So you’ve been nominated for an Academy Award for your movie, now what? You have a few options. You could go to the Academy Awards show and accept your award graciously. You could decline the nomination gracefully. Or you could give a quirky, somewhat funny acceptance speech. And last but not least, you could break down and weep. Don’t worry, it’s all option to you.

We know what you’ll decide, and we wanted to help you along the way. Below we’ve compiled a short guide to the 2009 Robert Pattinson Academy Awards. So sit back, relax, and get ready to celebrate. You deserve it.

The Ballot

The first step to take is to look at your ballot. You’ll need to contact the academy and update your voter registration. You can also do this online through their website here:

After you’ve updated your ballot, you can log in and check your work. If everything is correct, then you can move on to the next step. If you’ve made any errors, then you’ll need to go back and fix them. Luckily, the registration process is quite easy to navigate and just about anyone can do it without any trouble.

The Nomination

Once you’ve updated your ballot and can bask in the glory of your work, it’s time to tackle the task of nominating others for awards. You can start by nominating the actors, actresses, and musicians you feel deserve recognition. It’s also a good idea to look at the best of the best in your chosen field. For example, if you’re a director, then you might want to look at the previous year’s best movies to see if there are any glaring omissions. Keep in mind that the person you’re nominating must also be a member of the academy. And finally, make sure that your nominee is actually eligible for an Academy Award. Sometimes, the rules are ambiguous and it’s up to the discretion of the academy to decide whether or not to give an award.]

The Awards Show

As we’ve established, one of the best things about the Oscars is that they let you know when and where you’ve been nominated. So if you’ve been nominated in the above categories, then it’s time to start making plans for the big day. The nominations will be announced in the spring of 2010, and the awards will be handed out at a glitzy ceremony in March. Naturally, you’ll want to be in Los Angeles to enjoy the occasion. However, be sure to check with your employer regarding any special arrangements you might need to make. You don’t want to be caught flat-footed by unforeseen issues. Also, try to avoid any public appearances if you’re not sure about the kind of impression you’re making. The last thing you want is to be booed off stage.

So that’s it. Just remember to relax, and have fun. You’ve worked hard to get here. And don’t forget, they say it’s best to celebrate a win, but avoid a loss by keeping your head down. So let’s do our best to ensure that happens. Good luck!