Robert Pattinson may be the next Victoria secret babe after starring in the movie Twilight. The British actor is currently in the public eye after recently splitting from model girlfriend, Bella Swan. Rumors have it that he’s been hanging out with a certain socialite Paris Hilton, which apparently isn’t a good idea if you’re a parent. Pattinson’s rep denies the story, but what do we know – it’s Christmas.

The rumors came after Paris posted a picture on Instagram on Wednesday night showing her and Rob hanging out at a dinner party. The photo, which has since been deleted, was captioned, “Happy Holidays.”

And what a holiday it was – Paris’ party was a great success, with lots of A-listers in attendance. Celebrities, such as Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bundchen, and Eva Longoria, were spotted arriving at the party together. We couldn’t help but notice that Kidman dressed the part of a proud papa, wearing a matching red leather jacket and aviator sunglasses.

The British press couldn’t resist weighing in on the controversial situation. The Daily Mail wrote that Robert Pattinson had “broken Victoria Secret vows” by dating Paris Hilton. The paper went on to cite sources as saying that the 27-year-old actress “finally gave in to [her] aggressive persistence” and accepted an invitation to the dinner party. She arrived with a “group of celebrity friends,” including Kidman and her son, Connor, who is a regular on the social media site.

Whether Rob’s relationship with Paris will end up being more than just “holiday fun” remains to be seen. But for now, let’s enjoy the fact that the ginger prince is getting some much-needed press at this time of year.

As for whether he’ll become the next Victoria’s secret model, time will tell. He certainly has the look and the charm to be a global sex symbol, but let’s not get our hopes up too high.

When Do You Think Robert Pattinson Will Become A Sex Symbol?

If you’re among the millions of people who follow celebrity news, you may have heard of the term “bromance.” Bromance is when a male celebrity is romantically linked to a female celebrity. It’s often followed by a period of public speculation about the nature of the relationship.

Here’s a timeline to help you remember the important events that will determine when Robert Pattinson becomes a sex symbol.

18 Years Old: Born in London, England in 1986. Attended the prestigious Brompton School in London. 2009: Co-stars with Johnny Depp in the movie adaptation of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. 2010: Signs on with leading British fashion magazine, Vogue; subsequently, appears in editorials for the publication.

19 Years Old: Releases his first solo album, Twilight; goes on an unprecedented world tour. 2011: Stars in the movie adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; is touted as a possible replacement for Johnny Depp as the male lead in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean sequels.

20 Years Old: Breakup with girlfriend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; begins dating fashion model, Lily Cole; marries Cole in 2014.

This year will mark 20 years since Robert Pattinson rose to fame as a young actor in Hollywood. The British star has spent the last two decades putting his talent to use in various movies and music videos. If you’re curious about his personal life, he and his wife, Lily, have been incredibly open about their romantic relationship and parenting skills, which have made them a media darling. It seems only right that as we get closer to the big 2-0 that people want to know more about him. When do you think Robert Pattinson will become a sex symbol? Let’s find out together.