Robert Pattinson changed a lot in his year away. He started gaining a lot of weight, stopped shaving, and even changed his last name to a hybrid of the two creators he admires the most: William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson. However, despite all this, the actor still managed to keep most of the charm that made him so popular in the first place. Here’s a look at the year that was, the changes that were made, and how viewers feel about them.

The Changes

Pattinson gained 10 pounds of muscle and is now considered to be the most handsome hunchback in Hollywood history. In fact, the majority of the actor’s fans seem to have liked the weight gain and all the changes it brought, whether they are for better or worse. One of the biggest reasons why is that he managed to keep all his charm, and even added a few new dimensions to it. In the past year, the actor went from a skinny and slightly awkward romantic lead to a handsome hunchback with a deeper voice and a more defined personality. Of course, there were some negative responses as well, but mostly, fans seemed to appreciate what the actor was trying to do. Here are some of the highlights.

1. His Voice Has Deepened

Pattinson’s voice was always one of the actor’s most recognizable features, and it really stood out more in the past year. In fact, in the first movie he starred in in four years (Jackie), he didn’t have a single line of dialogue. However, in his other films, he managed to give some fairly deep and soulful performances. In particular, in his latest effort, Pattinson gave a voice to a character that was described as follows: “an old and wise man trapped inside a young body”. In the movie, the main character is a 17th century French philosopher who has been trapped in his body for most of his life, and it is the best performance of the actor’s career to date. It earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes, and also for the London Film Critics’ Circle Award. Critics pointed out that the performance was the best part of the film, and it is easy to see why.

2. He Has The Most Inspiring Interview

Pattinson had a very interesting interview with Vanity Fair that perfectly encapsulated the changes he made during his year away. In the past year, he has managed to combine his love for literature and painting, as well as his love for the theater and music. However, he has also managed to keep most of his charm, and this is what attracted fans to him in the first place. In the interview, he talked about many of the changes he made, as well as why he made them. Here’s a short rundown of some of the most interesting things he said:

  • He started reading more, especially classic literature
  • He grew his hair, which he now considers to be his best look
  • He started cooking healthy meals, which consisted of mostly vegetables and seafood
  • He became a father for the first time at the age of 38, to a baby girl
  • He said goodbye to most of his friends, and made new ones
  • He took a long break from social media, and now considers himself to be unplugged
  • He became obsessed with painting, and has over 20 pieces of artwork on show in his home
  • He learned to play the guitar, and now considers himself to be quite the musician
  • He has written a philosophical play, which he considers to be his magnum opus

Pattinson isn’t the only one who has inspired fans with his interview. Many of his fans have been inspired by his words, and have used them as a guide to change their lives for the better. As a result, some articles and websites have been created in his honor, such as The Art of Robert Pattinson and My Journey With Robert Pattinson. Check them out if you are looking for inspiration.

3. He Doesn’t Shave

This one might not seem like a massive change to most people, but for the actor, it was one of the things he missed the most about home. Back in 2014, he admitted that he used to be very attached to his facial hair, as it made him feel more comfortable in his own skin. However, over the past year, he has slowly started to grow a full and beautiful beard. While it might not be for everybody, for those who admire his work, it is something to behold. In fact, in his recently published autobiography, the actor revealed that he doesn’t plan to shave again until he is 50, at the earliest. While some might see this as a disappointment of sorts, for others, it is just what they have been waiting for all these years. In any case, beards are back, and fans seem to be enjoying them as much as ever. Even his most vocal detractors have to admit that the beard is a good look for him.

4. Weight Gain

When he decided to take a year off, many fans feared that the actor would put on weight. However, just the opposite happened. He actually lost a lot of weight and is now considered to be one of the most attractive hunchbacks in Hollywood history. While it is still very early to make any sort of pronouncement, so far, the weight loss seems to be paying dividends. In the past year, the actor has been featured in a number of magazine and blog articles, where he is frequently referred to as “the most beautiful hunchback in Hollywood” and even “Hunchback Robert Pattinson”. This might not seem like a change for the better to anybody, but for someone who loves the actor, it is quite the upgrade.

5. Name Change

One of the things that attracted fans to the actor in the first place is his charm and good humor. In the past year, he decided to shed off his initial charm and see what else he could bring to the table. The reason for the name change is that he admires the work of two legendary authors, William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson, and decided that the best way to combine their spirits was to rename himself after them. The name change is actually pretty cool, because it combines the best of two worlds: Shakespeare’s wit and dramatic skills with Dickinson’s unique perspective and poetic sensibilities. However, even the most devoted fans might be a bit surprised at times, because some of the changes went beyond what they expected. For example, he changed the spelling of his last name from Patton to Pattinson, because he thought it sounded better.

Overall, however, fans seem to have enjoyed what the actor was trying to do. While he didn’t accomplish everything he set out to achieve, he did manage to shed off his squeaky voice and develop a deeper and more masculine voice. Furthermore, he grew a lot of hair, which he now values as one of his best features. In addition to that, he started cooking healthy meals, and is now proud to show off his artwork. In the end, while it might not seem like it at first glance, for the most part, fans have been quite happy with what Robert Pattinson set out to accomplish. While he isn’t likely to get rid of his hunchback or his beard anytime soon, he has developed a more mature and self-assured look that fans will certainly appreciate.