Robbert Pattinson has been working out and changing his lifestyle to become the best possible version of himself ever since he was 15 years old. Now that he’s reached the age of 31, he’s taking the time to share his journey with the world. He started a blog and is using it as a platform to inspire other men to follow their dreams and to let them know that they are not alone in wanting to change their bodies to be healthier, stronger, and better versions of themselves.

The Beginning

Pattinson grew up in Australia, the son of an orthopedic surgeon who was also a personal trainer and a yoga instructor. He began working out at a young age and didn’t let up throughout his teenage years. In fact, he credits his high school coaches with changing his life for the better and motivating him to chase his dreams of representing Australia in the Olympics. While he was pursuing his dream of being the best sprinter in the world, he was also training and taking care of his body with the help of his father and coaches. In 2018, he became the CEO of a company he founded called Mission Sports which provides products and programs designed to empower men to live their best life.

Inspiration From A Young Age

One of the biggest influences on Pattinson’s life was an Australian sprinter named Chris O’Donnell. When he was 15 years old, O’Donnell became the youngest ever athlete to represent Australia in the Olympics. Pattinson idolized O’Donnell and saw him as a role model who inspired him to become the best version of himself possible. Even today, as an adult, he still looks up to him as a mentor and an inspiration.

A Change In Lifestyle

Pattinson made numerous fitness and nutrition changes throughout his career to improve his performance and to become more efficient. When he first competed in the 1500 meters, he would eat only salad, brown rice, and fish for lunch and dinner to fuel his body. He would go days without eating any kind of processed food or drinking any kind of soda or energy drink. Now that he’s older, he realizes the importance of food and drink in keeping him healthy and performing at his best. He eats several small meals per day and tries to avoid eating too much at once so that his body does not become overloaded with energy. He drinks a lot of water and tries to avoid dehydration which can cause energy loss and sluggish performance.

Continued Inspiration

One of the biggest factors in Pattinson’s continued success is his unwavering belief in himself and his ability to change for the better. While he was growing up, he had classmates who would make fun of him because he was the kid who would never stop trying to be the best. He had also been told that he would never be able to run fast enough or far enough to be able to compete in the Olympics. He saw O’Donnell’s success at the Olympics as proof that he could overcome any and all obstacles.

Even after becoming the CEO of his company, he still thinks of himself as a student and an athlete who is constantly improving. He has a mentor, Joe Hatton, who helps him stay focused and motivated, and he makes sure that he continues to learn and grow. Hatton, who was one of the original Olympian mentors, helps him stay connected to his heritage as an athlete and a human being.


When it comes to staying fit and healthy, many people think that they need to lose weight first and then build their exercise routine up slowly. While this method can work, it’s not the only way to achieve optimal health and performance. The key to living a healthy and active lifestyle is being aware of the risks associated with your current behavior and being conscious of how much you are contributing to your own health problems. Many of these health problems can be prevented by simply making a few changes to the way you live your life.

How To Stay Motivated

One of the most important things for any athlete or coach going through a hard time in their career is having someone to talk to. One of the greatest things about Robbert Pattinson’s blog is that he provides a place for people to come together and speak freely about their experiences, feelings, and challenges. He openly and honestly discusses topics such as; weight loss, nutrition, and lifestyle changes with the aim of helping future generations become the best version of themselves possible. The majority of his blog posts are accompanied by action items or tips which he suggests people should try out to make the changes they need.

Awareness Round Two: Sedentary Behavior

For years, medical professionals have known about the harmful effects of prolonged and frequent sitting. They’ve known that it’s not good for your health and that it can lead to a number of serious conditions. Yet, humans as a whole have been sedentary for the majority of their lives. Even those who do sports regularly spend the majority of their time sitting in front of a screen, hanging out with friends, or riding a bike. Just a few hours a day, in front of a screen or a computer, can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. It’s time for us to acknowledge the harm caused by prolonged sitting and make a change.

Change Your Lifestyle

There are numerous ways in which one can reduce the risk of cardiac arrest and heart disease. One of the best things you can do for your health is change your lifestyle. The sooner you make the change, the better. You don’t need to lose a ton of weight, or change your diet to be healthier – just change something about the way you live your life. Avoid foods with added sugar and grains, stay hydrated, and get plenty of sleep. Above all, make sure that you exercise regularly.

The sooner you make these changes, the better. You don’t need to rush into making drastic changes as soon as you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease – take your time. Start by simply avoiding foods with added sugar and grains (white bread, pasta, cake, etc) and stay hydrated. If you feel that this is not enough for you, then work your way up to an occasional workout or practice session with a trainer.

Odds And Ends

Pattinson grew up playing Australian rules football in the backyard with his brothers. He was also active in school sports where he played volleyball and basketball. He has also coached a number of sports teams in his youth. When he’s not working or coaching, he enjoys spending time with his family, going for walks, and traveling. He also enjoys reading and learning new things.

Pattinson wants to be the best ever version of himself, believing that this is the best way to make a difference in this world. He is unapologetic about his journey and the impact he’s made on people’s lives. He also wants others to feel comfortable sharing their stories and struggles so that they can find the strength to change their lives for the better and live better stories.