It’s been a minute since we’ve seen an actor captivating audiences with their charm. Robert Pattinson is back and looking hotter than ever in the newest film, ‘Cosmopolis’. Known for playing the bad boy of Hollywood, Pattinson embraces his dark side as a billionaire playboy in the film. In ‘Cosmopolis’, Robert Pattinson plays a part of a select few that have the opportunity to rule an entire city. What was once just a dream has now become a reality for him.

The Return of the ‘Bad Boy’

‘Cosmopolis’ marks the return of the bad boy image that Pattinson is known for. Here is a guy who has it all: Women flock to him, men fear him, and everyone wonders what he will do next. This is the kind of character that Pattinson’s fans love to see him play. Sure, he can be an action hero in films like ‘Good Time’, but he is usually the bad boy of fiction or film noir, a role that many viewers know and love.

This is also the first time that we’ve seen Pattinson play a character that is more of a father figure. It’s been a while since we’ve seen him play a role where he cares for others, especially children. ‘Cosmopolis’ is a rare opportunity to see the actor play a leading man who genuinely cares for another human being. It’s a part that not many Hollywood stars can pull off, particularly in today’s society.

When it comes to leading men, ‘Bad’ is not always the first letter that comes to mind. Think Warren Beatty, Anthony Hopkins, or, heaven forbid, Tom Hanks. These men are often cast as the ‘father figure’, a role that requires them to be a role model for young viewers, especially children. It is a rare distinction that Pattinson is granted in ‘Cosmopolis’. His character, Quai, provides fatherly advice to the adult film star played by Kristen Stewart. They are both in a committed relationship and planning to get married. It is a unique dynamic that the actor embraces. Pattinson is able to show his softer side, something that his more ruthless male counterparts lack. It’s an interesting look into the complicated mind of one of Hollywood’s great bad boys.

Why Is ‘Cosmopolis’ Important?

If you are a fan of film noir, you will not want to miss ‘Cosmopolis’. Written and directed by David Cronenberg, the film is a darkly comic exploration of a billionaire who rules over a city, his employees, and the criminals who live and work there. ‘Cosmopolis’ is important for a number of reasons. For starters, Cronenberg, who is known for his body of work, including ‘Spiderman’, gets to show off his dark sense of humor and witty banter. He also gets to write and direct a film that he absolutely loves.

Another reason why ‘Cosmopolis’ is important is that it marks the return of the dark, edgy film noir that we’ve all been waiting for. For many, Cronenberg’s previous film, ‘Deadpool’, was a breath of fresh air, a stylish and unexpected treat. We were given a new kind of superhero, one who was fun to watch and even more fun to play against. Even if you despise the character, it’s still enjoyable to watch Wade Wilson dominate the film’s final fight scene. ‘Deadpool’ is a rare action movie where the protagonist is not only likable, but actually helpful to those around him. We’ve been waiting for a film noir where the protagonist is this interesting and likable. ‘Cosmopolis’ is that film. The dark and quirky humor that made ‘Deadpool’ so unforgettable is back and it is packed into one of cinema’s most anticipated films of 2015.

The Film’s Creative Team

The ‘Deadpool’ creative team, which consists of director and screenwriter Ryan Coogler, and producer Kevin Feige, had a lot of influence on ‘Cosmopolis’. Coogler, who is black, was able to tap into the zeitgeist and give it a new spin with these films, specifically ‘Black Panther’. He understood the importance of diversity in film and gave us an entirely new look at what a superhero could look like. He was also able to put a fresh spin on classic film noir, giving it a unique black spin. The influence of ‘Black Panther’ is evident in ‘Cosmopolis’.

There is also a ‘Blade’ spin on ‘Black Panther’. We get to see a different side of Stark, the arrogant and powerful CEO of a conglomerate. He is now on the receiving end of the violence that he has always perpetuated. It is a darkly comic look into how far one man’s greed will drive him, as well as a fascinating character study of an arrogant and powerful man who has to learn to accept responsibility.

It’s Complicated

Even the most ardent film fans may not be fully aware of the intricate nature of the relationship that exists between these characters. They may know that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are both involved, but they may not be aware of the intricacies. ‘Cosmopolis’ opens with a scene that functions as a flash-forward, hinting at the connection that these two unlikely lovers have to each other. We soon learn that Quai, played by Pattinson, is the illegitimate child of the real-life billionaire, Hans-Peter Freund, played by Christoph Waltz. At the time of Hans-Peter’s death, he was the richest man in Germany. Even after his death, his fortune has only increased, so it seems that being born into wealth really does give one an advantage in life. This is one area where ‘Cosmopolis’ departs from reality and it is not one that would have been easy to predict.

Complex Narrative

Another area where ‘Cosmopolis’ departs from reality is the narrative arc that the film follows. Most films, even those made for entertainment, follow a simple plot whose resolution is generally wrapped up by the end of the movie. In ‘Cosmopolis’, the narrative is incredibly complex with numerous plot twists and turns that make for a much more involved experience. One of the film’s major themes is escapism and how the ability to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world is what makes cinema so special. ‘Cosmopolis’ is an ambitious and satisfying story that will keep you guessing right up until the end. It is highly unlikely that you will ever be able to guess what happens in one of Cronenberg’s narratives, especially ‘Cosmopolis’. It is an extremely complex film, which is not for the faint-hearted.

Richest Man In Germany

One of the film’s most interesting characters is Hans Peter Freund, who is played by Christoph Waltz. Freund is a brilliant and powerful business magnate whose rise to the top is almost inexplicable. Even after his death, his fortune continues to grow. It appears that his wealth has granted him a kind of immortality. We are treated to many amusing moments, not the least of which comes from Waltz’s portrayal of one of the most unlikely multi-billionaires in cinematic history. On the surface, ‘Cosmopolis’ is a film about a man whose life is defined by his enormous ego, his unwillingness to share power, and his unquenchable thirst for money and material possessions. However, there is far more to this story than meets the eye.