So you think you can model your lifestyle on the beautiful and talented Rob Pattinson? You might want to think again. The 24-year-old Hollywood actor is far from being a typical Hollywood star—he doesn’t drink, he eats clean, and he stays fit. In fact, you might say that Rob’s lifestyle is downright inspiring.

And while we’re always envious of his looks (he’s constantly turning heads wherever he goes), it’s his incredible body that we want to talk about.

Here, we’ll explore what it means for Rob to have an ‘abs of steel’ and how you can get the same gorgeous—and healthy—results by following his lead.

How Rob Built His Dream Career

When we think about famous people with amazing bodies, many of us think about Hollywood stars. Truth be told, not all of them are created equal. Many have achieved perfection and fame through unnatural means (at least, according to the conventional standards of beauty).

But for those of us who love a good workout and fresh air, there are plenty of trailblazing people out there who deserve to be on our radar.

Take for example, British model and TV host Caroline Flack. Caroline’s curves are amazing and she’s been in the industry for more than 20 years, which is no surprise given how she stays so in shape. In addition to her work as a model, Caroline has also hosted several TV shows and worked as a BBC radio reporter. It was only recently that she revealed that she does most of her workouts while handcuffed to an underwater treadmill.

Nowadays, celebrities are constantly in the public eye and it can be hard to keep up with what they do. We’re constantly bombarded with news stories about the latest scandal, feud, or health scare. So it’s not always easy to know what exactly fits into their everyday schedules. However, one thing is for certain: they always seem to find time to work out.

The Dangers Of Unhealthy Body Image

It’s no secret that Hollywood stars are some of the most envied people in the world. Add in the fact that they have fabulous wardrobes and get to eat what they want whenever they want, and it’s no wonder why so many of us have eating disorders. Or worse, copycat behaviors.

Take, for example, the Kardashians. If you’ve never heard of them, you probably know someone who has. The sisters have become famous for their unique blend of drama, fashion, and lifestyle. And while some of their antics might seem like harmless fun, there’s a dark side to the Kardashian empire. Many of their fans develop complex feelings of attachment toward the family, which can lead to problems when the fans start comparing their own lives to the family’s. It’s an issue that the Kardashians have addressed before, even going so far as to create a support group for fans called ‘the soulmates community.’

It’s not just the Kardashians. Countless celebrities have suffered from eating disorders, including Mariah Carey, Gwyneth Paltrow, and even Kim Kardashian. It’s not just Hollywood stars, either. Plenty of non-famous people have suffered from eating disorders, too, as a result of seeing these gorgeous—and sometimes very unhealthily—celebrities around. It’s a cycle that must be broken.

An Abs of Steel And A Nutrition Therapy Diploma

Now, let’s get back to Rob. He’s often been compared to Tom Cruise, mostly because of his height and good looks. And while he may not always be the most obvious choice for a role, the similarities between the two actors are undeniable. It seems that all of Rob’s hard work has paid off and he certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

If you thought that Tom Cruise’s incredible body was the result of good genes and lots of hours in the gym, then you’d be wrong. The actor revealed in 2013 that he’s been working hard to achieve his incredible shape, which he credits to his ‘famine therapy.’

During this time, Tom and his team would regularly fast, sometimes going an entire day without eating. This helped to break down his excess calories and give the actor and his team of personal trainers an edge over the rest of the world. And it’s certainly paid off – in 2012, Tom broke the world record for doing the most pull-ups (2250) in one go. He’s also been measured to have the largest biceps in the world (17 inches). It wasn’t just about vanity, either, as Tom has used his enormous arm muscles in his movies. They also served a practical purpose as he was able to lift heavy objects with just his hands.

While we’re no strangers to strong women in fiction, it’s refreshing to see a leading man who isn’t defined by his looks. Instead, Rob focuses on his work, which he considers to be his most defining feature. Perhaps it’s this sense of self-worth that has helped to fuel his impressive work rate – he’s constantly in the gym and on the look out for new ways to improve his performance. In fact, he’s tried out every type of fitness equipment that there is, from kettle bells to weight vests. He’s also tried out various diets to achieve his perfect figure, including the paleo diet, which he credits as being instrumental in his stunning transformation. He was also a vocal supporter of the ketogenic diet, which he says helped him to focus during movie making while also cutting out a number of unhealthy foods, like grains and dairy.

This is no ordinary diet though – it’s been shown in clinical trials to significantly reduce inflammation, help to maintain a healthy weight, and improve energy levels. So if you’re looking to shed some pounds and get that beach holiday you’ve been wanting, then you might consider giving the ketogenic diet a go.

How to Get the ‘Dream Body’ of Rob Pattinson

If you’re reading this, you probably think that Rob’s body is perfect and that any attempts to emulate his look would be a waste of time. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who want to look just like Rob Pattinson. In fact, if you’ve ever visited a gym or boot camp in the UK, you might have spotted people trying to take on his famous ‘Rocky’ pose. And before you start feeling too sorry for them, let it be known that they are trying to improve their lives by working out and sticking to a dietary plan. It just so happens that they come in the form of a scientifically proven diet and exercise program that has been developed by a team of medical experts, led by Dr Thomas Stern.

The program is called ‘The Blueprint’ and it focuses on getting people in shape for Hollywood’s ‘bond’ scene. Specifically, it seeks to achieve the same six-pack that the English actor wears in the film ‘Twilight’ (or, as he’s referred to in the film, ‘Twilight’s’ Edward Cullen’).

According to the report, around 12 million people in the UK alone have ‘sugar addiction’ and this number is set to rise as a result of our current healthcare system, which does little to combat obesity. The good news is that ‘The Blueprint’ offers a solution by teaching people how to eat cleanly and how to move their bodies in a way that they enjoy. It doesn’t require people to give up their favorite foods or deprive themselves of the things that they want – instead, it teaches them how to enjoy food whilst staying healthy.

The key to getting the perfect ‘six-pack’ is, once again, diet and exercise. This time, though, the emphasis is on eating clean and on doing as much exercise as you can. And while you might not have heard of ‘The Blueprint,’ don’t be fooled – it’s changed the lives of many people who have tried it out. So much so that some followers have gone on to launch a new kind of gym, called a ‘bondi gym,’ named after the film’s lead actor, Rob Pattinson.

This new breed of gyms use the same principles that led to the creation of ‘The Blueprint’ and they allow for people to connect with each other and their trainers in a way that wouldn’t have been possible in a ‘real-life’ gym. People can attend these gyms as often as they like and get all of the support that they need to get fit and healthy.