From being spotted on set of the next Bond movie to having film director J.J. Abrams declare him to be Hollywood’s next big thing, it’s been an eventful few months for Hollywood star Rob Pattinson.

New Bond Set Photos

The handsome British actor, who is best known for his roles in the Twilight and the Divergent series, has made quite an impression on social media in recent months, particularly with the release of three new Bond movie set photos.

The first of these was a photo of Pattinson in character as James Bond, the most famous fictional character of all time, wearing a sleek black tuxedo and holding a golden gun. The photos, which were shared widely on social media in April, drew particular praise for their ‘70s-era James Bond vibes. As the character is based on a popular British secret agent from the 1960s, the photos are undoubtedly resonating with fans of the series. But it’s not just the ‘70s costumes or the character’s nationality that makes the photos so special. It’s also the sense of nostalgia that engulfs the entire set. This isn’t just because the Bond series is full of ‘70s fashion moments, but also because many of the films were set in England and featured a great deal of product placement for the time period. So it’s a combination of both. But it’s not only about the past. Bond is a global brand, so the character could definitely pull off any ‘70s outfit effortlessly.

A Special Appearance At Comic-Con

While James Bond is based on a real person, the character doesn’t really exist in reality. The actor who plays him, however, does. And it’s this duality that has made the character so appealing to fans. When news broke in March that Pattinson would be making a special appearance at San Diego Comic-Con later that year, fans went wild.

The actor, who is an avid comic book fan, will be making a special appearance at the convention, which is one of the biggest gatherings of its kind in North America. Organizers of the event, which is scheduled for July 19-22, hope that Pattinson’s appearance will help raise funds and awareness for the Kidney Cancer Association. The association provides support and funding for research, treatment and education about kidney cancer. In addition to making a special appearance, Pattinson will also be hosting a Q&A session, doing a signing and screening of his latest film, Sorry, for the Immaturity of the Heart. The event is sold out, but passes for fans are available to view online. And as an added bonus, fans of the series will get a glimpse at the recently reissued 007 Encyclopedia. The publication, which is now in its third printing, features hundreds of images from the series as well as detailed episode guides and character biographies.

More Than 10 Million Views On His YouTube Channel

While James Bond is most famous for the traditional screen roles, the character has also been a source of inspiration for many budding film personalities. The Huffington Post has even gone so far as to rank the top 50 cult film characters, placing James Bond at number five. And it’s this unconventional approach that has helped the character remain relevant in an ever-changing world. As well as starring in some of the most iconic films of all time, James Bond has also inspired a number of YouTube creators to create their own unofficial, and occasionally, official, spin-off content. The most well-known of these channels are RoosterTeeth and OneByOne.

Perhaps the most well-known unofficial spin-off channel is RoosterTeeth, which was created by a collective of independent film makers who love James Bond so much that they decided to create their own version of the character. The channel, which is now around six years old, currently has more than 10 million views on its YouTube page, with individual videos ranging from one to three minutes in length. The longest-running series, Bond Girls Are Forever, has so far racked up more than 125 million views.

Amongst the channel’s most popular vids are those centering on a game of cat and mouse that involves an “intrepid reporter” (played by Rhianna), a “man of mystery” (played by John Cleese) and a “secret agent” (played by Jason Bateman). The videos, which feature cameos from various celebrities, have become something of an inspiration to many creators in the YouTube sphere. And it’s not just the videos that have attracted such a large audience. The channel also boasts an extensive array of blogs, articles and podcasts that continue to explore the character and his adventures.

The Hollywood Actor To Watch In 2018

As well as starring in some of the most popular films of all time, James Bond has also had a significant impact on the direction of Hollywood. Many film directors, producers and writers have acknowledged this, with some going so far as to say that they’ve been inspired by the character to create their own original stories. And, in some cases, these stories have even surpassed the excellence of the original books and movies. We’re likely to see more than a few of these stories hit our screens next year.

Certainly, not everything that’s emerged from the imagination of Hollywood has been perfect. The most recent Bond film, Spectre, for example, was met with almost universal scorn from critics and fans alike. Nevertheless, for all its imperfections, Spectre is still considered by many to be among the greatest of all the Bond films. And, ultimately, that’s the kind of legacy that Rob Pattinson and James Bond alike deserve to have. In addition to acting, producing and writing, Rob Pattinson has also dabbled in music, with two solo albums under his belt. And he’s already started working on his next project. While little is known about the film at this point, fans can expect to see another chapter in the continuing story of James Bond in the next couple of years.