Just yesterday, we learned that Rob Pattinson is officially off the market. The 28-year-old Englishman ended his long-term engagement with model and actress Amal Clooney, 24, after only dating her for six months.

It wasn’t that the couple never publicly discussed their engagement. It’s just that once they did, the media surrounding their romance became so overwhelming that they decided it would be better to keep things private. Even so, the couple’s love story made for some incredibly happy (and busy) Instagrammers, who couldn’t miss a chance to post about the relationship. From the very first time they were seen together at Disneyland in 2018 to the last group selfie they shared before Pattinson broke up with Clooney, their romance was written (and re-written) on social media. And, as with any celebrity couple, their fans had plenty to say about what was happening behind the scenes.

The Engagement

Pattinson and Clooney first met at the 2018 Golden Globes, where he gave her a group hug after picking her up at the airport. They were celebrating Amal’s birthday and had just gotten back from a trip to Morocco where they had visited the famous city of Marrakech. While there, they took a stroll through the souks, which are the famous Moroccan markets. It was then that he proposed. He remembered that one of the markets was having a wedding anniversary sale and wanted to give her a present. So he went back to the store and proposed. At first, she said yes, but later changed her mind. While they were dating, Pattinson bought her a ring made out of a Morrsay diamond, which is a type of colored and/or clear diamond. He also surprised her with a custom-designed engagement ring that included a poem he wrote for her. In an interview with The Telegraph, Pattinson said that he wrote the poem after they met and became a couple. He wrote: “These words are for you, my love / For you to wear with pride / When I make you my wife.”

The Breakup

Pattinson ended the relationship with Clooney just yesterday afternoon, but the couple have already started to feud. While they have yet to confirm their split, it wasn’t hard to see how things ended. Just hours after their romantic engagement was made public, he tweeted: “Yes, I am single now. Thank you for asking. To those fans who are still hopeful, I will be sharing more information soon.” He then added in a follow-up tweet that “There are no plans for any further collaborations at this time.”

He hasn’t been seen with anyone since, as far as we know, and even his private life has become public. Last Wednesday, a photo of him kissing a mystery girl at the Vanity Fair New York premiere was quickly debunked, and now we know who the model is: Storm Sanders. The two were seen chatting and laughing together at the premiere of the film Last Christmas, which is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 25, 2019.

Pattinson has been linked to numerous women since the end of his relationship with Clooney, and many of them seem to have something special. The Telegraph reports that he has hired private investigators to follow his ex-girlfriend and that he has also hired a bodyguard. It isn’t hard to see why; he reportedly had to withdraw from Bachelor in Paradise because of “security concerns.” And just last week, a mystery woman who was reportedly dating Rob Pattinson claimed that he had been seeing her for two years. The only problem is that this claim contradicts other reports that he is now single. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

For now, let’s take a look at what we know about Rob Pattinson’s current girlfriend, Storm Sanders.

First Kiss

The two were first seen together in October 2018 and began dating soon after. Storm is an American model who was born in California and grew up in Texas. She started modelling when she was 15 and soon after signed with a modelling agency in Paris. Before she came to Europe, she had already worked in France, Italy, and Spain, among other countries. She has been described as a “child model” because of her precocious smile and big eyes.

When Storm was 14 years old, she was featured in a Victoria’s Secret swimsuit calendar. Just like that, she was spotted by modeling agents who then signed her up for a string of agency contracts. While she is not yet 18 years old, she does not need to register as a model in most countries because of her age. She does not yet have to declare how much she earns as a model because she is still a minor. Storm has yet to make an appearance in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, but has walked in several fashion weeks and has appeared on the cover of various magazines. At the 2018 Golden Globes, she was wearing a custom-made dress that featured the letters “SP” stitched in the back, which stands for “Storm Pattinson.”

Romantic Date

After dating for a few months, Storm and Rob were photographed going on a romantic date in Venice in November 2018. They were later seen dining at Adlon Hotel, which is located in the German capital. At the end of last year, they were spotted holding hands and cuddling on a park bench in London. They have also been photographed walking through Leicester Square and stopping to look at Christmas lights. In one of those photos, they are seen holding hands with their arms wrapped around each other while looking at the lights.

While at the premiere of the movie Last Christmas in New York City last week, they were photographed having lunch together and walking through Central Park. People who were there said that they seemed very much in love. Many have compared their on-set romance to that of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the movie Big.


According to reports, Storm is currently bodyguarding Rob Pattinson. The couple have been seen at numerous events since dating, including a Met Gala Party and Vanity Fair Oscar party. At the latter event, they were even featured in a gossip podcast where they spoke about their careers, the modeling world, and their lives as a couple.

Storm has been working as a bodyguard since 2004 and has previously worked for Hugh Grant, among others. While she is not the first person to bodyguard a famous person, she is one of the few who have done it for multiple high-profile individuals. She is the founder of the company Protective Group and provides security for people who have careers and busy schedules, such as actors and musicians. According to her website, Storm is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment to her clients.

A Private Investigator And A Bodyguard

In 2018, it was revealed that Rob had hired a private investigator to follow his ex-girlfriend. The investigation into her movements was started after she filed a police report against a man who allegedly raped her. In that report, she described how her attacker followed her into the bathroom and locked the door. She said that when she tried to leave, he blocked the door and continued to rape her. The PI was also there to monitor the man’s movements in case he assaulted her again. It is not yet known whether or not that investigation will continue. In any case, it is clear that Storm is a person he wants to be protecting. And, by all accounts, she seems to be doing a good job.

As for the bodyguard, the company that he works for was awarded the contract to protect him after he was seen as a possible target of “targeted attacks” because of his work. While we don’t know whether or not this is actually true, it doesn’t seem far-fetched because he has had multiple run-ins with the law and been in some pretty serious fights. At least twice, he has been photographed with a bloody lip. He has also been seen with black eyes and bruises on his face. It’s quite possible that his aggressive behaviors inspired someone to want to have him harmed. Especially since he has been spotted with an arm around each of the women he has dated. This, along with his somewhat troubled past, could explain why he might need a bodyguard.