There is no question that Rob are Robert Pattinson’s fans. The ‘Twilight’ star has legions of loyal followers who swoon over every image and every word that comes from his Twitter account. Just this week, he sent out a series of tweets that seemed to delight his followers with inside information about ‘Twilight’ season 3. Sadly, his Tweets also highlighted the fact that he is not immune to online fakery. That is, people will go to extreme lengths to look like they are associated with him, even going so far as to pose for fake holiday snaps in order to claim they have a secret relationship with the Hollywood A-lister. While this may seem like harmless fun, the tendency to embellish one’s social media accounts to look like a celebrity is a dangerous game. It can easily be exploited by those who want to cause trouble. The bottom line: be careful who you trust on social media and always use best practices to verify the identity of any account you follow or interact with.

Fraudulent “EXCLUSIVE” Information

On Tuesday, Pattinson sent out a string of Tweets that detailed supposed ‘exclusive’ information about the third installment of ‘Twilight’. Before we get into the meat of the discussion, it’s important to point out that this is the same Rob who, earlier in the day, had assured his followers that he would not be revealing any ‘Twilight’ spoilers. Now, here comes the juicy stuff. First off, he claimed that Victoria Beckham was going to design the costumes for the film’s three main characters. Not only that, but he went on to say that he had seen sample costumes and they were “marvelous”. Apparently, there is going to be a fashion parade at the end of the movie that will be so cool to watch. One might expect that a leading man in the shape of a wolf would have the best fashion sense in the whole world. One would be wrong. It’s actually his co-star Taylor Lautner who usually steals the show with his chic fashion choices in films. If you’ve seen ‘Twilight’, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. So, before you get too excited about what Pattinson had to say, just remember: it’s all lies. He could have told his followers that he had seen sample costumes and they were awful or that Beckham didn’t want to do the movie anymore because it sucked. Instead, he chose to throw the fashion community a bone and pretend that he is privy to all manner of exciting ‘Twilight’ news.

Fraudulent Friendships

Pattinson also claimed that he was “befriending” the fashion designer Steven Klein on TikTok. They apparently clicked and the designer became his “friend” on the app. It is well-established that Klein and Pattinson are not exactly friendly. In fact, when they are spotted in public they sometimes have to shout at each other to make small talk. Despite this animosity, Klein did allow himself to be friended by Rob because, as he gleefully told his followers, he wanted to keep his friends happy. This too was a lie. He was doing it solely to get some juicy gossip. Fortunately, like most online ‘faux-friendships’, this one was short-lived. Within minutes, Klein’s friends were asking him why he was friending a guy he hardly knew. Unfortunately, this is how Klein’s Twitter account was also inundated with complaints, so he had to unfriend himself.

A Larger Pattern

This is far from the only time that Pattinson has engaged in this dubious practice. One of his earlier ‘exclusives’ was that he had been hanging out with the band One Direction. Again, this was a complete fabrication. He had made the whole thing up in order to get some Twitter followers. In another case, he claimed that he had been invited to appear on the cover of GQ magazine, yet again, this was a lie. He had gotten the invite completely under false pretenses. When the magazine realized what had happened, they told him that he would never appear on the cover of their publication and that he should take down the tweets.

Damage Control

Pattinson eventually deleted the offending tweets, but not before his followers had caught wind of the deceit. This is the same Rob who had assured his fans that he was only throwing out the tweets because they were filled with lies and that he wasn’t done being ‘funny’ about the movie. As we’ve established, he is very good at pretending to be someone he’s not, so it was unlikely that he was telling the truth about deleting the tweets. Still, it is at least a gesture that he is owning up to his mistakes. The question is: what is he going to do about it? It would be one thing if he were just a kid who made some embarrassing mistakes while trying to be funny. Unfortunately, this is no ordinary case of lying to get attention. This is about as blatant as it gets. Rob is either a complete idiot or he is a master manipulator. Unfortunately, we can’t decide which one is worse. Either way, he is in a lot of trouble.