vile actions were enough to encourage more than one parent to pop their kid’s lid during the opening credits.

The Ugly: House Of Gucci

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Lessons Learned

There are several important things we can learn from Robert Pattinson’s impressive filmography. First, be prepared to work hard. Success in Hollywood does not come easily, and it takes a great deal of persistence to get where you want to be. Second, be humble. You will never know how much a role might have benefited from your input, so be sure to give it your all, even if you feel your idea is not the best. Third, be careful what you wish for. Yes, playing Edward Cullen was undoubtedly a dream come true for the former heartbreaker, but he also ended up being a father figure to his co-stars. The downside of this was that he could not be as hands-on with his sons as he would have liked, had he not been working so much. Finally, stay authentic. Being true to yourself is the best way to go, especially in Hollywood. If you want to emulate a certain look or style, do your best to master it. Don’t get too worried about what others think about you and your choices, because at the end of the day, that is nobody but yourself. What is most important is that you feel good with yourself and comfortable in your own skin. For these reasons and more, we have compiled a list of the top 10 things we learned from studying Robert Pattinson’s remarkable filmography:

1. Be prepared to work hard

Hard work and determination are the keys to success in Hollywood. Playing Edward Cullen was undoubtedly a massive breakthrough for Robert Pattinson, and it took a lot of determination to make it in Hollywood. He probably did not have the best of luck when it came to being offered roles, but that is something he has had to deal with. In some ways, it has held him back, but in other ways, it has brought him closer to the people he works with. While his early career may not have seen the big-budget films we see today, it has not been for a lack of trying on his part. Playing the role of a lifetime gave him the opportunity to further hone his craft, and he is finally starting to see the results of his hard work.

2. Be humble

Humble origins are often the key to success in Hollywood. The son of a bus driver, Robert Pattinson’s humble beginnings set him on a different course than most other Hollywood stars. Without boasting or being conceited, he has never been one to blow his own trumpet, and that approach has served him well. He is an extremely talented actor who has worked his way up from the bottom, and that is something to be proud of. While he may not always get the credit he deserves, it is clear that his hard work and humility have not gone unnoticed. He has always refused to blow his own horn, and that was evident during his appearance on The Graham Norton Show. When pressed about his impressive filmography, he was quick to deflect the praise and credit his collaborators.

3. Stay authentic

While Hollywood is a very competitive industry, it is also a place where celebrities can be as creative and original as they want. If you want to emulate a certain look or style, do your best to master it. If that means going against the grain and choosing your own path, then so be it. Being true to yourself and your own style is the best policy, and it usually pays off. We have seen time and time again how much roles like Edward Cullen have helped Robert Pattinson’s craft, as well as his bank account. While some may question why he would play such an unconventional character, we can see how it helped him find his voice as an actor and grow as a person. Ultimately, it will be what is inside you that counts, not your clothes or your accessories.