We’re in the middle of a movie drought. 2019 has treated us with some amazing films, but they’ve all been major releases that have been in theaters for weeks or months at time of writing. The biggest hit this year was undoubtedly 1917, which was released towards the end of March and is still going strong in terms of box office receipts, despite having some competition from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in theaters. The following month saw the releases of Hot Summer and Love, Robbery, and finally, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. By October, we were treated to the live action remake of Dora the Explorer and later that month, it was the year end. So far in 2020, the only films that have managed to pull in decent figures at the box office have been 1917, Code 451, and The Hustlers. This year may still have some gems to offer, but for now, we have to make the most of what’s on display on TV.

It may not seem obvious at first, but there’s a whole universe of cinema out there beyond the big studio releases and streaming shows. Indies, or independent films, can be just as exciting as the big budget fare, and they usually revolve around a much smaller cast and crew than a Hollywood blockbuster. This can make a huge difference in terms of how the film is received by audiences and critics alike, as the stigma often associated with low budget films has been completely removed by the advancement of technology and the rise of online platforms like YouTube, which has allowed independent filmmakers to grow their audience and gain a foothold in the industry. With the right kind of marketing and a bit of luck, an indie film can go on to become a classic and inspire future works.

What Is Rob Pattinson’s Body-Measurements Scandal?

If you’ve been following celebrity news over the past year, you may know that British actor and model Rob Pattinson has had to deal with a measurement scandal relating to his upcoming film, 22. It seems that while filming, Pattinson’s waistline expanded and his dressers had to keep adding more clothes, because the star is now significantly larger than the actor ever was during the making of the Twilight films. As a result of this, there has been a great deal of media speculation surrounding the cause of the expanding waistline and whether or not it was intentional on Pattinson’s part. Unfortunately, the actor had to confirm the scandal in a candid interview with Entertainment Tonight. In it, he said:

“Yeah, I mean, it’s not like it was a secret or anything. I mean, it was pretty much a known fact that I was going to be shot for this film. But I think that in terms of the actual measurements, it’s a good thing and, you know, I’m happy to be able to show people that I can actually fit into some clothing that I wore in the past and some that I haven’t worn in a while,”-Rob Pattinson

While it is great that he is able to admit that he has gained a lot of weight for the role, it is still disturbing to hear the former teen heartthrob admit that he deliberately padded his waistline to make the film more realistic. The actor went on to reassure fans that this is not the case and that he did not intend to insult their intelligence by making himself look larger than he is. He said:

“Well, my dressers actually told me that they had to add like five inches to my waist because it just didn’t fit. So, you know, I think it’s kind of realistic. You know, being in a relationship with Kate [Hudson] and the schedules that we have… it’s difficult to stay the same weight. So, I think it’s kind of realistic that I would put on a bit of weight for the film. But, no, I didn’t do it to insult your intelligence. You know, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a big fan of the genre. You know, I’m a big fan of crime films and all that sort of thing. And this is more of a caricature of that type of person,”-Rob Pattinson

For those unfamiliar, 22 is a British crime thriller film directed by Dome Karimian and starring Rob Pattinson, Elle MacLeman, Aneesh Shetty, and Rupert Evans. The movie is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 25th, but until then, we have footage of the actor from the set to look forward to.

What Is The Biggest Issue With This Film?

Although fans will be happy to hear that Pattinson has gained a lot of weight for the role, the actor’s decision to put on weight for the part has not been received very well by critics and audiences alike. Rightly or wrongly, the film has been tainted by association with the actor and his previous films. Dome Karimian, the director of 22, spoke about this issue in an interview with Moviefone. He defended the weight gain by saying:

“I know that some people don’t like him for his weight gain, but I actually really like it. I think it makes the character more real. And I didn’t want to make him completely fictional because it’s interesting when you watch a movie and you don’t really know who the main character is, or if they’re even based on a real person. So, I think it’s a good thing that he gained weight for the role. It makes it more real,”-Dome Karimian

Although the director likes the fact that Pattinson has gained weight for the part, he is clearly in the minority, considering that most fans and critics have been quick to point out the star’s previous, on-screen weight struggles. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, one of the producers of the movie revealed:

“The bottom line is this is not the Rob Pattinson that most people know and love. This is a much heavier, edgier version of the actor,”-Mark Ciardi

The film itself seems to confirm this, as the model turned actor sports a thick waistline and a far more grizzled look than we have previously seen from him. Naturally, this has led to a great deal of speculation that his waistline is the result of extensive plastic surgery or the bulging muscle that is often associated with a serious workout regime. The truth, as far as we know, may never be known, but what we do know for sure is that Rob Pattinson is once again showing us a side of himself that we haven’t seen in a while. As he mentioned in his interview with Entertainment Tonight, this is a more “edgy” Rob Pattinson and one that most fans will no doubt love to watch.

What Is The Future Of This Film After The Measurement Scandal?

This is pretty much the question on everyone’s mind at the moment, especially considering that the cast and crew of 22 are still getting used to the idea that the actor’s waistline has expanded since filming began. Even now, there are still pictures of the actor as a skinny, boyish-looking teen popping up on social media. It’s clear that this was not the case during the making of this movie, as photos from that time show a very different side of Pattinson. One of the people directly affected by this change is actress Kate Hudson, who co-starred with the actor in Twilight and has been by his side ever since. In an interview with Moviefone, Hudson said:

“I watched him struggle with his weight all through the making of the first Twilight movie and I think it was definitely a learning curve for him. And I think he definitely did it for the best, because I think we’ve all grown to love the more mature and stronger Rob,”-Kate Hudson

Considering that these two are often paired together on screen, it should come as no great surprise that Hudson has taken the time to acknowledge and appreciate her co-star’s expanded waistline. Kate Hudson may well be the most prominent person to come out in support of the actor, as she has previously admitted to being a big fan of his work. The model turned actress defended his weight gain in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying:

“I think it’s great, because it’s more realistic. You know, he’s not the same size as he was in the beginning of Twilight. He’s not the same size as he was in High School and it’s more realistic that way,”-Kate Hudson