What a difference a year makes! We’re about to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pattinson, and the luxury brand has released a host of new fragrance and beauty products in honor of its first birthday. Launching in 2018, the fragrance line is an ode to the brand’s glamorous past. The collection centers on themes like “Gentleman” and “Pirate”, evoking days of swashbuckling and high seas adventures. The beauty products are just as glamorous, featuring timeless classics like Chanel’s iconic No. 5 and Barbara Hutton’s original formula. If you’ve been pondering what the brand’s new spring/summer 2018 collection might look like, then the answers might be hiding in a bottle.

Let’s start with the fragrance. The Gentleman series is inspired by a legendary night out by Robert Pattinson and an elegant Frenchman named Andre Leon Talley. On July 19, 2018, Mr. Pattinson and Mr. Talley were guests of honor at the brand’s boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City. The brand partnered with Vogue to create an exclusive look at the iconic first meeting between Mr. Pattinson and Mr. Talley. The brand described the scent of the night as “a blend of green apples, white peaches, and delicate lavender.” What could be more perfect for a garden party in the country, perhaps?

The Scent

Pattinson is certainly not the first luxury brand to pay homage to its past with scents. Givenchy and Ralph Lauren have both created elegant perfumes and colognes. But what makes the brand’s offerings different is the way in which they are tied to some of the most iconic fashion moments of all time. An ode to aristocratic glamour, the fragrance is an extension of the Gentleman series (previously described as a ‘gentleman’s ode to fashion’). The collection is made up of four unique and distinctive scents: La Croix, Vert Galantière, Rose Grand Marnier, and Caprice. Each of these rare and cherished ‘aristocratic’ fragrances will transport you back in time to revisit the glamour and grandeur of the high-society of the Belle Époque. And for true diehard fans, the four combinations are available to be re-created in an intimate 4 bottle set. The set is limited to 12 pieces and is signed and numbered by the designer.

The Look

Pattinson’s new fragrance and beauty products are tied to a host of iconic fashion moments. But that’s not all there is to discover! The collection is full of subtle, yet sophisticated references to the elegant looks created by Chanel, Dior, and others. The look is exquisite and draws inspiration from the golden era of fashion. As well as reviving some of the most stunning looks from that time, the designer draws from current day trends to create something altogether distinctive and modern.

The Price

Pattinson’s luxury brand is known for its exorbitant prices. With fragrances and beauty products priced at thousands of dollars, it would seem that the luxury brand is out to prove that its prices are worth it. With the launch of its new fragrance and beauty collection, the designer has provided a host of distinctive products that are sure to inspire. And for fans who do not want to spend thousands on a bottle of perfume, the brand also has an extensive range of luxury skincare and grooming products that are highly effective and packed with ingredients that we know and love.

Where Can I Buy It?

If you’ve been pondering what the brand’s new spring/summer 2018 collection might look like, then the answers might be hiding in a bottle. The brand’s fragrance and beauty products are available to purchase online from the Pattinson e-store. As well as offering an extensive range of scents and looks, the brand also provides a wealth of product information and helpful customer service in case you have any queries.

What are your thoughts on Pattinson’s new fragrance and beauty collection? Will you be purchasing it, or are you inspired to create your own custom scent?