If you’re a fan of the Hollywood actor and fashion tester extraordinaire, you’ll have no trouble finding his latest and trendiest looks. With hundreds of Instagram posts and millions of social media followers, it’s safe to say that Rob Pattinson has opened the doors to an exciting world of style—one that you might want to get a part of. As someone who regularly suffers from low self-esteem and body-image issues, I can definitely relate to Pattinson’s sartorial struggles. One of his most popular photo-stylings is a shirtless look, so it’s only natural that many of his followers would want to copy it. While it’s great that he’s opened people’s minds to the fact that they don’t need to be limited by outdated social norms, it’s not always great when people blindly follow the popular opinion. This is why it’s important to consider what type of shirtless Rob Pattinson shirt will make you feel powerful, sexy, and like you can tackle the world—whatever your insecurities may be. There are four basic types of shirts that he often wears, and it’s up to you to figure out which one will work best for you.

The Classic Pitted V Neck

If you’ve been paying attention to the media in the past year, you’ll have noticed that Rob’s classic V neck has become his absolute signature piece. It’s a style that he’s worn since the beginning of his acting career and it serves as a wonderful example of how versatile he is as a fashion superstar. As you might expect, it’s quite popular among female fans who love a versatile fashion-forward man like Rob. It’s a comfortable, classic style that flatters many different body types—not to mention that it serves as a nice canvas for people who love to paint on. Unfortunately, the V neck can appear a little plain on some people, especially if they’re a bit on the small side—a problem that many women face. If that’s you, consider trying on some of the thicker-waisted shirts with the V neck—they may not appear as sloppy as you think. However, the main issue with the V neck is that it doesn’t do anything for men who are larger than life.

The Crew Neck

The crew neck is exactly what it sounds like—a neckline that hangs down, almost like a tie. It was first seen on male celebrities several years ago and it’s since then become quite the “in” thing to do. While it looks great on some people, it can appear too loose on others, especially if they have a large frame. This is why it’s usually paired with a slightly thicker sweater, worn around the collar. For a more updated take on the crew neck, check out any of the larger brands like Jack & Jones or Stone Island—they’ve blended the traditional look with some modern twists. While there’s nothing wrong with the classic crew neck, it doesn’t appear as versatile as some of Rob’s other styles.

The Thicker The Better

If you’re the type of person who loves your skin, you’ll appreciate the thicker the shirt, the better. While it might sound like a cliché, it’s actually one of the main reasons why he’s been trending so highly in the past year or so. With most of the shirts that he wears, whether it be the classic patter or the V neck, being thicker is always a great option. Of course, it varies from casual to chic, so know when you’re using which one. With thicker shirts, you’ll often see him wear something on top to cover up the fact that it hangs a little bit lower than your usual shirts. This is where the kilt and vest come in—they provide an extra layer at the least and they make the shirt appear more luxurious.

Casual Friday

If you work hard all week and you’re looking for a way to relax, nothing says “I’m relaxing” like a good old-fashioned casual Friday. As you might expect, Rob tends to wear these types of shirts quite often in the summertime, simply because they make him feel like a total badass. They’re great for those long bike rides and they allow you to play dress up with your girlfriend, without feeling too vulnerable. If you have a thick enough wallet, you might even be able to purchase a few of these types of shirts and allow yourself to feel confident wherever you go. Just remember not to wear them too often—you may end up appearing like a total slob.

The Oversized Short-Homecoming

Finally, we come to my personal favorite, the short-homecoming. This is the type of shirt that I wish I could’ve bought when I was in high school. You’ll often see him wear something similar on the red carpet, simply because it makes him look like a total prince. It’s a style that’s often associated with hip-hop artists, simply because it makes you appear more aggressive and fashionable. For those of you who are taller than him, it will make you appear that much more intimidating—as if someone dared you to stare them down.

To conclude, it’s important to keep in mind that this is fashion and trends change. What was popular several years ago might not be so much today. As much as we’d like to believe that men’s fashion will remain constant, it never does. This is why it’s important to be aware of what’s popular and acceptable, as well as what isn’t.

To help you choose the right shirt for the occasion, here’s a brief guide to the types of shirts that Rob Pattinson typically wears:


While some people can pull off wearing a t-shirt and jeans every day, it’s not quite as versatile as it seems. If you need some style inspiration, take a look at any of his red-carpet photographs and you’ll notice that he typically opts for something more stylish. For work, he often wears a casual shirt with a collared sweater or blazer—it’s a classic look that never goes out of style. When wearing a casual shirt, it’s advisable to keep the outfit simple and stylish, as much as possible—remember, you’re looking for versatile style that can be worn numerous occasions. When out with your girlfriends, a casual shirt and jeans are great for a day on the beach or in town. If it’s chilly, you can always add a blazer to the casual look for a more sophisticated look.


As previously mentioned, it’s not quite as versatile as it seems when someone wears a casual outfit everyday. For dressy occasions, he typically wears a solid color shirt, with a collared sweater or blazer. When paired with a leather jacket, it becomes a more sophisticated look. The dressier the occasion, the better the shirt—for a truly luxurious look, he will often wear a shirt with a lace collar and a solid color pallet. As for the color, many of his fans tend to pick the white or pale blue shirt, simply because it makes him look elegant and powerful. If there is something more daring and stylish, consider one of his red-carpet looks or any of his album artwork photographs—they provide a wonderful perspective on his eclectic style.


For those of you who are into your sports, you’ll be happy to know that he’s also into his sports. If you need a style inspiration for the gym or the tennis courts, take a look at any of his tennis and basketball photos—he looks like a total badass, ripping up the court with his shirt off. While it might sound like a cliché, it’s actually one of the reasons why he’s been trending so highly in the past year or so—he wears the shirt to represent his love for tennis and basketball. For a more updated look, check out any of the larger brands like Jack & Jones or Stone Island, who’ve blended the traditional look with some modern twists. It’s quite a versatile style and it appears that he will continue to be popular, simply due to his ability to vary the look by pairing the shirt with some plain or patterned pants.

To help you choose the right shirt for the occasion, here’s a brief guide to the types of shirts that Rob Pattinson typically wears: