Rob Pattinson has become one of the biggest names in modeling since his career-making turn as the romantic lead in the iconic film, The Bodyguard. And he hasn’t stopped there! The 28-year-old has graced the covers of countless magazines, including Vogue, Elle, and GQ, and graced the screens of countless movie audiences around the world with his unforgettable good looks. But what is this incredibly handsome man doing in this video? Find out here.

The Evolution Of A Model

Many people think that modeling is a young woman’s game, and that most models just do it for the attention or to become famous. But as this video from Vogue‘s 20th anniversary celebration clearly illustrates, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a look at some of the men who have broken through the mold and become famous for their work in the industry.

As you’ll see in this video, there were several famous models before Rob Pattinson. But the majority of them worked as soloists and did not form partnerships. Think George de Lacy, who established his own fashion house and was often referred to as the first supermodel. Or Edwin Hawkins, who became known as the English father of modern-day modeling. Or Humberto Leon, the first Latino supermodel. Or even Cristiano Ronaldo, who has graced the covers of many fashion magazines. So it’s clear that working in teams didn’t exist back in the day, which means that Pattinson is actually at the vanguard of a whole new era of modeling.

An Opportunity To Explore A Whole New Genre

Pattinson has always had a unique perspective on his work. He’s not attached to any specific genre, which has allowed him to work with directors and designers from all over the world. This could potentially mean going into the unknown, which is exactly what excited everyone involved in the making of this video. The director, Chris Beaumont, had this to say about his collaboration with Rob:

“I had the opportunity to explore a whole new genre with this video. It’s a mix of hip-hop and jazz, and it was a real thrill to see what came to life through this lens. When we work together, we always push each other to go beyond our comfort zones and try new things. I think that’s what makes us so interesting as collaborators. Plus, I’ve never worked with a model who had such a passion for music.”

How Does He Stay So Fit?

Not only is Rob Pattinson extremely gifted in the clothing department, but he’s also mastered the art of staying fit. It appears that he works out regularly and watches his food intake carefully. Take a look at some of the exercise equipment he uses to keep himself in such great shape.

It’s no surprise that everyone wants a piece of him. He’s constantly traveling the world for work, and the luxuries of his brand Carlton Mouton have followed him around the globe. But even if he doesn’t have a permanent residence, he’s always got a place he can go to relax where he can focus on his work and take a break from the hectic pace of life. That’s how he keeps his fit physique year after year after year. So it’s clear that dedication is one of the keys to Rob’s career. And it’s also the key to staying fit!

So here’s to you, Rob! And congratulations on all your success! You’ve certainly become an inspiration to many, and we’re looking forward to seeing what future projects you have in store for us. Until then, we leave you with a quote from an interview with Matt Lauer:

“I just want to let you know that you’re beautiful. No matter what you do, you’ll never be plain old Jane. Never forget that. You are unique, and you make the world a better place.”