Many people may know YSU and its many famous alumni, but did you know that there is so much more to YSU?

A Tradition Of Leading By Example

What makes YSU famous is its students and teachers. They not only teach students when they get out of class, but they practice what they preach. YSU prides itself on having the most generous giving community in the country. Many of its buildings and facilities are named after past students who contributed a large sum of money to the school. For example, the Pattinson Athletic Center, named after YSU president Robert Patterson, cost $6 million and includes a football stadium, basketball arena, and academic center.

An Established Reputation

Another thing that sets YSU apart from other schools is its reputation. YSU is considered by many to be the best public university in the nation. It is often ranked among the top tier of universities. Its football team is especially successful, having won two national championships. With many notable alumni, it is no surprise that so many people consider YSU to be a prestigious university.

Many other schools struggle with low graduation rates and high dropout rates. Not YSU. With graduation rates above 70% and a less than 1% dropout rate, YSU is known for producing high-quality graduates who go on to lead successful lives.

A Passion For The Sciences

It is well known that students at YSU tend to major in the sciences. It is said that 96% of the university’s graduates have gone on to get a PhD. Its renowned School of Chemistry and Biochemistry is responsible for a large number of these. The school houses one of the largest research facilities of its kind in the country. Students have the opportunity to explore cutting edge research in a fun and collaborative environment.

Many other universities limit themselves to vocational training. YSU encourages its students to continue searching for truth and to challenge themselves to become the best that they can be. The university prides itself on providing a diverse student body, which fosters this creative and successful environment.

High Quality, Innovative Courses

One of the reasons why YSU is so highly regarded is because of its high-quality education. The university offers a variety of bachelor’s degrees, many of which lead to graduate school. Its science departments are considered among the best in the country. Many of its courses are considered among the most innovative in the nation. For example, the university’s environmental science program was the first of its kind and is now considered the gold standard for such courses.

Other schools may offer a general biology course, in which students may learn about the structure of cells and how they function. YSU, on the other hand, encourages its students to take a more in-depth look at the inner workings of living things. To this end, it offers a multidisciplinary approach to biological sciences, incorporating chemistry, physics, and math. This provides students with a much deeper understanding of living things and the role that they play in our world.

A Healthy Learning Environment

Another important factor that makes YSU so special is the way in which it brings together its students and faculty. The university provides students with an intellectual and social environment that is both stimulating and healthy. Its dining hall serves an array of organic foods, providing a fresh, natural option for those seeking a nutritious diet. Freshman are required to live in the university’s Residence Hall, where they can meet new people and make lifelong friends.

Many other universities, especially large public universities, struggle with a high rate of student depression. You may know that a healthy social environment is important, especially for those who are going through tough times. Many students at YSU report that their studies help them cope with the stresses of everyday life. The university provides its students with a sense of community and encourages them to get involved in extra-curricular activities. This helps to reduce stress and brings many benefits to both the individual and society as a whole.

A good university will always have a special place in your heart, just as YSU does for so many of its alumni. The reasons why this school is so highly regarded is not only because of its quality education, but also because of the many benefits that it provides to those who attend and to society as a whole.