Robin Williams’ television show was always going to be special. After all, who doesn’t love a funny man and an entertaining show?

The problem was that it never really felt like Robin’s show. Sure, he was the star, and yes, he was the driving force behind the scenes. But the series never felt like his. It was too often frustrating to watch, and it was clear that Robin wasn’t really connecting with the people who made up his audience. Something was off.

Thankfully, the same can’t be said about Robin’s final TV series. The Crazy Ones is an utterly brilliant show, and it’s easily one of Robin’s best. If you’ve never seen it, then it’s time you did. And if you have, then it’s time you reconsidered.

The premise of The Crazy Ones is simple. There’s a group of characters who work at a law firm together, and the series follows their day-to-day lives. However, the show does much more than that. It expertly explores the complexities of friendship, family, and love. It also features some of the best guest stars on the small screen, including Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Simmons, and more recently, Bette Midler. The Crazy Ones also marks the final appearance of Robin Williams as Dr. Henry Burke, and it’s a fitting end to his time on television.

A Series About Law Firms

It’s fitting that The Crazy Ones is the last series Robin Williams was ever involved in, because it’s a show about law firms. Specifically, it’s a show about the inter-personal relationships that exist between the employees of a law firm. As a result, it’s a show that’s unafraid to tackle some pretty heavy content. And that’s what makes it so special.

By the fourth episode, you’ll already know exactly what kind of show you’re watching. As the credits roll, there’s a single tear rolling down the cheek of executive producer Daniel Amen, MD.

“This is a momentous occasion,” he says. “To have a show that explores sensitive issues in a way that is both funny and insightful… This is a proud moment for us as a family and for my patients as well.”

Comfort Is Key

In the very first episode of The Crazy Ones, there’s a moment when one of the characters opens up about their anxiety. If you’ve never experienced anxiety, then fainting fits and a racing heart probably aren’t words that you’d immediately think of when you hear the word ‘anxiety.’ But if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, stressed out, or anxious about something, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anxiety can be a very serious condition, one that interferes with your daily routine and responsibilities. In simple terms, anxiety is nervousness or worry about something that might go wrong. It causes your body to prepare for potential danger, which is why you often feel shaky, restless, and have a hard time focusing.

The Dangers Of Narcissism

Narcissism is dangerous. We see it every day. Whether it’s someone falling in love with themselves or taking credit for other people’s work, it’s always there, just under the surface.

Narcissism is a personality disorder wherein you have an overinflated sense of your own importance. People with this disorder believe that they’re better than other people, and that their opinions and ideas are superior. They also have a hard time accepting criticism or acknowledging their mistakes. Essentially, they see themselves as Gods, and the rest of the world as their children.

This disorder is harmful to society because it makes people less likely to help others. When you have a narcissistic personality disorder, you’re more likely to be involved in abusive relationships or behavior. You’re also more likely to be a workaholic and to neglect your health. This disorder knows no socioeconomic barriers. It can affect high-profile individuals and those at the bottom of the heap.

The ‘I’ll Know It When I See It’ Effect

You might be familiar with the expression ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ This is because when you’re attempting to solve a problem, the person with the most experience or the one who’s been there the longest is usually the one who ends up getting the attention. And in many cases, that means that someone who is experiencing a problem gets ignored, which can sometimes cause even more problems.

This is why in almost all cases, it’s better to be the squeaky wheel than to be the silent one. Don’t hold back. Letting your feelings and emotions guide you is usually the best policy, especially when you’re trying to solve a problem or achieve a goal. The only person you’re accountable to is yourself, and that’s a comforting feeling.

An Absence Of Friendships

One of the defining characteristics of The Crazy Ones is that it is a series about a law firm, but it is extremely light on friendships. There are no scenes or lines where the characters interact or become close friends with one another. Everything comes from a professional standpoint. Even when the characters are outside of work, they’re often working toward a solution, not spending time with or getting to know one another.

We shouldn’t be surprised by this, because as we discussed above, this is a show about law firms, and law firms are often highly professional environments where friendships are discouraged. There’s also an underlying suspicion that relationships outside of work endanger long-term professional connections. So it’s a combination of factors that make The Crazy Ones a very lonely show.

The Complexity Of Being A Parent

The idea of being a parent is probably one of the most complex things a person will ever have to deal with. It’s not just about giving life to another human, but it also includes figuring out what responsibilities you have and should have as a parent, as well as teaching your children how to be responsible adults. All of this is made even more complicated by the wide variety of situations that arise when you actually become a parent. For instance, you might find that you have to make some tough decisions or compromise on what you believe is best for your child.

A Show About Addiction

Another common theme in The Crazy Ones is addiction. It’s not just about someone being physically or psychologically dependent on another substance, but it also involves trying to break that dependency. This series explores the issue of addiction from a number of different perspectives, which makes it one of the most illuminating shows on the subject. It looks at how addiction affects the people who are dependent on it, as well as the people who are trying to help them. It also examines the reasons why someone would become addicted to a substance in the first place.

One of the most insightful episodes in The Crazy Ones is called ‘Crystal Meth And Borderline Personality Disorder.’ Here, we’re introduced to Amanda, a seemingly perfect mother who, for completely inexplicable reasons, keeps giving her son Ben methamphetamine. The drug has a profound effect on Ben, who starts acting out violently and ultimately goes into a deep descent into addiction. In the process, he alienates his family and friends, and it’s only after he takes his own life that we start to understand why Amanda was driven to give Ben methamphetamine in the first place.

Amanda’s story is just one of many that emerge in The Crazy Ones. The show touches on all sorts of issues, including mental illness, domestic abuse, and even child neglect. But the thing that makes it stand out among other television series about lawyers is how it weaves all of these complex themes together into a single, coherent narrative. In doing so, it gives us a much deeper look into the professional and personal lives of the employees at a law firm than we’d usually get from a half-hour comedy or drama series. It also helps that Dr. Amen is a well-known expert on ADD and ADHD, a condition that many people confuse with addiction. He often talks about addiction and the risks of addiction in his lectures, so it’s no wonder that he would try to tackle the issue on television.

More Than Meets The Eye

Although The Crazy Ones explores a number of interesting issues, it is ultimately a show about Robin Williams. And that means it’s going to be pretty difficult to write about it without talking about Robin himself. But since it’s already gotten rather lengthy, let’s leave the paragraph on the right as is and go on to talk about what makes The Crazy Ones such a special show.