Rob Pattinson is known for his eccentric and outrageous behavior. The Sun newspaper regularly publishes shocking stories about the 26-year-old British actor, but this one might be the most bizarre yet.

Pattinson went to Italy to film the latest installment of the Twilight Saga. While there, he decided to sport some female fashions. This came as a huge shock to the fashion community, since the main character in Twilight is a 20-something-year-old male. But the shock didn’t last long.

The Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica ran a story Saturday about how shocked the fashion community was that Pattinson went to Italy and decided to wear women’s clothes. The story was titled, “Rob Pattinson, dai buoi!” which translates to “Rob Pattinson, wear women’s clothes!”

The paper reported that when the actor arrived in Rome last Friday, he didn’t take long to make his presence felt in the fashion world. His first big break came when he walked the runway for Italian fashion house Diesel last year. Since then, he’s been cast in numerous prominent roles, including the upcoming Woody Allen film, Cafe Society. And it seems that Pattinson isn’t satisfied with his professional success. He wants to continue to experiment with his fashion sense and decided to wear women’s clothes in preparation for his next project.

Pattinson has become something of a celebrity since starring in Twilight. The story behind the mania is that he’s the son of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and has inherited his mother’s beauty and acting talent. Although Taylor has refused to publicly comment on her only child’s personal life, she did say that he’s a “very attractive man.”

Despite his celebrity and unique sense of fashion, Pattinson isn’t afraid to express his true feelings. In a recent interview with Grazia magazine, the actor admitted that he doesn’t like himself very much. “I don’t like the person I’m becoming. I want to be seen as a caring person, but I’m afraid that people will see me as a joke,” he said.

Pattinson was raised in a secular household by British nannies. But he has Welsh and Scottish ancestry, and was educated at a private school in London. His mother is also a novelist, and his father is an Antique Dealer and Art Historian. His older brother, Jason, is a photographer and filmmaker. Pattinson has described his brother as his best friend, and it seems that they share a deep connection and interest in the creative process.

If you thought that Rob Pattinson was strange for trying on girl’s clothes, wait until you meet him in person. The actor is known for his eccentric, offbeat sense of humor and his unique charm. Some have even compared him to Andy Warhol due to his celebrity. The artist created a cardboard cutout in his likeness, which was featured in one of Pop’s most famous poems, “Robot”.

Although people are used to seeing Warhol’s iconic artworks, this was the first time that many had ever seen a photograph of the artist. According to the New York Times, when asked about the cardboard cutout, Warhol responded: “Well, I don’t know…is it a man or a woman?”

Did He Have To?

After his trip to Italy, where he tried on some fashionable garments, Rob Pattinson flew back to London. This time he wasn’t dressed in women’s clothing, but upon his arrival back in the UK, fans and onlookers alike noticed that he was wearing a different outfit. This one was made entirely of men’s clothing. The paparazzi caught him on film, and once again, the world was shocked that the young actor was sporting such men’s attire.

In case you’re curious, the look was straight from the 1980’s fashionable elite, and was quite an unusual sight to behold. One source close to the situation claimed that the entire outfit was rented for the occasion, and that Pattinson was forced to wear it. “He didn’t get out of his car before the press had a shot of him. He had to put on a bold face and act like he didn’t have a care in the world,” the source said.

Another person who was there that day stated: “He was completely bowled over by how bizarre the attention was. He didn’t hide the fact that he was overwhelmed.”

Whatever the case may be, the world is still talking about whether or not Rob Pattinson had to. Many in the fashion community believe that he did. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that being forced to don men’s clothing might have something to do with the fact that Pattinson plays a man who is obsessed with fashion in the Woody Allen film, Cafe Society.

When Will We See More From Rob?

Before long, fans and onlookers will be able to see more from Rob Pattinson. The Sun newspaper reports that, earlier this week, it was announced that Cafe Society will hit theaters on May 5, 2014. The film will be shown in the UK on April 16, followed by a U.S. premiere on April 23.

Pattinson stars alongside Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Harvey Keitel. According to Variety, the film is “a deliciously witty and stylish take on the fashion world,” which will appeal to fans of Allen and Warhol.

The director of Cafe Society commented that he and the actor had “a blast working together,” and that he and Pattinson “share a creative passion for fashion.”

Allen stated that his experience working with the young star was “surreal” and that he had “never laughed so much.” He continued, “He’s quite an original. It’s always fun to be with an artist who has absolute vision and is passionate about what they do.”

Whether or not you think that Pattinson’s fashion choices are funny or shocking, it’s certain that he’ll continue to make headlines. Many are predicting that he’ll soon be appearing in major Hollywood productions. If such is the case, we can only imagine what unique fashion choices he’ll be making.