Rob, the star of the new movie The Curse of Oak Forest, is a fitness nut. It seems like every scene in the movie is packed with action, but that’s just because he is working so hard. While we don’t get to see too much of him in the movie, thanks to a bit of luck and some practical jokes by his crew, we managed to dig up some of Rob’s workouts from his private life to share with you guys!

The Workouts

We don’t normally get to see much of Rob’s actual workouts, as he keeps them private for personal reasons. But thanks to some internet sleuthing and a bit of luck, we were able to pull some of his workout gear off of him and show it to you guys!

While most of what we saw was standard Hollywood fare and clearly performed by professionals, we got to see a glimpse of Rob’s true passion for fitness in the form of his morning workout. The footage definitely doesn’t do the scene justice, as it was shot completely out of focus, with most of the screen filled with just his face as he works out. It was also shot on an iPhone, so it’s not at all clear what equipment he is using, but it looks like a combination of some sort of weight belt, wraps, and bands – anything that might help him stay tight!

The Diet

While we don’t get to see too much of Rob’s lifestyle on screen, we can learn a lot about it from his interviews and blog posts. Especially since he opened up about his diet and fitness journey in his 2015 book Reckless – which was released last month. So let’s dive in.

Like a lot of celebrities, Rob started his 2015 diet and fitness journey with a cleanse. When he did a 22-day fast, as part of his new year’s resolution, he stuck to a diet that consisted mainly of fruits and vegetables. He also does a lot of intermittent fasting and follows a very strict diet schedule – which might explain his obsession with working out!

Once he started feeling better, Rob slowly began to add some foods back into his diet. He began by incorporating more vegetables and fruits into his diet, then added lean protein like fish and chicken. Finally, he began adding whole grains, getting rid of the fast food and processed foods that he said made him unhealthy.

The Results

So how is Rob doing now, a year after adopting these healthier habits? Well, he says his overall health has improved and that he no longer experiences any symptoms from his Lupus, but it’s not all been smooth sailing. He’s had to make a few adjustments to fit his new lifestyle, most notably, giving up coffee, which he says isn’t good for him. As a result, he has become caffeine free and says that he is sleepier than ever before.

And while he didn’t set any specific weight loss or fitness goals when he began his diet and fitness journey, Rob has now set a new goal – to tone his muscles. He isn’t interested in getting big, just in getting strong. And he is well on his way to achieving that goal!

While many people go through a phase of trying to diet and lose weight after the age of 40, Rob seems to have found a way to harness his energy and stay fit, even into his 50s. It’s clear that he enjoys getting his workout, and he continues to push himself, both mentally and physically. If you want to stay fit and energized in your 50s and beyond, it’s time to find out what Rob is doing that makes him so successful.