It would be easy to say that one of the most attractive men in the world is Rob Pattinson. The 25-year-old English actor and musician is definitely very hot, as you’ll see in the list of his hottest pictures below. But is he really that good-looking? Let’s take a closer look. 

He’s Very Handsome

It would be hard to dispute that Rob is very handsome. In fact, he’s one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, if not the world. There’s something about his look that just draws you in. He’s got dark, brooding looks that are both mysterious and seductive. When he smiles, it’s breathtaking. I think he’s single-handedly changed the game when it comes to male attractiveness. It’s no longer about the six-pack or the endless series of muscles. It’s about the charm and the eyes. If anything, the comparison to Robert Pattinson is unfair because Robert has always been extremely good-looking. It didn’t start with the Twilight series and it certainly hasn’t stopped since. With Rob, it’s all about the charm. 

The Smokiest Smoker You’ve Ever Seen

While most people think that being fit is important, it’s really the way you carry yourself that makes a man attractive. It’s easy for Rob to hold himself in such a way as to appear effortlessly handsome. He’s tall and broad shouldered, with perfectly proportioned limbs. He’s also extremely proud of his body, which he shows off with the perfect combination of t-shirts and swimsuits. Even if you’re not attracted to him, you have to admit that he’s extremely photogenic. 

An Excellent Singer

Like many other actors, Rob has turned to singing for extra cash. He’s been performing in venues around England for years, but gained international recognition for his performance in the musical adaptation of Les Misérables. Most people are probably more familiar with his acting than his singing career, although both have won him rave reviews. He’s also taken on some serious roles in films, most notably in David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method. He belts out a song in the movie that’s so moving, it’ll have you wiping away tears. 

A Modern Day Romantic

Rob has said that he sees himself more as a romantic these days than he does as a friend or a brother. It would be hard to argue with him. He has a way of looking at a woman that is both boyish and romantic, which must be why he is such an asset to the romantic comedy genre. There’s certainly something about him that makes him a perfect fit for the role of a fantasy prince. After all, he is the nephew of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

He’s Popular With The Ladies

If you’re a fan of the TV show Sex & Marriage, then you’ll know exactly what type of guy Rob is. He’s very popular with the ladies, which is probably where he gets his good looks. However, it’s not just about his looks. It’s about the way he carries himself. He has that charming, yet rugged, attitude that is increasingly popular among today’s male population. He definitely has a way with the ladies, whether they’re fame-seeking socialites or average Joes’ sweethearts.

Where Does He Rank On The List Of Most Handsome Men?

Now, before you can say “handsome is as handsome does”, let’s discuss the merits of Rob’s appearance. It would be easy for me to just name the top five reasons why he’s one of the most attractive men in the world. But let’s keep this simple. There’s a scientific way of measuring a man’s beauty. It’s called the “physiological validation index”, or “FVI”. If you’re unfamiliar, the FVI is based on a formula that scores your facial features on a scale from one to ten, with one being the least attractive feature and ten being the most attractive one. Here’s a breakdown of how Rob measures up:

  • 9.63/10 – Eye contact
  • 9.07/10 – Smile
  • 9.07/10 – Hair
  • 8.13/10 – Body language
  • 8.13/10 – Overall impression
  • 8.13/10 – Overall confidence
  • 8.13/10 – Charisma

So, there you have it. It would be easy for me to just copy and paste the above into this article, but I figured it’d be better if I just gave you guys the straight dope on Rob. I’m sure you have questions, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.