Hitting the screens this year are a number of high-profile films that featured famous faces. One of the biggest names was Robert Pattinson, who featured in the sci-fi action film Ex Machina as well as the comedy-drama Good Guy. The British actor has proven himself in front of the camera, but what is his real life like? Is he as good as his films suggest, or is he just another fame-hungry A-lister? Let’s take a look.

A Rising Star

Having bagged his first ever lead role in Four More Years, the 25-year-old Robert Pattinson was clearly on the map, which is probably why he was chosen to play a lead role in Ex Machina (also featuring Julianne Moore and Bruce Willis), the story of a robot who is programmed to fall in love. In the film, he plays a genius inventor who creates a robot girlfriend named Ava (Mackenzie Davis) to help him get over a broken heart (he develops a crush on a dead girl he meets in a wax museum).

Even though the film was released last year, it became one of the most talked about movies at the upcoming 2020 film festivals. Having previously worked with Gucci, Dior and Givenchy, director Alex Garland gave the actor plenty to work with, and it paid off. Coming off the back of his first major role, many movie fans have labelled Pattinson as a movie star waiting to happen.

An Actor To Watch

Aside from his major acting roles, Pattinson enjoys a keen interest in fashion and design, and has been known to be quite the style icon. He has styled many a celebrity, ranging from Kate Bosworth to Drew Barrymore. Not content with just acting, the 25-year-old also founded his own clothing line, which he named Pattinson. Naturally, this spawned the creation of a fashion magazine, which he co-edits with his wife, Rosie. The couple launched their very own lifestyle blog, robertpattinson.com, in 2018.

A Designer Who Can Act

Pattinson’s career choices may not only be inspired by a love of fashion, but he may also have had some help from his siblings. One of his brothers is the fashion designer Christopher, who has been involved in the creation of many famous faces’ outfits. The best-selling author and screenwriter James was also an influence, and may have helped steer his brother into showing an interest in acting. Having established himself in front of the camera, who knows what future roles the 25-year-old will choose to take on? Perhaps Gollum himself would be up for grabs?

Aside from acting, the British star has been known to enjoy gaming, and was actually one of the first big-name celebs to jump on the Fortnite bandwagon. In the game, he starred as a zombie hunter who has to eliminate all of the other players in a post-apocalyptic world. While the game wasn’t the most popular at the time, many fans were still hyped for the opportunity to play as one of the most famous faces in the world. Interestingly, having previously spoken about his love for video games, Pattinson cited Genshin Impact as one of the titles that helped him find his voice as an actor. The role-playing game allowed him to explore different characters and feelings, which led to him landing the part of Captain Amazing in the Captain America live-action series.

A Fashion Icon Who Can Act

Even though he is new to the scene, the 25-year-old already has a large number of dedicated followers who love his unique, eclectic style. It is this eclectic style that makes him such an interesting character to study, and one that helps to elevate his profile as a talented actor. Instead of simply doing your average role, Pattinson chose to give the film one of a kind, which in turn made it even more interesting to watch. Having previously worked with Gucci, Dior and Givenchy, the actor was able to put his own spin on these luxury brands while still sticking to the overall theme of the collection. From day one, fans have been able to spot the influence of famous designers, with one blogger noting that some of the outfits “made me think of a certain Mr. Alexander McQueen.”

A Multi-Talent At The TCA Theatre

Alongside acting, and fashion, the 25-year-old can also boast an amazing talent for painting. He exhibited his work at the Venice Art Biennale, and completed a collection of portraits for Queen Elizabeth II. While it is wonderful to see his creativity and passion for so many different fields, it is important to remember that fame can sometimes breed insecurity. One of his biggest fears came to light during a candid interview with Vanity Fair, in which he confessed that he was terrified of being forgotten. This is perhaps why it’s important that his work is being recognised now, after all these years. It’s clear that his unique combination of talents have not gone unnoticed.