Rob Pattinson had never been one to play it safe when it came to his romantic relationships. The actor dated numerous women, even some famous ones, before settling down with his current partner, Priya Kivits. However, after a few months of dating and some hiccups, Pattinson finally settled down and proposed to Kivits. The couple recently got engaged and it looks like their relationship is proving to be lucrative, as well as romantic. Many people have questions about what this new romance means for Pattinson’s career and how the upcoming film, Wedding Belles, will affect his acting career. Let’s take a look.

Is He Settle Down?

The 35-year-old actor dated numerous women throughout his childhood and teen years and even picked up a few famous women, including Kate Winslet and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. At the same time, he was also involved in several high-profile break-ups. It wasn’t until he turned 30 that the actor finally found the right match in Priya Kivits. The couple started dating in 2014 and were eventually introduced to the media as a couple in early 2015. They celebrated their engagement with a glamorous wedding, which was attended by A-list stars. Since then, they have been very open about their relationship and their fans can now follow their new happy life together on social media. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Kivits shared several romantic photos from their time together. Several days later, Pattinson showed off his new engagement ring on Instagram.

Although Pattinson had never really been serious about any of his previous relationships, he still maintained contact with most of his exes. According to Business Insider, the actor saw his last major break-up, with Rosie, as a way to “prove himself” to future romantic partners. The outlet also reports that the actor was heartbroken and considered ending his career over the split. However, Rosie and he later worked through their differences and became friends. This ultimately led to him meeting Kivits and continuing his search for love. As a result of his past relationships, Pattinson is now more guarded when it comes to the future of his personal life and his career. He reportedly told Business Insider, “I’m much more mindful about who I let into my personal life.”

What Does She Say About Him?

When it comes to discussing Pattinson’s romantic past, most people naturally focus on his numerous exes. However, as an interviewer, I was curious about what Kivits thinks about her new boyfriend and if anything, she has been supportive of his need to explore relationships. It was initially reported that Kivits was “shocked” when she found out about Pattinson’s past relationships, especially with some of the very famous women he dated. However, speaking to Vogue, the actress made it clear that she actually thinks it’s a “plus”. When asked if she’s worried about what people will think about Pattinson, given his history, she responded, “No, because I know exactly who he is and what he’s like. We’re both very lucky to have each other.”

While it’s clear that Pattinson’s previous relationships have made him a more mature individual, it’s also important to look at how this has impacted his work. As a result of his upbringing, the actor is now much more hesitant to give too much away about himself on-screen. When it comes to his role in Wedding Belles, he reportedly told Vogue, “I’ve never been one to play it safe, which is probably why I’ve had such a rich and varied career. I like to keep my private life as private as possible, but this was important to me, as it gives the storytellers complete freedom in terms of the content and the characters they can create. It means that I’m not limiting their imagination; it’s giving them the opportunity to be as creative as they can be.”

Pattinson is also reportedly worried about the effect this new romance will have on his acting. In particular, he’s concerned his past will hurt his earning potential. According to reports, he was already low-balled for the role of Jimmy in James Bond 25 and is now even worse off, as it is believed the new film will be a significant downer, leading to less work. However, given Bond’s declining popularity, the film could easily go unnoticed. In the end, regardless of whether or not Pattinson actually ends up working on Gundam or some other project, this new romance will undoubtedly be a highlight of his personal life.