It’s been a long time since we’ve all been so excited about a celebrity relationship. The last time we were this invested in a love triangle was when we were obsessed with Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley’s relationship. It seems like every single day we’re constantly bombarded with some new development in the love affair between Bella and Edward. Well, here’s another exciting love story to add to the mix. Let’s take a look at the latest news about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s relationship.

Signs Of A Rekindled Love For Kristen

This past year has been something of a quiet one for Robert Pattinson. The actor spent a good deal of time traveling with his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, and their dogs, Bella and Woody. In fact, the former Twilight star has mostly stayed out of the public eye since their 2019 breakup. But ever since the novel coronavirus pandemic began, Stewart has been seen out and about with her dogs and friends. And it’s certainly seemed as if she’s been taking their breakup quite hard. As a result, fans have been wondering aloud if their love for each other was truly dead or if it was just on pause.

Rumors About A Third Party

Since their breakup, Robert Pattinson has been linked to several women. While some outlets like E! have claimed that the actor is interested in tying the knot with one of these women, their stories seem a little far-fetched.

Still, the tabloids would have us believe that Pattinson is some kind of madman who is not content with being with just one woman. And who could blame these publications? After all, the couple was one of the most popular on-screen duos for the past 12 years. So it’s no wonder that journalists are desperate to find some new angle on their story. And who could blame them? It’s not like this duo is getting any younger, and as we know, time is money.

Robert Pattinson’s Instagram Is Back

The story behind the story is that following the pandemic, social distancing, and the consequent loss of his acting career, Robert Pattinson has been forced to rely on his personal Instagram for income. The account has been flooded with sponsored posts from luxury brands asking fans to purchase their goods in exchange for a new pair of shoes or a bag. But aside from these posts, we’ve seen many images of the actor spending time with his dogs, hiking with friends, or just chilling with his beloved guitar. We’ve even seen a picture of him snuggling up with a raccoon! Overall, it’s been a fairly lighthearted account. Some people even think that the account has been staged, as there are so many pictures of dogs and cats, but no humans. It’s quite the mixed bag on Instagram, but one thing’s for sure: it has not been boring.

Do You Remember When…

This photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart was one of the first images to break the internet. And it continues to be one of the most iconic images of the actor and the actress. And it was taken just days before the release of their movie, 20th Century Women. So it’s no wonder that this photo has achieved meme status. Here’s a look back at this iconic image from 2002. And let’s be honest, this is one of the most recognizable faces in the world right now. So it’s no wonder that people are always thinking about this image when they hear or read about him. It’s basically the universal symbol for “boyfriend-girlfriend” or “will they, won’t they?”

We’d like to believe that these two will be back together and renewing their romance in the near future. But for now, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the sweet, if not very sophisticated, romance that is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.